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EEWeb Pulse - Volume 32
Interview with Jeff Smoot – Vice President of Engineering at CUI Inc; New Power Topology Propels Quarter-Brick Bus Converter to Benchmark Power Density; Keep Noise Down When Making Low-Level Measurements; Arduino for Mere M0rtals – Part 1; RTZ – Return to Zero Comic
Uploaded by eeweb on 02/06/2012
Digital publication details: 20 pages.

Deployable structure—output
Script for deployable structure project, output subsystem. The output subsystem project is actuated using a servomotor coupled to a mechanical transducer—rotational movement is translated into a back and forth linear displacement. An Arduino UNO Microcontroller is used in tandem with Firefly Grasshopper to actuate the system. When combined with input subsystem, the whole system is aware of rain events and deploys in response to them.
Uploaded by thevoodoogirl on 02/07/2012
Digital publication details: 11 pages.

Interactive Prototyping: The Firefly User's Guide by Andrew Payne
An introduction to physical computing using arduino, grasshopper and firefly
Uploaded by pabloherrera on 08/17/2012
Digital publication details: 51 pages.

A one-month design research project in the Architectural Association DRL in London, researching the possibilities of interactive drawing device using Arduino and Arduino Lilypad. The members are: Johanna Huang (Dominican Rep.), Maya Bartur (USA), Chris Sazos (Cyprus) and Wandy Mulia (Germany). Tutor: Martha Malé Alemany
Uploaded by wandymulia on 02/22/2012
Digital publication details: 59 pages.

Get off your phone!! project documentation
Documentation of my final project for Mark Gross' Skill Swapping studio 2012. This documentation can be used as a reference for people wishing to do projects involving bluetooth, arduino, seeeduino, casting with silicones and urethane rubbers, or 3D printing.
Uploaded by andrewviny on 05/10/2012
Digital publication details: 22 pages.
Tags: arduino · hacking

EEWeb Pulse - Volume 39
Interview with Fred Dart – Founder and CEO of Future Technology Devices International (FTDI); Hardware Commoditization in the Handset Market; Arduino for Mere M0rtals – Part 3; RTZ – Return to Zero Comic
Uploaded by eeweb on 03/26/2012
Digital publication details: 21 pages.

October 2011
WSM October 2011
Uploaded by wusik on 10/27/2011
Digital publication details: 104 pages.
Tags: arduino · music · plugins · samples · sounds · vst · wsm · wusik

Making things talk
Boek over arduino
Uploaded by blastermak on 11/08/2009
Digital publication details: 427 pages.

Angry Spomge Sustention
Uploaded by cjz420 on 11/08/2011
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

EEWeb Pulse - Volume 35
Interview with Jim Hargrove – President of Analytic Systems; More Reliability for Railway Low Voltage Power Requirements; Arduino for Mere M0rtals – Part 2; Increasing Home Efficiency with High Brightness LEDs; RTZ – Return to Zero Comic
Uploaded by eeweb on 02/27/2012
Digital publication details: 24 pages.
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