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Kanvas Catalogue 2010
Designs from the Kanvas Interior Art range.
Uploaded by kanvasinteriorart on 10/28/2010
Digital publication details: 109 pages.

2012 May-June Issue
In this issue's cover story, we sat down with more than a dozen logistics executives from industry-leading firms operating in China to discuss their strategies, and where they see the trajectory of logistics on the Mainland. We also breakdown a new survey of logistics execs conducted by the Council with Ceva Logistics, revealing the first insights on industry trends in this market. Here at CHaINA Magazine, we leave no rock unturned in the supply chain. For that reason, we explored the "final frontier" in the supply chain - North Korea - to uncover what the current state of manufacturing and logistics looks like in the famously secretive state. And while wages in China continue to rise, we focus on two areas of manufacturing in China that require a close eye's increasing automation, and innovation in garments and apparel. Exclusive interviews with execs from Etam and AB InBev round out this action-packed issue.
Uploaded by supplychain on 04/29/2012
Digital publication details: 68 pages.

New Kanvas Catalogue
The 2010/11 Kanvas Catalogue with nearly 900 art design options to choose from.
Uploaded by kanvasinteriorart on 11/10/2010
Digital publication details: 116 pages.

June Hattiesburg Healthy Cells 2012
Jones County Medical Supply and Hattiesburg Medical Supply
Uploaded by healthycells on 05/28/2012
Digital publication details: 36 pages.

CHaINA Magazine March-April 2011
In this edition, we explore the changes and challenges facing China's business environment. Labor shortages, rare earth metal quota reductions, and changes in currency policy are just some of the topics we cover that will surely affect your business. We also sit down with Unilever and Goodyear to see how they're dealing with the changes, take a look at what Apple and HTC are up to, find out about higher logistics education in China, and look at the challenges facing your supply chain in the coming future!
Uploaded by supplychain on 02/27/2011
Digital publication details: 72 pages.

Smart Logistics - May 2011
‘SMART LOGISTICS’ is a techno-commercial magazine aimed at providing smart solutions for the logistics companies to spearhead the growth momentum. An eclectic mix of business insights, technological developments and growth opportunities, this monthly magazine is a ready-reckoner for news, views, growth opportunities in logistics industry.
Uploaded by infomedia18 on 04/29/2011
Digital publication details: 68 pages.

Retail Fulfillment- Improved Supply Chain Solutions
Businesses today are known by their distribution capability i.e. how fast they can reach the product to the retailer or customer. One of the best ways to stay ahead in the fast-paced retail industry is to streamline the distribution system that is the vital link in any business.
Uploaded by extroninc on 08/23/2011
Digital publication details: 1 pages.

SCMPro March 2013 Edition
The only enterprise magazine for SCM Professionals.
Uploaded by scmpro on 03/28/2013
Digital publication details: 52 pages.

The Future of Water in African Cities: Why Waste Water?
Overview report: Chapter 1: Africa's Emerging Water Challenges Chapter 2: An Integrated Perspective for Urban Water Management Chapter 3: Assessing Water Management Challenges and Capacities in African Cities Chapter 4: In-Depth Analysis of Water Management Challenges in Selected Cities Chapter 5: Making IUWM Work in African Cities Appendix
Uploaded by christinadianparmionova on 02/03/2013
Digital publication details: 226 pages.

Logistics Middle East - Nov 2009
Logistics Middle East - Nov 2009 Issue - ITP Business
Uploaded by itpbusiness on 11/08/2009
Digital publication details: 60 pages.
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