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Dissolution of Counterfeiters with Anti-Fraud Solutions
Fraud and scams have become synonymous with business. Every business is prone to theft of copyrights and patents and if an equally forceful action is not taken it can lead to intense damages such as loss of reputation and revenues.
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Effective Anti-fraud Solutions for the E-commerce Industry
Technological innovation though has created a number of opportunities for the growth of a globalised business environment; it has also brought with it a number of challenges. The business environment is prone to copyright and patent thefts which can cause intense damage to a brand's name and reputation. The wide use of the internet and the World Wide Web for online brand presence has paved the way for online frauds and scams to be synonymous with e-commerce. With luxury goods and cosmetic industry thriving in the e-commerce market, the fraudulent activities also thrive more on these business sectors.
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Anti-Fraud Solutions to Stop Profit and Brand Reputation Erosion
Wikipedia defines Internet fraud as “the use of Internet services or software with Internet access to defraud victims or to otherwise take advantage of them.” Today online fraud is on a rise, as the Internet is the easiest and the cheapest way to con people out of their money. Internet fraud can occur in chat rooms, email, message boards, or on websites. There are different types of Internet frauds such as Internet Auction Fraud, Nondelivery of Merchandise, Rogue traders, Phishing, Identity fraud, Spam, schemes, Transferring money, and so on.
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Robust Anti-fraud Solutions to Help Combat Fraudsters
Globalization has provided enterprises the opportunity to expand their customer base beyond geographical boundaries and technology has helped connect them through the Internet and other networks.
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1st Quarter Anti-Fraud Resource Guide
Resource Guide for anti-fraud professionals containing information on training, events, products and more.
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2nd Quarter Anti-Fraud Resource Guide
Resource Guide for anti-fraud professionals containing information on training, events, products and more.
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Accounts Payable Fraud - Ensuring controls for Detecting and Preventing
Detecting and preventing accounts payable fraud will guide how to identify the different varieties of AP-related fraud schemes damaging organizations, including small businesses and non-profits,Implement best-practice Anti-Fraud Control strategies for AP.
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Anti Fraud Report
Anti Fraud Report
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Stop Infiltration with IP Protection Solutions
Theft of intellectual property through employees and illegal companies has become a regular occurrence. Everyday some patent or product is exploited through unfair means to produce duplicates in bulk and cheat customers.
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Advanced Anti Counterfeiting Solutions to Combat Spurious Drugs
Pharmaceutical counterfeiting is an evolving and an ongoing threat to patients and pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients. Over the past few decades, various factors have contributed to the growth in counterfeit drugs.
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