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Arduino pour la domotique
Arduino est un outil conomique et parfaitement adapt pour raliser soi-mme des applications domotiques telles que la rgulation distancedu chauffageou de l'clairage, l'ouverture et la fermeture de portesou devolets, la tlsurveillance, l'arrosage en fonction de l'humidit, etc. Cet ouvrage est un guide pas--pas de projets concrets avec des exemples de code, des schmas et des photos pdagogiques. Il se termine par une introduction l'impression 3D pour raliser soi-mme les botiers dans lesquels encastrer circuits et capteurs.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9782100730506

Arduino Wearable Projects
Design, code, and build exciting wearable projects using Arduino toolsAbout This Book• Develop an interactive program using sensors and actuators suitable with wearables• Understand wearable programming with the help of hands-on projects• Explore different wearable design processes in the Arduino platform and customize them to fit your individual needsWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for readers who are familiar with the Arduino platform and want to learn more about creating wearable projects. No previous experience in wearables is expected, although a basic knowledge of Arduino programming will help.What You Will Learn• Develop a basic understanding of wearable computing• Learn about Arduino and its compatible prototyping platforms suitable for creating wearables• Understand the design process surrounding the creation of wearable objects• Gain insight into the materials suitable for developing wearable projects• Design and create projects including interactive bike gloves, GPRS locator watch, and more using various kinds of electronic components• Discover programming for interactivity• Learn how to connect and interface wearables' with Bluetooth and WiFi• Get your hands dirty with your own personalized designsIn DetailThe demand for smart wearable technologies is becoming more popular day by day. The Arduino platform was developed keeping wearables, such as watches that track your location or shoes that count the miles you've run, in mind. It is basically an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board and a development environment in which you create the software for the board. If you're interested in designing and creating your own wearables, this is an excellent platform for you.This book provides you with the skills and understanding to create your own wearable projects. The book covers different prototyping boards which are compatible with the Arduino platform and are suitable for creating wearable projects. Each chapter of the book covers a project in which knowledge and skills are introduced gradually, making the book suitable for all kinds of readers.You begin your journey with understanding electronic components, including LEDs and sensors, to get yourself up to scratch and comfortable with different components. You will then gain hands-on experience by creating your very first wearable project, a pair of interactive bike gloves that help you cycle at night. This is followed by a project making your own funky LED glasses and a cool GPS watch. You'll also delve into other projects including creating your own keyless doorlock, wearable NFC tags, a fitness-tracking device, and a WiFi-enabled spark board. The final project is a compilation of the previous concepts used where you make your own smart watch with fitness tracking, internet-based notifications, GPS, and of course time telling.Style and approachThis is a projec
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9781785283307

Arduino iOS Blueprints
Integrate the Arduino and iOS platforms to design amazing real-world projects to sense and control external devicesAbout This Book• Cover the most widely used methods in the Internet of Things using Arduino and iOS integration through Wi-Fi Shield and the BLE Breakout board• Design five real-world projects including of electronics, Arduino code, and an iOS application that seamlessly work together• A detailed guide that covers various sensors and actuators through which Arduino interacts with the world including a light sensor, hall effect sensor, accelerometer, servo motor, DC motor, and TRIAC for power line loadsWho This Book Is ForThis book is a technical guide for Arduino and iOS developers who have a basic knowledge of the two platforms but want to learn how to integrate them. The book includes a lot of external references to additional documentation and learning materials, so even if you are less experienced, you can improve your knowledge on the subjects covered.What You Will Learn• Design circuits with Arduino using sensors and actuators• Write code to handle analog and digital sensors with the most used protocols including OneWire, I2C, and SPI)• Store data on SD Card and in EEPROM• Build iOS applications using the MCV pattern and the UIKit components• Allow your applications to control Arduino and its hooked-up devices• Manage TCP/IP, UDP, and Bluetooth BLE communication between Arduino and iOS devices• Make your iOS application take advantage of the sensors available in the iOS devices including accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass• Develop iOS applications that use iBeaconsIn DetailArduino and iOS devices have reached wide popularity due to their simple way of use and flexibility. Hence, their integration opens up new opportunities, allowing everyone to build devices that are extremely useful in everyday life.You will first learn how to control Arduino from an iPhone or iPad by writing the Arduino sketch, the iOS application, and integrating everything together via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth BLE. You will then learn about various components that interact with the Arduino such as digital and analog I/O, Wi-Fi shield, Bluetooth BLE, SD card, OneWire, I2C, and so on. You will also learn about iOS, which includes the development of an application from scratch, GUI design and MVC, UIKit, iOS sensors, TCP and Bluetooth BLE communication, and more.All the projects are described in detail, providing you with a learning tool, not just some sketches or some iOS code to copy.Style and approachThis is a project-based book with a step-by-step guide that covers everything that you need to build an Arduino-iOS project, right from defining the basic requirements to the coding and testing the entire project. Each chapter ends with ideas on how to improve the project and to constantly learn the topics covered.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9781785283666

Arduino for Secret Agents
Transform your tiny Arduino device into a secret agent gadget to build a range of espionage projects with this practical guide for hackers About This Book: Discover the limitless possibilities of the tiny Arduino and build your own secret agent projects; From a fingerprint sensor to a GPS Tracker and even a robot- learn how to get more from your Arduino; Build nine secret agent projects using the power and simplicity of the Arduino platform Who This Book Is For. This book is for Arduino programmers with intermediate experience of developing projects, and who want to extend their knowledge by building projects for secret agents. It would also be great for other programmers who are interested in learning about electronics and programming on the Arduino platform. What You Will Learn: Get to know the full range of Arduino features so you can be creative through practical projects; Discover how to create a simple alarm system and a fingerprint sensor; Find out how to transform your Arduino into a GPS tracker; Use the Arduino to monitor top secret data; Build a complete spy robot!; Build a set of other spy projects such as Cloud Camera and Microphone System In Detail. Q might have Bond's gadgets- but he doesn't have an Arduino (not yet at least). Find out how the tiny Arduino microcomputer can be used to build an impressive range of neat secret agent projects that can help you go undercover and get to grips with the cutting-edge of the world of espionage with this book, created for ardent Arduino fans and anyone new to the powerful device. Each chapter shows you how to construct a different secret agent gadget, helping you to unlock the full potential of your Arduino and make sure you have a solution for every tricky spying situation. You'll find out how to build everything from an alarm system to a fingerprint sensor, each project demonstrating a new feature of Arduino, so you can build your expertise as you complete each project. Learn how to open a lock with a text message, monitor top secret data remotely, and even create your own Arduino Spy Robot, Spy Microphone System, and Cloud Spy Camera This book isn't simply an instruction manual - it helps you put your knowledge into action so you can build every single project to completion. Style and approach. This practical reference guide shows you how to build various projects with step-by-step explanations on each project, starting with the assembly of the hardware, followed by basics tests of all those hardware components and finally developing project on the hardware.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9781783986088

Arduino BLINK Blueprints
Get the most out of your Arduino to develop exciting and creative LED-based projects About This Book: Learn to control TV backlighting using an IR remote; Get introduced to sound visualization so you are able to use sound-controlled LEDs; Build an exciting persistence of vision wand Who This Book Is For. Anyone with a basic computer knowledge should be able to get the most out of this book. Although familiarity with some of the electronics would be helpful, it is not a must. What You Will Learn: Set up Arduino boards to run a basic ‘Hello World’ program; Develop a mood lamp and expand it to become an LED night lamp; Control TV backlight color and intensity using an IR remote; Develop an IR-controlled 4*4 LED cube; Use sound visualization to develop a sound-controlled LED Christmas tree; See a fun way to create interesting long exposure photographs and light displays using persistence of vision (POV) wands In Detail. Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino has been used in thousands of different projects and applications by a wide range of programmers and artists, and their contributions have added up to an incredible amount of accessible knowledge that can be of great help to novices and experts alike. Want to build exciting LED projects with Arduino? This book will be your companion to bring out the creative genius in you. To begin with, you will get introduced to the maker movement and the open source hardware development Arduino boards. You will then move on to develop a mood lamp and a remote-controlled TV backlight. As you progress through the book, you will develop an LED cube and will learn to use sound visualization to develop a sound-controlled LED Christmas tree. You will then move on to build a persistence of vision wand. At the end of each chapter, you’ll see some common problems, their solutions, and some workarounds. Style and approach. This book takes a project based approach to building LED-based projects with Arduino.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9781785284182

Monitorowanie otoczenia z Arduino
Zbuduj w?asne urz?dzenia pomiarowe z platform? Arduino! Arduino to niesamowita platforma, ktra otworzy?a przed ?wiatem elektroniki mnstwo nowych mo?liwo?ci. Dzi?ki prostocie obs?ugi zdoby?a rzesz? zwolennikw, a to prze?o?y?o si? na ilo?? dost?pnych w sieci materia?w i publikacji. Dla platformy Arduino opracowano liczne akcesoria, ktre pozwalaj? u?ytkownikowi rozbudowa? ka?dy uk?ad. Dodatkowo istnieje te? mo?liwo?? po??czenia jej z kolejn? popularn? platform? Raspberry Pi. Z tym duetem osi?gniesz wszystko! Ten fantastyczny podr?cznik poka?e Ci, jak wykorzysta? Arduino do zbierania informacji o otaczaj?cym ?wiecie. Pomiar poziomu ha?asu, temperatury i wilgotno?ci to tylko cz??? projektw, ktre mo?esz zrealizowa? dzi?ki tej platformie. W trakcie lektury dowiesz si?, jak wykorzysta? modu? sieciowy oraz zaprezentowa? zebrane dane na wy?wietlaczu. Chcia?by? mie? swj w?asny licznik Geigera? To cudo jest w Twoim zasi?gu! Podczas realizacji przedstawionych tu projektw poznasz platform? Arduino i zaczniesz tworzy? w?asne uk?ady. Si?gnij po t? ksi??k? i zanurz si? w ?wiat uk?adw elektronicznych. Zbuduj swj w?asny: termometr miernik ha?asu licznik Geigera wymarzony uk?ad z platform? Arduino! Arduino Twoja przepustka do ?wiata elektroniki!
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9788324681686

Arduino-Based Embedded Systems
Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software while LabVIEW is a graphical programming telling how to connect functions and work with a variety of datatypes when constructing applications.This book will help beginners to get started with Arduino-based embedded systems including essential know-how of the programming and interfacing of the devices. Book includes programming and simulation of Arduino-based projects and interfacing with LabVIEW, based on practical case studies. The book comprises of total twenty fivechapters with description, working model of LabVIEW and programming with Arduino IDE.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9781138060784

Getting Started with Arduino
This valuable little book offers a thorough introduction to the open-source electronics prototyping platform that's taking the design and hobbyist world by storm. Getting Started with Arduino gives you lots of ideas for Arduino projects and helps you get going on them right away. From getting organized to putting the final touches on your prototype, all the information you need is right in the book. Inside, you'll learn about: Interaction design and physical computing The Arduino hardware and software development environment Basics of electricity and electronics Prototyping on a solderless breadboard Drawing a schematic diagram And more. With inexpensive hardware and open-source software components that you can download free, getting started with Arduino is a snap. To use the introductory examples in this book, all you need is a USB Arduino, USB A-B cable, and an LED. Join the tens of thousands of hobbyists who have discovered this incredible (and educational) platform. Written by the co-founder of the Arduino project, with illustrations by Elisa Canducci, Getting Started with Arduino gets you in on the fun! This 128-page book is a greatly expanded follow-up to the author's original short PDF that's available on the Arduino website.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780596155513

Building Arduino PLCs
Learn the fundamentals of PLCs and how to control them using Arduino software to create your first Arduino PLC. You will learn how to draw Ladder Logic diagrams to represent PLC designs for a wide variety of automated applications and to convert the diagrams to Arduino sketches. A comprehensive shopping guide includes the hardware and software components you need in your tool box. You will learn to use Arduino UNO, Arduino Ethernet shield, and Arduino WiFi shield. Building Arduino PLCs shows you how to build and test a simple Arduino UNO-based 5V DC logic level PLC with Grove Base shield by connecting simple sensors and actuators. You will also learn how to build industry-grade PLCs with the help of ArduiBox. What You'll Learn Build ModBus-enabled PLCs Map Arduino PLCs into the cloud using NearBus cloud connector to control the PLC through the Internet Use do-it-yourself light platforms such as IFTTT Enhance your PLC by adding Relay shields for connecting heavy loads Who This Book Is For  Engineers, designers, crafters, and makers. Basic knowledge in electronics and Arduino programming or any other programming language is recommended.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9781484226315

Arduino For Dummies
The quick, easy way to leap into the fascinating world of physical computing This is no ordinary circuit board. Arduino allows anyone, whether you're an artist, designer, programmer or hobbyist, to learn about and play with electronics. Through this book you learn how to build a variety of circuits that can sense or control things in the real world. Maybe you'll prototype your own product or create a piece of interactive artwork? This book equips you with everything you'll need to build your own Arduino project, but what you make is up to you! If you're ready to bring your ideas into the real world or are curious about the possibilities, this book is for you. ? Learn by doing ? start building circuits and programming your Arduino with a few easy to follow examples - right away! ? Easy does it ? work through Arduino sketches line by line in plain English, to learn of how a they work and how to write your own ? Solder on! ? Only ever used a breadboard in the kitchen? Don't know your soldering iron from a curling iron? No problem, you'll be prototyping in no time ? Kitted out ? discover new and interesting hardware to make your Arduino into anything from a mobile phone to a geiger counter! ? Become an Arduino savant ? learn all about functions, arrays, libraries, shields and other tools of the trade to take your Arduino project to the next level. ? Get social ? teach your Arduino to communicate with software running on a computer to link the physical world with the virtual world It's hardware, it's software, it's fun! Start building the next cool gizmo with Arduino and Arduino For Dummies.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9781118446379
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