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Increasing Productivity with The Right ALM Solution
There is a major change in the software design, development and delivery, primarily due to the focus on business agility.
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Understanding The Importance of an ALM Solution For Your Business
Lifecycle management provides a standard structure of reference for systems and approaches that are considered necessary for managing all product related data all through the product’s lifecycle.
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ALM Software: Unifying the Diversity of Application Lifecycles
The economic growth is dependent on the growth of the business environment, which in turn is effected by factors such as customer’s demands, technological innovations, developments and scientific inventions leading to development of new products, service or applications.
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The Significance of Reporting in an IT Service Organization
By reducing the risks and increasing returns, a well-managed IT service organization can still deliver superior IT services, and also achieve the goals of the enterprise. With the use of visual reports, organizations can concentrate on all the process areas of IT Service Management (ITSM) to establish a reputation.
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This case study throws light on how Honeywell has achieved all their goals of Requirements Management for the REM and HTS projects by implementing Kovair Application Lifecycle Management Solution – the ALM Studio in their organization and are very pleased with the outcome.
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A Streamlined Process with the ALM Tool Results in Successful Achievements
Application lifecycle management is a significant process in software development that ensures the optimization of applications and a robust maintenance to help deliver the best results.
Uploaded by kovair on 01/09/2012
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USCIS, a DHS Organization Procures Additional Kovair Software Licenses
Kovair Software announced that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently procured additional licenses of the Kovair Requirements Management solution, as part of the USCIS Requirements Improvement Program (RIP). USCIS has been working with Kovair for its RIP process since 2008.
Uploaded by kovair on 11/12/2011
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Application Lifecycle Management – The Changing Trend
The application lifecycle management enhances productivity, improves quality standards & delivery mechanisms through global teams. It breaks through boundaries between teams and developers through effective collaboration and smooth flow of information. Further, it helps to cut down maintenance time through effective synchronization simplified integration of application and design.
Uploaded by kovair on 08/07/2011
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How ALM Technology - Overcome Challenges in a Federal Agency
An integrated tool environment for IT Lifecycle Management (ITLM) is essential to easily re-engineer any organization so as to ensure the least minimal impact to current development and maintenance activities.
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Building a Case for ALM Middlewar
Integrated ALM is popularly known as End-To-End ALM as per some vendor websites but there are very few vendors who actually are able to deliver the promise of point-to-point integration architecture. Here is where ALM Middleware can help achieve an Integrated ALM for a mixed vendor tools environment. Typically in a software development process, various tools are used both for managing the development process as also for the actual creation, testing, building and deployment of software codes.
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