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environment & energy management
36 page magazine
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Environment & Energy Management
June July issue 2011
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Open Skies for Africa
In Africa, where poor roads, ports and railway infrastructure often constrain the rapid and efficient transportation of goods earmarked for export as well as passengers, air transport holds both a potential for growth and a role for the economic development of the continent by fostering trade and foreign investments.
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How to Reduce Air Pollutants in Your Home
In today’s world, air quality levels are seriously compromised, leading to a growing number of both environmental and health-related problems.There is a need for serious steps to be taken in the fight against pollution so that homes all around the world can stay healthy.
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Cereals - Reseach & Extension Programme
Cereals (PDF, 79KB) © 2010 Foundation for Arable Research.
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Air-Met Scientific Product Catalogue 2010-2011
Air-Met Scientific OHS & Environmental Monitoring Equipment Product Catalogue 2010-2011.
Uploaded by airmet on 10/28/2010
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Equinox Solutions - Company Profile
Equinox Labs is a State of the Art Laboratory which specialises in Food Safety, Food Quality Monitoring, Water Quality Monitoring, Hygiene Monitoring, Air Quality Monitoring, Hygiene Tranining and Consultancy.
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Clean Air Initiative for Rio de Janeiro
This document presents the project for the modeling of the air quality in Rio de Janeiro.
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Tags: air · aria · clean air · forecast · modeling · pollution · quality · rio

Cost of emissions control technologies for LDVs
Assesses the costs of emissions control technologies required to bring light-duty vehicles up to various standards for conventional pollutant emissions in current terms, using both direct and indirect methods to account for technology changes, correct for inflation, and pull in feedback from manufacturers.
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HazMat Management Winter 2009
This award-winning quarterly magazine provides you with in-depth analysis of current issues related to environmental performance, emergency response, safety and waste management.
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Digital publication details: 64 pages.
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