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ERIC ED439598: School Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices Manual.
This manual, written in response to requirements of the Washington State legislature, focuses on practices which can be undertaken during the siting, design, construction, or renovation of a school, recommends practices to help ensure good indoor air quality during building occupancy, and suggests protocols and useful reference documents for investigating and handling indoor air quality complaints and problems. Sections cover: why indoor air needs management; the factors influencing indoor air quality; the basic strategies for good indoor air quality; the siting, designing, and constructing of schools for good indoor air quality; and the operating and maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Final sections examine air contaminant sources and control in classrooms, offices, and special use areas; and planning and management methods to maintain indoor air quality. Appendices provide the Washington State Department of Health School Indoor Air Quality Survey, and an HVAC Checklist. (GR)
Published on 01/02/2016
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Air quality
Published on 09/09/2018
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Perth Air Quality Management Plan Report Card 2010-11
The Perth AQMP, released in December 2000, was developed to improve and maintain clean air throughout the Perth metropolitan region over 30 years. This whole-of-government initiative as developed via a consultative process including key government agencies with lead roles in implementation and a range of stakeholders. The Perth AQMP outlines strategies and programs aimed at continually improving air quality and avoiding adverse health and environmental impacts. The Perth Air Quality Management Plan report card provides a summary of the management actions undertaken, an update of air quality influences and air quality data.
Published on 03/15/2015
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DTIC ADA197402: A Model Air Force Construction Quality Management System
The objective of this thesis is to develop a model quality management system for Air Force construction projects. The starting point is the Contractor Quality Control (CQC) system used by the Army and Navy to manage Air Force projects. Sub-objectives include defining the existing quality management systems used by the Army, Navy, and General Services Administration, defining quality requirements, developing a system to numerically rate and compare the quality of projects in each system and finally, combining the best elements of each into a model system. The resulting project quality rankings correlated closely with my personal impressions and traditional indicators of quality. This shows that a quality assessment system can consistently rank project quality levels. The superior quality of the military projects studied was due to the military's three phases of inspection and a well-defined, consistently applied quality assurance system. There is more potential for improving overall quality in design and the design/construction interface, than in the construction quality control system. Recommendations address design flexibility, design reviews, the design/construction interface, constructability, assessing project quality, post-occupancy inspections and recognition/accountability.
Published on 02/19/2018
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Air quality
Published on 08/05/2014
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DTIC ADA196476: Air Quality Management Alternatives: United States Air Force Firefighter Training Facilities
Air pollutant emissions from firefighter training fires are a small portion of all annual air emissions from fixed and mobile sources at an Air Force installation. However, a single practice fire burning 300 gallons of aviation fuel releases an estimated one ton of criteria air pollutants during a one to five minute period. Bases report conducting firefighter training 4 to 134 times per year, burning 100 to 2000 gallons of fuel per fire. Based on current emissions inventory methodology, 4 installations emit over 100 tons of air pollutants annually from firefighter practice fires. A research methodology utilizing questionnaires, interviews, and site visits is developed and applied. This method enabled fire prevention, and environmental management experts and professionals to provide data, opinions, and to evaluate candidate air quality management alternatives. Analysis of survey data, interview findings, opinions, and management alternative evaluations integrated with air quality management indexes developed through this research lead to the study conclusions and recommendations. Implications for future policy and actions include recommendations to improve recording and reporting data via Facility Use and Firefighter Training Indexes. If adopted, the policy and actions would result in a more efficient and standardized firefighter training program Air Force-wide. Further research is needed to verify air emission factors, and to determine concentrations of PAH emissions in smoke and fugitive soot particles.
Published on 02/19/2018
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Environmental protection : improving air quality: a discussion paper on air quality standards and management [consultation paper]
Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. 1 A full bibliographic record is available from the University of Southampton Library catalogue .
Published on 11/21/2015
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Criteria for reducing compliance-based air quality monitoring requirements for zonal air quality management in Alberta
Published on 04/14/2015
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Indoor air quality
Published on 01/03/2019
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Protecting Earth's air quality
Published on 01/22/2019
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