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Restore your Business with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions
The theft of intellectual property and a flourishing market for counterfeit goods has become an accepted fact in the business environment. The undaunted existence of the counterfeit market has become a stubborn problem and affects the revenues of genuine companies and tarnishing their well-earned reputation.
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How to Keep Counterfeit Drugs off the Market?
Pharmaceutical companies can employ anti-counterfeiting solutions to provide them with real-time information on rogue auction sites.
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Combat Product Duplicity and Grey Market with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions
In today’s world, any product fakes can be generated. In most countries, especially in the developing ones, owing to lack of adequate enforcement and regulation counterfeits survive. Similarly even in the developed countries the risk of penalties and prosecution for counterfeiting are inadequate. As a result of which, there is an acute need for anti-counterfeiting solutions.
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Fighting Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting
Pharmaceutical counterfeits can be dangerous since they can be passed off as real drugs owing to counterfeit labeling or usage of counterfeit ingredients.
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Online Fraud Protection – A Vital Business Imperative
Today’s computing environment is a lot more sophisticated than it was a few years ago. With the Internet becoming a way of life, there has been a tremendous increase in the online population. This in turn has also exponentially increased the fraudulent activity. E-commerce has brought consumers lower prices, incredibly diverse choices and an ease of buying that simply cannot be matched in the physical world.
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Brand Counterfeiting- Harmful Environment for Business Growth
Today with technological evolution, a large number of enterprises have entered the world of e-commerce. With strong footprints on the World Wide Web, these brands have ventured to make large profits too. However, along with the world wide digital presence of their brands, these enterprises are also challenged by threats from cyber criminals.
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Committed Brand Protection Efforts to Derail the Counterfeiters
Pharmaceutical companies have to bear the brunt of counterfeit products released by unauthorized agents. The counterfeit market has spread like an epidemic ruining the reputation of genuine companies and hampering their revenue earning prospects.
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Secure Your Brand with Anti-Counterfeiting Tools
Brand protection can be best defined as a process of incorporating anti-counterfeiting, tamper-evident, anti-theft or track and trace technology into a package to prevent brands from being attacked. There have been many cases where an enterprise’s brand reputation and value have been at stake due to counterfeiting.
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Preventing Internet Fraud With Effective Protection Solutions
Online fraud and cyber crimes have turned out to be a huge global issue. The advent of technology and the widespread use of the Internet have transformed the way we do business. Ecommerce is in a flourishing stage now with numerous websites enabling customers to access their products that were otherwise unavailable online.
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Maintaining Your Business Credibility with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions
Brand reputation is a certificate of quality and reliability for any organization. When customers buy your products merely on the basis of your brand name they trust you and know that they will get good value for their money. The relationship with your customers is a delicate one
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