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Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy
CBK: Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy 2005-2008
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Farmer and Lender Project: Strategies to Sustain Agriculture and Enhance Rural Development in NC
December 2006. The Farmer and Lender Project report examines the barriers to agricultural finance in North Carolina, and looks toward a system of debt finance that allows lenders to work with innovative farmers. The challenges in the current system are discussed, barriers are defined, and recommendation is made for a pilot-project to address the problems.
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Structural Transformation and Rural Change Revisited
This book makes a compelling case for reintegrating structural issues into agricultural and rural development policies, which have for the last 30 years over-focused on short-term issues. It shows how the liberalization of agriculture in many late developing countries has not in fact led to the development of the vibrant rural non-farm economy so often discussed in the literature. Neither has it led to a large-scale integration of agricultural producers into the global economy. Most producers remain engaged in traditional crops—mainly staples—and in traditional marketing systems characterized by limited contractualization. Yet in spite of these observations the book draws optimistic conclusions: there are a clear set of policy priorities that, if adapted to individual country contexts, can facilitate an enduring and productive rural transformation.
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Priorities and Strategies in Rural Poverty Reduction: Experiences from Latin America and Asia
This publication is part of a series of books on comparative best practices in social development between Latin America and the Caribbean and East Asia undertaken by the Institute for Social Development (INDES) and the Japan Program of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). INDES is both a training institute and a forum for the exchange of knowledge; its main goal is to build capacity among decision makers and managers of social programs to improve the impact of economic and social policies in promoting human development and equitable growth in Latin America. The Japan Program established by the IDB and the Government of Japan in 1999, aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and development experience between Japan and the rest of Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The papers included in this volume were discussed at the conference "Priorities and Strategies in Rural Poverty Reduction: Experiences from Latin America and East Asia".
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World Bank Publications Agricultural and Rural Development Series
With this series, the World Bank highlights and addresses issues important to both agricultural and rural development, ranging from agribusiness, rural infrastructure, health, and education, to the institutions that serve rural people.
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Enhancing the Impact of Public Support to Agriculture and Rural Sectors
Much has been achieved in recent years, especially by the Federal government, in promoting polices that will underpin in a sustainable manner the development of Russia ’s agricultural and rural sectors. This report is designed to build on these achievements and to support the further reforms that are necessary.
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Gender and Governance in Rural Services
The book “Gender and Governance in Rural Services: Insights from India, Ghana and Ethiopia” provides policy-relevant knowledge on strategies to improve agricultural and rural service delivery with a focus on providing more equitable access to these services, especially for women.
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Food, Agriculture and Development 2012
A collection of current and recent World Bank titles, as well as bestsellers on food, agriculture, and rural development.
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Growth and Productivity in Agriculture and Agribusiness
This evaluation assesses the WBG’s lending and nonlending activities in agriculture and agribusiness from FY1998 to FY2008, and covers both the World Bank and IFC.
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Development of Rural Economies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Poverty has a high social cost for countries of the region: it negatively affects all aspects of society because of migration to the cities, destabilizing political consequences, and the pressures that poverty exerts on the environment. This book looks for new ways to alleviate rural poverty, particularly through economic investments, and offers new perspectives on sustainable rural development and interventions at the local level.
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