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Anti-Literature articulates a rethinking of what is meant today by literature. Examining key Latin American forms of experimental writing from the 1920s to the present, Adam Joseph Shellhorse reveals literature's power as a site for radical reflection and reaction to contemporary political and cultural conditions. His analysis engages the work of writers such as Clarice Lispector, Oswald de Andrade, the Brazilian concrete poets, Osman Lins, and David Vias, to develop a theory of anti-literature that posits the feminine, multimedial, and subaltern as central to the undoing of what is meant by literature. By placing Brazilian and Argentine anti-literature at the crux of a new way of thinking about the field, Shellhorse challenges prevailing discussions about the historical projection and critical force of Latin American literature. Examining a diverse array of texts and media that include the visual arts, concrete poetry, film scripts, pop culture, neo-baroque narrative, and others that defy genre, Shellhorse delineates the subversive potential of anti-literary modes of writing while also engaging current debates in Latin American studies on subalternity, feminine writing, posthegemony, concretism, affect, marranismo, and the politics of aesthetics.
Category: Literary Criticism. ISBN: 9780822964476

A provocative intellectual assault on the iconic philosopher. Nietzsche, the philosopher seemingly opposed to everyone, has met with remarkably little opposition himself. He remains what he wanted to be the limit-philosopher of a modernity that never ends. In this provocative, sometimes disturbing book, Bull argues that merely to reject Nietzsche is not to escape his lure. He seduces by appealing to our desire for victory, our creativity, our humanity. Only by reading like a loser' and failing to live up to his ideals can we move beyond Nietzsche to a still more radical revaluation of all valuesa subhumanism that expands the boundaries of society until we are left with less than nothing in common. Anti-Nietzsche is a subtle and subversive engagement with Nietzsche and his twentieth-century interpretersHeidegger, Vattimo, Nancy, and Agamben. Written with economy and clarity, it shows how a politics of failure might change what it means to be human.
Category: Philosophy. ISBN: 9781859845745

Goldberg explores the nature of linguistic knowledge communication presenting a novel argument for familiar anti-individualistic views.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9780521880480

Herman Van Rompuy livre ici un ouvrage riche en rflexions et penses sur le monde politique actuel, mais pas que... Herman Van Rompuy est un politicien-penseur. Dot d'un esprit analytique, il a permis l'Europe de maintenir son cap pendant les pires temptes. Aujourd'hui g de 70 ans, il livre ses Anti-mmoires . chaque page, un flux de penses laisser dcanter. L'ouvrage, construit en vingt chapitres courts et teint d'une touche philosophique, mle exprience et rflexion, et est crit d'une plume humble, mais bien aiguise. Anti-mmoires est un livre qui donne rflchir. Herman Van Rompuy jette un regard dans le rtroviseur avec une solidit tranquille , de la mme faon qu'il observe le prsent et se tourne vers l'avenir. Il s'exprime en vritable homme d'tat. Laissez-vous embarquer par les Anti-mmoires d'un homme qui, d'une plume aiguise, livre ses rflexions et ses expriences d'homme d'Etat. EXTRAIT Bien qu'on n'ait jamais autant tenu compte des prfrences individuelles, l'homme d'aujourd'hui a l'impression qu'il n'a rien ou peu dire et qu'il est menac ou manipul par les entreprises ou les hommes politiques. Les rectificatifs ne suffisent donc pas. Mais le plus grand rectificatif chappe aux dcideurs politiques et autres entreprises. Il subsiste un dficit thique qui ne place pas l'autre au centre, mais l'intrt personnel. La fraternit des Lumires ou l'amour du prochain prn par le Christ ne sont plus trs rpandus. Combler ce dficit thique est une lutte quotidienne et une mission accomplir par la socit civile ou tout simplement par chacun d'entre nous. Nous devons galement penser de plus en plus au bien-tre de ceux qui n'existent pas encore, des enfants encore natre. Le courage politique consiste parfois avancer contre les courants qui prconisent des solutions de facilit flattant les besoins immdiats de ce que l'on croit tre la majorit des citoyens. Le populisme en est un exemple. Ces partis ne prennent pas la peine de se demander si c'est une bonne chose long terme. Ils exploitent des sentiments facilement manipulables o intervient toujours la peur de l'autre. Mais pas de n'importe quel autre. De prfrence l'autre autre. Facilement identifiable. CE QU'EN PENSE LA CRITIQUE N'attendez pas des Anti-mmoires d'Herman Van Rompuy des rvlations sur des crises oublies de longue date ou sur des conflits avec des opposants politiques, mais les leons de vie d'un homme qui a pass plu de quarante ans en politique nationale et internationale.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9782804706838

Anti Aging
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Category: Health & Fitness. ISBN: 9781329109933

AN NYRB Classics Original In 1869, at the age of twenty-four, the precociously brilliant Friedrich Nietzsche was appointed to a professorship of classical philology at the University of Basel. He seemed marked for a successful and conventional academic career. Then the philosophy of Schopenhauer and the music of Wagner transformed his ambitions. The genius of such thinkers and makersthe kind of genius that had emerged in ancient Greecethis alone was the touchstone for true understanding. But how was education to serve genius, especially in a modern society marked more and more by an unholy alliance between academic specialization, mass-market journalism, and the militarized state? Something more than sturdy scholarship was called for. A new way of teaching and questioning, a new philosophy . . . What that new way might be was the question Nietzsche broached in five vivid, popular public lectures in Basel in 1872. Anti-Education presents a provocative and timely reckoning with what remains one of the central challenges of the modern world.
Category: Education. ISBN: 9781590178942

This introductory text provides students for the first time with an historical and international analysis of the development of anti-racism. Drawing on sources from around the world, the author explains the roots and describes the practice of anti-racism in Western and non-Western societies from Britain and the United States to Malaysia and Peru. Topics covered include: * the historical roots of anti-racism * race issues within organisations * the practice of anti-racism * the politics of backlash. This lively, concise book will be an indispensable resource for all students interested in issues of race, ethnicity and in contemporary society more generally.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780415171199

As a psychiatrist, Dr. Rubin learned that Anti-Semitism and other deep-seated prejudices are non-organic diseases of the mind: malignant emotional illnesses that can be treated by only first understanding the unique psychodynamics involved. Little has been written about this aspect of bigotry. "Anti-Semitism" is a bold endeavor to shed light on one of humankind's most destructive and contagious illnesses, and offers hope and healing for the future.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9781569804469

Michel Houellebecq, author of five novels including Atomised and Platform , has become possibly the world's most famous literary pessimist. His work declares that life is painful and disappointing, death is terrifying, and the human condition is a nasty sort of joke. He has been wildly successful translated into over 25 different languages and hailed as the voice of a generation. Beginning with Houellebecq's novels, this book explores the concept of Depressive Realism' in literature and philosophy the proposition that the facts of life are bleak and unkind. Ranging over work by David Foster Wallace, Susan Sontag, Fredric Jameson and Margaret Atwood, Anti-Matter surveys the case for pessimism, asks how a mass culture rooted in sentimentality and trivialisation manages to produce so much cynicism and apathy, and hunts for the space that remains for serious, life-affirming art.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781846949227

Anti-Empire explores how different writers across Lusophone spaces engage with imperial and colonial power at its various levels of domination, while imagining alternatives to dominant discourses pertaining to race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, and class. This project thus offers in-depth interrogations of racial politics, gender performance, socio-economic divisions, political structures, and the intersections of these facets of domination and hegemony.
Category: History. ISBN:
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