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Art Action Case Study: Colombian & African Dance & Drumming
Case study educational art resource about a youth african and colombian dance and drumming project
Uploaded by mayfieldarts on 02/09/2011
Digital publication details: 3 pages.
Tags: youth · community · mural · art · action · education

Art Action Case Study: African Dance and Drumming
Education art resource about an AFrican drumming and dance project in Colombia.
Uploaded by mayfieldarts on 02/09/2011
Digital publication details: 3 pages.
Tags: community · education · art · mural · youth · action

Rendez Vous en Asie Magazine September Issue
"Rendez Vous en Asie the Magazine" is a free monthly cultural exchange Magazine, launched by Prestige Select Entertainment in the fram of the Project Rendez-Vous en Asie. This "Magazine" has goal, the promotion of African and Caribbean culture in Asia through Art, Music and Fashion. Edited in Tokyo by a pluricultural team of writers, "Rendez Vous en Asie Magazine" is reflecting the philosophy of the project "Rendez Vous en Asie".
Uploaded by rvamagazine on 12/26/2011
Digital publication details: 36 pages.

RockMeAfrica Magazine - Volume 1 Issue 9
RockMeAfrica is a prime magazine printed and distributed by RockMeAfrica Media Services LLC. Our primary objective is to promote African culture and heritage and offer a platform to encourage relationships; foster goodwill and promote awareness of pressing African issues in the diaspora. We aim to educate and engage our readers to actively participate in the coalition to rebuild and restore the African image globally
Uploaded by rockmeafrica on 08/21/2012
Digital publication details: 40 pages.

CD Magazine #9
Dance families - Gabrielle Roth/Jonathan Horan, The Molongas, Suhaila Salimpour. Gathering Potential - Connecting the holidays with movement, Cave Concerts and the sounds of the Hang, Chocolate Rapture, Top Toasts, Paint Dancing, Debbie Rosas, Chakra Balancing, Movement Menu listings...
Uploaded by consciousdancer on 01/03/2010
Digital publication details: 48 pages.

This special edition of Hotfoot magazine commemorates the 15th anniversary of the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD). ADAD was born out of the vision of a small collective of dance artists who wanted to move their art form from the margins to the mainstream of the British cultural landscape. Since its inception in 1994, ADAD has grown into a leading national dance organization and our unique expertise is now sought by national and international cultural institutions. This magazine contains information about what’s going on within the world of dance and the unique stories told by artist apart of the Diaspora.
Uploaded by adaddance on 09/14/2010
Digital publication details: 24 pages.

Wire Magazine Issue #07, 2013: The Beautiful Men of Alvin Ailey Dance Theater
Unifying the work of one’s mind, body and spirit simultaneously, modern dance uses the body as an instrument of self-expression and prodigious emotion – glorifying “line, interdependence of bodies and the balance of the visual sculpture.” At the turn of each century, modern dance has evolved into a spectrum of revolutionary works created by visionary and creative artists. Alvin Ailey, a pioneer in modern dance, formed the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in 1958, revolutionizing “African-American participation in 20th century concert dance.” The company, under the direction of Ailey, began with a group of young African-American modern dancers with a vision to change the perception of American dance.
Uploaded by wiremagazine on 02/13/2013
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In this Issue we feature Togolese born Soccer superstar Adebayor who is now on loan to Real Madrid. Brazil's Ronaldo walks away from the game. Turmoil and revolution has engulfed North Africa we take a look at the impact of these political and social issues on sports.
Uploaded by lesliepkoroma on 02/28/2011
Digital publication details: 112 pages.

Rendez Vous en Asie "Magazine"November Issue
Dear readers, This is your November Issue of the "Rendez Vous en Asie the Magazine", Inside this Gold Edition, special interview of Half japanese and African...
Uploaded by rvamagazine on 12/26/2011
Digital publication details: 36 pages.

Gye Nyame Newsletter Vol. 1 December 2011
Keep Africanism In African Culture by Doris Green The Ethical Aspects of Akan Governmental Systems by Nana Kofi Asinor Boakye The Long Walk Towards Freedomby Patrick Gorham Lanfia Toure Nana Okomfohemaa Akua Oparebea - Larteh Kubease Traditional Beliefby Ohemaa Afua Alice Dinizulu
Uploaded by dinizulu on 12/16/2011
Digital publication details: 16 pages.
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