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ASIA WATER WEEK 2013: Securing Water for All
ASIA WATER WEEK 2013: All Thematic areas Aspects of water security will be examined through three thematic areas: -Basin Water Management -Urban Water Services -Rural Water Servicese
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Understanding the Role of Politics in Water Management
These are the proceedings of the two-day workshop on "Water and Politics" that was organised on February 26-27, 2004 by the WWC and the World Conservation Union, with the support of the Water Supply Group of Marseille.
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The political Economy of Water Quality Protection from Agricultural Chemicals
Growing evidence of surface-water and groundwater contamination has led to demands for federal and state water quality protection policies. Agriculture will be an important target of such policies. Numerous instances of surface-water and groundwater contamination by pesticides and fertilizers have been recorded, and one study estimates that the drinking water of 50 million people in the U.S. is potentially contaminated by agricultural chemicals (Hallberg, Nielsen and Lee).
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The Importance of Environmental Flows
Securing Water for Ecosystems and Human Well-being: The Importance of Environmental Flows ----This report highlights the service role played by healthy ecosystems in helping water managers meet their goal of maximising the economic and social welfare of all water users in an equitable manner. Healthy ecosystems simultaneously serve multiple aspects of human well-being, especially among poor communities living close to the land-water.
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All water resources of the Middle East
Case Study Transboundary Dispute Resolution: Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources (Middle East) ---Authors: Aaron T. Wolf1 and Joshua T.--- Newton
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Synthesis of the 4th World Water Forum
The World Water Council and the Secretariat of the 4th World Water Forum co-produced this Synthesis of the 4th World Water Forum in order to provide Forum participants and the international water community with the main messages, lessons learnt, and key recommendations presented in all the events that comprised the Forum.
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Transforming Potential Conflict into Cooperation Potential: The Role of International Water Law
This study discusses the relevance and role of international water law in the promotion of cooperation over shared transboundary watercourses. With its focus on actual case studies and through examination of contemporary state practice and detailed analysis of the UN Watercourses Convention, this work aims to provide water resource experts from all disciplines with an overview of the rules of international law that govern interstate relations over water.
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The Future of Water in African Cities: Why Waste Water?
Overview report: Chapter 1: Africa's Emerging Water Challenges Chapter 2: An Integrated Perspective for Urban Water Management Chapter 3: Assessing Water Management Challenges and Capacities in African Cities Chapter 4: In-Depth Analysis of Water Management Challenges in Selected Cities Chapter 5: Making IUWM Work in African Cities Appendix
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The impacts of rural small-community water supply interventions in rural South Africa
The original question that spurred this work was whether small community water supply interventions in South Africa were beneficial to their recipients and to what extent? The purpose of the research was two-fold -  to develop a methodology to  measure impacts of small-community water supply service interventions. This report presents the method and the research to develop and apply it. The results showed that there were significant and seemingly beneficial function changes brought about by the water supply interventions – incrementally (from no service to rudimentary service to basic service) as well as direct intervention (no service to basic service). These did not appear to translate into any beneficial effects for the households in terms of the effect indicators used in this study.
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Exploring the value of water stewardship standards for water security in Africa
Dr Nick Hepworth, Water Witness International, UK --- Exploring the value of water stewardship standards for water security in Africa
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