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GAPPS3 ExampleFull Report
An example fullreport from the powerful GAPPS leadership assessment.
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Pooch Scoop December 2010
The Springwood District Dog Club's monthly newsletter.
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UKs largest Horse show
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Pooch Scoop August 2012
The Springwood District Dog Club's monthly newsletter; August edition.
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An Accurate, Agile and Stable Traffic Rate EstimationTechnique for TCP Traffic
Traffic rate estimation is an integral part of many high speed network services and components. Algorithms suchas traffic conditioning, scheduling and admission control aredependent on accurate rate estimation. Several rateestimation techniques have been proposed however, theinherent bursty nature of Internet traffic, especially TCPtraffic, does not allow for easy rate estimation. Short termchanges may obscure output results or a change in traffic ratemay not always be detected. Thus estimators may not alwayspossess ideal characteristics of agility, stability and accuracy.As agility and stability are inter-dependent a single rateestimator cannot always be configured to be both agile andstable. In this paper a rate estimation technique is proposedthat uses two rate estimation techniques to configure an agileestimator in measuring the actual changes of traffic in a timelymanner as well as a stable one in ignoring short term variationsof traffic.
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Newsletter Dec 2009
December newsletter
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Newsletter March 2011
Stour Valley Agility Club Newsletter March 2011
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Newsletter march 2010
March Newsletter
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The workplace of the future
What will the workplace of the future look like? 8 out of 10 leaders see significant workplace change ahead, yet the gap between expected change and the ability to manage it has tripled since 2006. This report by JB Associates, presents findings related to various attributes of the Workplace of the Future. It draws on the rich insights from business leaders through statistical and financial analyses as well as the voices of business leaders themselves. Each chapter concludes with some implications and thoughts about how organisations can move toward a Workplace of the Future.
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Pooch Scoop Christmas 2010
The Springwood District Dog Training Club's monthly newsletter.
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