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Dog Agility Training
Dogs on trains.The simple fact is that dogs are naturally gifted athletes by their very nature. Most dogs have very muscular bodies in proportion to their weight. Because of this they are able to run very fast, jump high (you ought to see Mandy, our German Sheppard), and perform many types of spectacular stunts. The fact is, however, that dog agility training involves more than just training a dog to run or jump.
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risco Agility wireless security system
Agility wireless security system 2 way communication, door sensor and ir detector wireless
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Webinar: How Duke Energy Significantly Improved Business Agility
In this webinar, we will see how Duke Energy, a Fortune 500 company, has benefited from a holistic Test Data Management Strategy and learn best practices on how to improve operational inefficiencies and improve business agility.
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The Sysdoc Way : Agility in Action
Agilty in Action - a presentation from Sysdoc
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Lean IT Transformation - Cloud Adoption for achieving Business Agility
"Organizations have made huge investments in IT infrastructure and are continuously spending on maintenance, upgrades and related administration & management. Lean IT Transformation is an approach for creating new cost-effective, agile and flexible IT service models by switching from company-owned IT hardware, software & services to per-use based models. It leverages the latest trends in cloud computing technology and next generation SaaS business models. This approach will help organizations to significantly reduce total cost of ownership, help achieve desired business agility and guarantee quality-of-service through new IT service models. We will illustrate the cost-benefit analysis of lean IT transformation approach in Enterprise Collaboration scenario. Read on to know how Lean IT Transformation is a high level approach for next generation IT services suitable for organizations of any size."
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Enhanced Agility for Competent Software Development
Software research and development is a vital function and it requires collaboration of high intensities and transparency to enable the team to work cohesively and in alignment with the business objectives.
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Building Top of the Class Agility for Higher Education
Learn how Oklahoma Christian University saved $31,000 and facilitated shared services in under two years through an innovative ECM approach.
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Newsletter Dec 2010
Stour Valley Agility Club Newsletter Dec 2010
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This is our 10th issue. In this issue you will find a special intereview with Teemu Linna Total Agility Methods , disc dog in Finland with Eva Grönblad-Saksela , all about the Nordic HTM & Freestyle Championship with Emmy Simonsen , Leena Inkilä and Sini Erikssson, interview with Claus Angerer and a lot info about the CRUFTS 2013
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Newsletter June 2011
Newsletter June 2011
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