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Respond Effectively To Change With Agile Methodology
The Agile methodology or agile software development is a series of software methodologies that is based on incremental and iterative development, where solutions and requirements evolve through collaboration between the cross-functional and self-f-organizing groups.
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Making Agile Methodology Work For Your Company
Software development is a field that has been undergoing constant change and innovation. Perhaps the most visible change in software process thinking that has come up in the last few years is the emergence of the word “agile”.
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Applying Agile Methodology In The Release Management Process
Software and IT teams working on agile software development attach a great importance on working with software than artifacts. Any aspect of the release plan is incomplete till the time you are able to display it to your end user, preferably in a shippable state.
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Agile Methodology – Best In a Distributed Development Environment
Agile methodologies help manage application development distributed among various teams in a quick and efficient manner. There are a number of conventional project teams that run into trouble when they define all of the requirements up front.
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Agile development and Test Automation
Most development is moving the agile way, when it comes to product development and it does make sense. Considering the previous statement is true, you have to be wary about the automation tool that you use, for most traditional tools would fail in an agile environment. Some of the reasons are, you cannot test last in an agile environment; scripts developed using proprietary tool vendor languages become unmaintainable; and installing them on every workstation becomes prohibitively expensive.
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Making the most of Agile Lifecycle Management Methodology
For your team to experience agile lifecycle management, it is crucial to balance simplicity with feature richness. However, a feature based comparative analysis is crucial to your growth and expansion. It is also important to consider the essential business factors that might impact the long-term success.
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Agile Testing, Methodology, Lifecycle & Processes
Agile testing has to work with the Agile lifecycle and processes adopted by your team. For example, if you adopt the Scrum methodology, that means you will have to conduct your testing within the Sprint cycles. Agile is about incremental development. So small pieces of functionality are delivered during each iteration. The challenge here is to ensure that new functionality does not break existing functionality. The typically shorter iteration duration of Agile methodology makes this more demanding.
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Internationalizing and Localizing Complex Software Systems in an Agile Environment
In this webinar, Yuka Kurihara, Director of Localization at Pitney Bowes, joins Adam Asnes and Olivier Libouban of Lingoport, and Adam Blau of Milengo to highlight strategies and examples for effectively implementing software globalization efforts within Agile.
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Kovair Agile Solution Overview
Kovair Agile Solution is an implementation of Agile based on SCRUM methodology using Kovair Platform. Kovair has extended SCRUM methodology to implement various tools necessary to implement Agile in a distributed development scenario.
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Coaching Agile Teams
Coaching Agile Teams
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