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Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness, 3E
The ultimate training resource for athletes and coaches includes more than 262 exercises and drills, programming, and exclusive access to online video library. Assessments provide parameters for individual programs and sport-specific training.
Published by Human Kinetics on 11/13/2014
Book details: 312 pages.

Emotional Agility
"The counterintuitive approach to achieving your true potential, heralded by the Harvard Business Review as a groundbreaking idea of the year"--
Published by Penguin on 06/25/2019
Book details: 274 pages.

Insider secrets to competing-and winning-in the tech-savvy marketplace The new generation of technology savvy workers is changing the way we look at productivity. Agility uniquely describes how technology agility impacts your business's performance and can become a critical success factor. A must-read for leaders defining business strategy and technology implementation, the methodology it describes will show how to measure and drive technology adoption and the derived impact on business results. Includes international cases of various industries, from industry leaders Incorporates the ideas of flexibility, balance, adaptability, and coordination under one umbrella Uniquely describes how technology agility impacts business performance What differentiates Audi, BMW and Mercedes or GM? Understanding it can make or break the future of an organization. Agility makes it clear: the digital divide will be seen in those who take full advantage of the technology versus those merely have it.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 06/29/2010
Book details: 240 pages.

The Agility Factor
A research-based approach to achieving long-term profitabilityin business What does it take to guarantee success and profitability overtime? Authors Christopher G. Worley, a senior research scientist,Thomas D. Williams, an executive advisor, and Edward E. Lawler III,one of the country's leading management experts, set out to findthe answer. In The Agility Factor: Building AdaptableOrganizations for Superior Performance the authors reveal thefactors that drive long-term profitability based on the practicesof successful companies that have consistently outperformed theirpeers. Of the 234 large companies across 18 industries that werestudied, there were few companies that delivered sustainedperformance across the board. The authors found that acrossindustries, the most successful companies were not the "usualsuspects" found in the media, but companies who possessed a quietagility that allowed them to quickly perceive and respond tochanges so that they could continue to grow. Agility givesorganizations the ability to adapt to fluctuations in theenvironment, test possible responses, and implement changesquickly. This book offers specific, research-based case studies tohelp organizational leaders use agility to achieve sustainedprofitability and performance while also becoming more adaptable toa changing marketplace. For executives, leaders, consultants, board members and allthose responsible for the long-term health of organizations, thisinsightful guide outlines: The components of agility for business organizations How to successfully build agility within an organization How agility has its foundation in good managementpractices How to use agility to gain a competitive advantage in themarketplace
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 07/22/2014
Book details: 208 pages.

Agility by ARIS Business Process Management
This book explores the Business Process Management cycle in theory and practice, from the technical as well as the business point of view. Both the ARIS Platform and the methodical approach of ARIS Value Engineering (AVE) are referred to in detail. More than half of the articles are case studies. The book offers valuable ideas to companies on how to optimize their own business processes and thus become more competitive.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 08/11/2006
Book details: 282 pages.

Transformation to Agility
First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Author: Jeffrey Amos
Published by Routledge on 06/03/2014
Book details: 320 pages.

Leadership Agility
Provides practical advice and guidance to show managers and leadership development professionals how they can bring greater agility to their everyday initiatives through five levels of leadership agility development.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 06/25/2019
Book details: 322 pages.

Flatwork: Foundation for Agility isn’t about the obstacles; it’s about what happens between the obstacles. Your dog spends more time between the obstacles running with you on the flat than he does performing the obstacles. It’s on the flat, after all, that you set up your dog’s approach to the next obstacle. It’s on the flat where you as handler do most of your job guiding the dog. Performing flatwork successfully requires excellent communication between dog and handler. Flatwork: Foundation for Agility is also about developing a communication system with your dog as you teach him each agility maneuver without the distraction of obstacles. As you follow this training program, you will develop a set of cues and movements that indi¬cate specific behaviors to the dog, and you will become aware of exactly what your body is really “saying” to your dog. Flatwork is your agility foundation, teaching you how to handle and how to make all your body language clear, consistent, coherent, and timely while also teaching your dog how to take direction and stay with you on course.
Published by Dogwise Publishing on 12/11/2018
Book details: 79 pages.

Agility Training for You and Your Dog
Based on the positive training methods of Ali Canova and Joe Canova, two of the top agility competitors in America, this book will get you and your dog started in agility training. This author makes it easy with her step-by-step approach, footing diagrams and course illustrations, and beautiful full-color ­photographs. The unique method from proven champions strengthens the connection between any dog and his owner, and success is guaranteed for any breed, from miniature poodle to border collie. Every step has a specific drill that improves fitness and shapes behavior. Whether you want to compete on an agility team or simply have fun in your back yard, this is the only guide you'll need for a lifetime of satisfaction.
Published by Rowman & Littlefield on 09/16/2008
Book details: 256 pages.

Coordination, Agility, and Speed Training for Soccer
This book provides drills accompanied by useful tips and understandable instructions with easy to follow diagrams. Sections include: Practical Warm Ups, Drills with the Ball, Drills with Rods and Cones, Running Technique, Plyometric Exercises and more.
Published by Reedswain Inc. on 06/25/2019
Book details: 136 pages.
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