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Un jour, le mal s'installe dans l'esprit de Franck... Mari, pre d'un nourrisson, officier de police exemplaire, Franck Agostini est habitu pourchasser des psychopathes, des dtraqus qui remplissent les colonnes des faits-divers. Il doit cependant tout remettre en question le jour o un alter ego aux yeux rouges prend possession de son esprit. A deux doigts de la folie, le capitaine choisit de taire son secret et retourne sur le terrain. Les enqutes s'enchanent, tandis que l'autre prsence s'accrot de jour en jour. Et si le tte-en-tte pervers dans lequel s'engageait Franck lui cotait la vie ? La frontire entre le bien et le mal n'aura jamais t aussi tnue. Dcouvrez ce thriller fantastique dans lequel un officier de police est en prise avec un alter ego qui prend possession de son esprit. EXTRAIT Franck vrifie un numro d'immatriculation, celui du vhicule qui tait gar devant la maison o vit son ex-femme. L'identit du propritaire s'affiche l'cran, il s'appelle Sacha Ljubovic, il n'a pas de casier judiciaire et est propritaire d'une boulangerie. Tu frquentes qui tu veux . Bah voyons ! Je croyais t'avoir prvenu pourtant ! C'est vrai j'avais oubli, a arrive les erreurs. Le capitaine fait mine de n'avoir rien entendu, avant de se rendre compte que ce qu'il vient d'entendre est loin d'tre futile. Il appelle Agns Deflandre et lui demande une information prcise, la rponse de la journaliste confirme son intuition. Je dois vrifier autre chose. 16h42. Franck se rend chez Jonathan Neville avec Christian, il tait tranquillement install sur son fauteuil une bire la main avant de rpondre la porte. La fte est termine ! lance Franck. Pourquoi vous dites a ? C'est votre dernier jour de libert avant que vous ne commenciez perdre des cheveux. Et pour quel motif ? Homicide avec prmditation. Quoi ?! Le mec de la journaliste ? Exactement. Et pourquoi j'aurais fait a ? Pour qu'on ne dcouvre pas que vous n'avez jamais t cancreux, dit Christian. PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR David Sebinne partage sa passion pour les nigmes criminelles avec ce thriller policier o deux visions du monde s'oppposent dans un mme esprit.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9791023609912

Alternative Journalism, Alternative Voices
Bringing together new and classic work by Tony Harcup, this book considers the development of alternative journalism from the 1970s upuntil today. Bringing theory and practice together, Harcup builds anunderstanding of alternative media through the use of detailed case studies and surveys. Including opinions of journalists who have worked in both mainstream and alternative media, he considers the motivations, practices and roles ofalternative journalism as well as delving into ethical considerations. Moving from the history of alternative journalism, Harcup considers the recent spread of 'citizen journalism' and the use of social media, and asks what therole of alternative journalism is today.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780415521864

Alternative Investments
The official CAIA Level 1 curriculum book Alternative Investments: CAIA Level I , 3rd Edition is the curriculum book for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Level I professional examination. Covering the fundamentals of the alternative investment space, this book helps you build a foundation in alternative investment markets. You'll look closely at the different types of hedge fund strategies and the range of statistics used to define investment performance as you gain a deep familiarity with alternative investment terms and develop the computational ability to solve investment problems. From strategy characteristics to portfolio management strategies, this book contains the core material you will need to succeed on the CAIA Level I exam. This updated third edition tracks to the latest version of the exam, and is accompanied by the following ancillaries: a workbook, study guide, learning objectives, and an ethics handbook. Most investment analyst education programs focus primarily on the traditional asset classes, pushing alternative investments to the sidelines. The CAIA designation was developed in response to the tremendous growth of alternative investing, and is the industry's premier educational standard. This book is your official study companion, bringing you fully up to speed on everything you need to know (with the exception of the ethics material covered in a separate handbook). Understand the complexities of each alternative asset class Learn the quantitative techniques professionals use every day Dig into the unique aspects of alternative investments Master the core material covered by the CAIA Level I exam More than 300 financial institutions and hedge funds have committed key executives to the CAIA exam, and this rapidly growing trend speaks to the designation's rising status as a must-have credential for anyone in the alternative investment sphere. Increase your chances of success by getting your information straight from the source in CAIA Level I .
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781119003366

Alternative Energy
As this book makes clear, civilization cannot long continue to ride on an oil slick. Worldwide, many people have come to see dependence on coal, and especially on oil, not only as unsustainable, but as profoundly destabilizing, both environmentally and politically. While ever-increasing demands continue to be placed on "mainstream" energy sources, recurring attempts have been made to generate power in "alternative" ways. After retracing some of these efforts, this succinct and historically informed volume explores the ongoing debate over alternative energy that gathered strength in the 20th century, showing how that debate mirrors larger attitudes toward energy and consumption. Like other volumes in this series, Alternative Energy is designed to provide material for student reports and debate arguments. It is an outstanding sourcebook for those interested in investigating the problems and prospects of alternative fuels.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780313344848

Alternative Schools
This volume describes the various components of alternative education and presents a comprehensive view of its impact on public education, particularly in urban school districts. It presents detailed descriptions of various alternative education models.
Category: Reference. ISBN: 1576074412

Alternative Investments
A comprehensive guide to alternative investments that reveals today's latest research and strategies Historically low interest rates and bear markets in world stock markets have generated intense interest in alternative investments. With returns in traditional investment vehicles relatively low, many professional investors view alternative investments as a means of meeting their return objectives. Alternative Investments: Instruments, Performance, Benchmarks, and Strategies , can put you in a better position to achieve this difficult goal. Part of the Robert W. Kolb Series in Finance, Alternative Investments provides an in-depth discussion of the historic performance, benchmarks, and strategies of every major alternative investment market. With contributions from professionals and academics around the world, it offers valuable insights on the latest trends, research, and thinking in each major area. Empirical evidence about each type of alternative investment is featured, with research presented in a straightforward manner. Examines a variety of major alternative asset classes, from real estate, private equity, and commodities to managed futures, hedge funds, and distressed securities Provides detailed insights on the latest research and strategies, and offers a thorough explanation of historical performance, benchmarks, and other critical information Blends knowledge from the conceptual world of scholars with the pragmatic view of practitioners in this field Alternative investments provide a means of diversification, risk control, and return enhancement and, as such, are attractive to many professional investors. If you're looking for an effective way to hone your skills in this dynamic area of finance, look no further than this book.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781118241127

Alternative Portraiture
In this book, Benny Migliorino teaches readers how to work with speedlightslightweight, relatively inexpensive, and powerful palm-sized flash unitsto create dramatic, dimensional, flattering lighting. 'Migs' presents 60 portraits shot in a wide range of environmentsfrom cramped quarters and fluorescent light, to dimly lit rooms, to makeshift studio spaces in a client's home or office. Readers will learn critical lighting skills from reducing the contrast range and creating softer, more flattering light; to re-creating traditional studio lighting patterns in varied existing-light scenarios; to adding fill for a rounder, more dimensional view of the subject; to overpowering the existing light; and working in mixed-light scenarios. Whether you're working solo or with an assistant, with one speedlight or multiple units, using bare (unmodified) small flash or harnessing its power via flash-mounted or freestanding light modification devices, you will learn how to make quick work of creating professional, evocative portraits that bring out the best version of your subject and highlight the personal connection he or she has to their personal environment.
Category: Photography. ISBN: 9781608958191

Alternative Development
This book brings together a collection of essays that discuss alternative development and its relevance for local/global processes of marginalization and change in the Global South. Alternative development questions who the producers of development knowledges and practices are, and aims at decentring development and geographical knowledge from the Anglo-American centre and the Global North. It involves resistance to dominant political-economic processes in order to further the possibilities for non-exploitative and just forms of development. By discussing how to unravel marginalization and voice change through alternative methods, actors and concepts, the book provides useful guidance on understanding the relationship between theory and practice. The main strength of the book is that it calls for a central role for alternative development in the current development discourse, most notably related to justice, rights, globalization, forced migration, conflict and climate change. The book provides new ways of engaging with alternative development thinking and making development alternatives relevant.
Category: Nature. ISBN: 9781138257047

Alternative Worlds
In an attempt to counteract the doom and gloom of the economic crisis and the politicians’ overused dictum that ‘there is no alternative’, this interdisciplinary collection presents a number of alternative worlds that were conceived over the course of the last century. While change at the macro level was the focus of most of the ideological struggles of the twentieth century, the real impetus for change came from the blue-sky thinking of scientists, engineers, architects, sociologists, planners and writers, all of whom imagined alternatives to the status quo. Following a roughly chronological order from the turn of the nineteenth century to the present, this book explores the dreams, plans and hopes as well as the nightmares and fears that are an integral part of alternative thinking in the Western hemisphere. The alternative worlds at the centre of the individual essays can each be seen as crucial to the history of the past one hundred years. While these alternative worlds reflect their particular cultural context, they also inform historical developments in a wider sense and continue to resonate in the present.
Category: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology / General. ISBN:

The Alternative
The Alternative: Dream, Unite, Hope discusses topics of faith, relationships, and building your future. This book features a full-color interior and mini-essays, Qand As, and devotions from today’s best-known faith leaders.
Category: YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Inspirational & Personal Growth. ISBN:
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