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Amadeus Qatar Newsletter Issue # 1
Why Choose Amadeus - PAGE 2 Amadeus Offers - PAGE 3 Amadeus Air Preferences - PAGE 4 Amadeus e-Support Centre - PAGE 5 Amadeus Open Door, Hahn Air - PAGE 6 Amadeus Eductour 2012 - PAGE 7 Arab Travel Market 2012 - PAGE 8 Promotions - PAGE 9 Help Desk Tips & Guidelines Amadeus Customer Support Team - PAGE10
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Amadeus Amadeus Affinity Shopper
Amadeus Affinity Shopper was specially designed to offer a ‘traveller playground’, which you can use to attract and then keep customers on your website.
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Amadeus Cross-Sell Ancillary Services
Amadeus Cross-Sell Ancillary Services is quite simply about making the planning and booking of a journey easier for your customers. Amadeus facilitates a centralised pool of content that is relevant to their trip, accessible across all touch points and bookable through advanced technology applications that interface seamlessly with your existing Amadeus reservation platform.
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Amadeus Training Manual
Amadeus GDS Functionality
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Amadeus Ticket Changer
Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) is the Amadeus Solution to automate the calculation necessary to reissue a ticket.
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Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document
The Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is an industry standard solution which enables agents to issue documents for travel related services(Excess baggage charges, Miscellaneous Charges, Penalty fees, Residual value, Lounge access charges, etc..), in replacement of the MCO (Miscellaneous Charges Order). The EMD is the Industry standard electronic version which will additionally enable agents to collect ancillary services.
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Amadeus reservation and ticketing manual
for travel agents staff .Full guide for reservation and ticketing on amadeus
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AMADEUS - River Cruises in 2011
We are pleased to be able to present our new catalogue, just fresh from the press for our River Cruises in 2011. Discover the most beautiful and interesting European inland waterways with us on special journeys to famous cities and through fascinating landscapes. Experience the fine-art and culture of the most significant European historical backgrounds, and get to know the people in those countries. New introductions to our programme for 2011 are the Rhône River Cruises, through the South of France, along world famous wine regions and romantic historical monuments. Quite special treats are our new Theme Cruises for sports enthusiasts, which take in journeys of discovery along the banks of the Rhine and Danube by ship and bike. Welcome aboard.
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Amadeus Offers
Amadeus Offers
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Hotel Amadeus in Salzburg The Amadeus Hotel is a small, traditional and exclusiv Hotel, located directly in the historic city center of Salzburg. The Hotel is in a quiet street, directly in the pedestrian area.
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