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The Arts and Events
Cultural heritage and contemporary arts benefit from being showcased in events. Arts-related events are each unique in reflecting local culture; they may be therefore spontaneous (street art and so on) or planned (i.e. studio tours or arts festivals). The Arts and Events explores the nature and complexity of managing arts events and fills a significant gap in the available literature. It investigates the history, development and management of arts events to offer much needed insight into creating economic, social and cultural capital. It therefore contributes to a greater understanding of how arts events can create a beneficial experience for the individual and the community as well as their future sustainable development. The title explores a broad range of events from around the globe including: inspirational events for building creative (social, cultural and human) capital; affirming events for encouraging links to cultural identity or heritage; pleasurable events that offer enjoyable recreational, leisure and touristic experiences; enriching events that create opportunities for personal growth and/or to sell products or experiences, and finally, celebratory events that enhance cultural diversity. This significant volume is a valuable source for researchers, policy-makers and managers of arts events around the globe.
Category: Travel. ISBN: 9780415833943

Structuring Events
Structuring Events presents a novel semantic theory of lexical aspect for anyone interested in the study of verb meanings. Provides an introduction to aspectual classes and aspectual distinctions. Utilizes case studies to present a novel semantic theory of lexical aspect and compare it with alternative theories. Useful for students and scholars in semantics and syntax as well as the neighboring fields of pragmatics and philosophy of language.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9781405106672

Encoding Events
This book explores the syntax of events in the framework of generative grammar, focusing on the question of how conceptual meaning interacts with narrow syntactic computation. It provides insights into parametric theory, the relationship between core arguments and predicates, the syntax of non-core arguments, and the verb/satellite-framed typology.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9780198808466

Populre Events
Ob Fernsehen, Computerspiele, jugendkulturelle Aktivitten oder einfach Feiern: ,Events sind umfassender Bestandteil der heutigen Populr- und Alltagskulturen geworden. Anhand der Untersuchung konkreter und in der zweiten Auflage erweiterter Beispiele arbeiten die Artikel des Buchs heraus, wie unsere Gegenwart mehr und mehr mit ,populren Events durchzogen ist. ,Medienevents, ,Spielevents und ,Spaevents machen greifbar, dass wir mit einer breiten Eventisierung von Kultur konfrontiert sind. Einzelne Events drfen dabei aber nicht einfach nur als Spa-Haben verstanden werden, sondern sie sind auch oder gerade ein konstitutiver Bestandteil der in aktuellen Populr- und Alltagskulturen fest verankerten Politik des Vergngens. MERZ zur ersten Auflage des Bandes: Die Beitrge haben [] einen informativen Charakter und bieten einen Einblick in unterschiedliche Populrkulturen.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9783531157702

Asymmetric Events
The paper focuses on differences in the construal relations between participial constructions as used postnominally and prenominally in English and Polish. Their meaning is taken to be a function of both conceptual content of an expression and its construal. It is assumed that construal principles involved in building alternate profiles of expressions determine their conceptualizations. Consecutive sections of the paper present a discussion of, first, present participle modification in English and Polish, then past participle modification in English and Polish and establish a system of cognitive contrastive parameters which can serve as tertium comparations in the analysis.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9789027238993

Populre Events
Anhand von konkreten Beispielen zeigt das Buch, dass Events Bestandteile der heutigen Populr- und Alltagskultur sind.Das Buch arbeitet anhand von empirischen Fallstudien Tendenzender aktuellen Eventisierung von Populrkultur heraus. Hierdurch soll sowohl die gegenwrtige wissenschaftliche Diskussion weitergefhrt, als auch Interessierten ein soziokulturelles Phnomen zugnglich gemacht werden, das in Feuilletons hufig als Kommerzialisierung, Vermassung und Verflachung verschiedener Bereiche des kulturellen Lebens abgetan wird. Begreift man Events nmlich als Teil von Populrkultur, so mssen bei deren Erforschung wesentlich strker die soziokulturellen Auseinandersetzungen als diskursive Rahmenbedingungen mit einbezogen werden. Einzelne Events drfen nicht einfach nur als Spa-Haben verstanden werden, sondern sie sind auch - oder gerade -ein konstitutiver Bestandteil einer innerhalb der aktuellen Populr- und Alltagskultur fest verankerten Politik des Vergngens.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9783810034212

Festival and Events Management
Festival and Events Management: an international perspective is a unique text looking at the central role of events management in the cultural, tourism and arts industries. With international contributions from industry and academia, the text looks at the following: * Events & cultural environments * Managing the arts & leisure experience * Marketing, policies and strategies of art and leisure management Chapters include exercises, and additional teaching materials and solutions to questions are provided as part of an accompanying online resource.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780750658720

Relating Events in Narrative
This volume represents the culmination of an extensive research project that studied the development of linguistic form/function relations in narrative discourse. It is unique in the extent of data which it analyzes--more than 250 texts from children and adults speaking five different languages--and in its crosslinguistic, typological focus. It is the first book to address the issue of how the structural properties and rhetorical preferences of different native languages--English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, and Turkish--impinge on narrative abilities across different phases of development. The work of Berman and Slobin and their colleagues provides insight into the interplay between shared, possibly universal, patterns in the developing ability to create well-constructed, globally organized narratives among preschoolers from three years of age compared with school children and adults, contrasted against the impact of typological and rhetorical features of particular native languages on how speakers express these abilities in the process of "relating events in narrative." This volume also makes a special contribution to the field of language acquisition and development by providing detailed analyses of how linguistic forms come to be used in the service of narrative functions, such as the expression of temporal relations of simultaneity and retrospection, perspective-taking on events, and textual connectivity. To present this information, the authors prepared in-depth analyses of a wide range of linguistic systems, including tense-aspect marking, passive and middle voice, locative and directional predications, connectivity markers, null subjects, and relative clause constructions. In contrast to most work in the field of language acquisition, this book focuses on developments in the use of these early forms in extended discourse--beyond the initial phase of early language development. The book offers a pioneering approach to the interactions between form and function in the development and use of language, from a typological linguistic perspective. The study is based on a large crosslinguistic corpus of narratives, elicited from preschool, school-age, and adult subjects. All of the narratives were elicited by the same picture storybook, Frog, Where Are You?, by Mercer Mayer. (An appendix lists related studies using the same storybook in 50 languages.) The findings illuminate both universal and language-specific patterns of development, providing new insights into questions of language and thought.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9780805814354

Events, Phrases, and Questions
Uniting work from philosophical, cognitive and linguistic perspectives, Dr Truswell develops a model of the structure of events as perceptual and cognitive units. He predicts the acceptability of particular formulations, considers the individuation of events in the light of the model, and provides a novel account of patterns of question formation.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9780199577774

Events and Semantic Architecture
This book presents a unified theory of how grammar relates to meaning. Intended for linguists and philosophers it provides fresh ways of thinking about semantic generalizations that may reflect innately determined aspects of human languages.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9780199244300
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