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American Artists On Art
From the Preface: The fact that so much of modern art has devoted itself to the exploration and assertion of its own identity is reflected in, but does not explain, the increasing amount of writing and talking on the part of contemporary artists. Rather, the whole history of the changing role of art and artists in a democratic, industrial, and technological society stands behind the spate of artists' words and the public's hunger for them--even some of the general public out there beyond art's little circle. Statements by artists appeal somewhat the way drawings do: they bring us, or at least they hold the promise of bringing us, closer to the artist's thoughts and feelings and to an understanding of his or her modus operandi; they hold the keys to a mysterious realm. And sometimes they offer us the sheer pleasure of good reading. Such is the primary raison d'etre of this book.Its other motivation is educational, and stems from the frustrating lack, in teaching contemporary art, of any single compilation of statements by American artists from 1940 to the present.... This anthology differs in several respects from those others that do include documents of American art since 1940.... The selection I have made is devoted exclusively to statements of artists; it is limited to the last four decades; it presents in a single volume a representative and fairly comprehensive coverage of major developments in American art beginning with Abstract Expressionism; and, whenever possible, it cities the first, or among the very earliest, documents signalizing a shift in the definition, intent, or direction of art.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9780064301121

Twentieth-Century American Art
Jackson Pollock, Georgia O'Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Julian Schnabel, and Laurie Anderson are just some of the major American artists of the twentieth century. From the 1893 Chicago World's Fair to the 2000 Whitney Biennial, a rapid succession of art movements and different styles reflected the extreme changes in American culture and society, as well as America's position within the international art world. All the key movements are fully discussed, including earlyAmerican Modernism, the New Negro movement, Regionalism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Neo-Expressionism.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9780192842398

American Art Deco
Over 200 black-and-white photographs and incisive commentary on one of the most popular decorative styles of the 20th century, including remarks by Lewis Mumford, Frank Lloyd Wright, Norman Bel Geddes, and Edward Steichen.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies. ISBN: 9780486433745

Recent American Art Song
This reference source focuses on post-1980 songs with English texts by American composers, written for solo voice and piano. Composer entries include biographical and bibliographical information, as well as commentary concerning the range, appropriate voice type, and musical style of the songs.
Category: Music. ISBN: 9780810859401

American Silences
In ""American Silences"", Joseph Anthony Ward offers a unique analysis of the use and effects of silence in modern American realistic art. Beginning with the nineteenth-century literature that laid the foundation for silence in art, he moves to a brief analysis of Sherwood Anderson's ""Winesburg"", Ohio and Ernest Hemingway's ""In Our Time"", showing how they, along with several other crucial works of twentieth-century American realism, incorporate the power of the silent into their expression without sacrificing the subjects and techniques of traditional realism. Examining ""Let Us Now Praise Famous Men"", James Agee's commentary on the life of tenant farmers, documented with photographs by Walker Evans, Ward traces the book's pattern of 'silence, then silence disturbed by sound, and ultimately silence restored'. Ward further supports his theory with a study of Agee's ""A Death in the Family"" and Evans' ""American Photographs"". Ward sees Agee's admiration of photography as a connection between the silence of the scenes he writes about and the silence of Evans' photographs. The use of silence is perhaps even more obvious in the paintings of Edward Hopper. Although throughout the book Ward suggests both the positive and negative qualities of silence in art, Hopper's paintings provide little in the way of postiveness. For Ward, the art of silence is an art of extreme concentration that seeks essences rather than superficiality that nearly transcends realism itself. The theme of silence in American realism is a significant new one, but Ward's interpretation of the prose and his analysis of the photographs and paintings, many of which are reproduced in this book, establish validity for art as the voice of silence.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9780367100254

American Graffiti
The first appearances of graffiti tags (signatures) on New York City subway trains in the early 1970s were discarded as incidents of vandalism or the rough, violent cries of the ignorant and impoverished. However, as the graffiti movement progressed and tags became more elaborate and ubiquitous, genuine artists emerged whose unique creativity and unconventional media captured the attention of the world.Featuring gallery and street works by several contributors to the graffiti scene, this book offers insight into the lives of urban artists, describes their relationship with the bourgeois art world, and discusses their artistic motivation with unprecedented sensitivity.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9781844845613

American Graffiti
Das vorliegende Buch prsentiert eine neue Analyse der Verbindungen zwischen dem Kunstgenre Graffiti und dem Werk Jean-Michel Basquiats und spricht insofern sicherlich ein breites Publikum an. Es gibt gegenwrtig nur uerst wenige Studien zu dieser Thematik, was diese originelle Analyse umso wichtiger macht. Der Autor analysiert den vergleichbaren Hintergrund der Graffiti-Knstler und Basquiats, hebt gleichzeitig jedoch auch die Unterschiede hervor, die Basquiat internationale Berhmtheit verschafften, whrend der Groteil der Graffiti-Knstler anonym geblieben ist.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9781844845668

American Beauties
This original publication compiles the finest black-and-white and color illustrations by the artist whose images of healthy, poised, active, and confident women set the standard of American beauty in the early 20th century.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9780486489100

American Graffiti
Depuis le dbut des annes 1970, les graffeurs dcorent l'extrieur des rames de mtro avec des tags toujours plus grands et toujours plus labors.Dans le schma primitiviste, les graffeurs, en tant qu'artistes en marge, offraient de nouvelles perspectives la socit amricaine. Ils tendaient un miroir la culture hgmonique.Les rfrences aux mdias ou des elements culturels que les artistes intgraient dans leurs crations revtent aujourd'hui une importance toute particulire, parce qu'elles reprsentent un point de contact entre les cultures et ont rendu cette sousculture plus accessible son nouveau public.Cette forme d'expression rsolument rebelle est ici analyse par Margo Thompson qui met en relation l'art du graffiti avec l'art contemporain. Tout comme les graffeurs apportaient une voix une classe ethnique sous-reprsente, l'auteur, grce une thse originale, tend servir d'ambassadrice cette forme d'art souvent mconnue.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9781844845651

American Realism
Urban realism, snow-covered streets of New York, boxing matches, children on the banks of a river, the painters of the Ash Can School preferred realistic images. Their paintings are a true hymn to noise and sensations. This unconventional movement enabled the birth of a true national artistic identity which broke free from the establishment. The Ash Can School resolutely promoted the affirmation of the modernist current of American art. Edward Hopper, who was a student of Robert Henri, embraced the principles of this movement and brought them to another level.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9781844845750
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