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Advocacy Guide: Tools and Tips
The Advocacy Guide is a self-directed learning resource designed for first-time advocates. This basic guide to advocacy includes key information and concepts to build your skills and knowledge and tips and exercises to apply your learning in practical ways. The guide will help you become an effective advocate for your museum and community. If you are already doing advocacy this guide will provide you with new ideas, inspiration, and tools to enhance your advocacy. 122 pgs; 2010
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Introducing the Ignatian Advocacy Network
This booklet aims at familiarizing readers with the new advocacy network of networks of the Society of Jesus. As the network (and its five networks) are in the process of being created, it is a preliminary publication, a milestone on a long road. Your feedback is welcome!
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Special Education Advocacy for Parents
Learn effective special education advocacy for your child with learning disabilities.
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UT Advocacy Brochure
University of Tennessee Government Relations Guidelines
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From Product to Promise - Advancing Rectal Microbicide Research and Advocacy
IRMA's new report, From Product to Promise - Advancing Rectal Microbicide Research and Advocacy, officially released at the Microbicides 2010 conference in Pittsburgh on May 23, 2010, provides an overview of the maturing rectal microbicide field, updates the resource tracking exercise IRMA last conducted in 2006, and lays out global advocacy goals and objectives.
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Make it work: Six steps to effective LGBT human rights advocacy
Beth Fernandez, ILGA-Europe’s Programmes & Policy Officer, who oversees the PRECIS project and edited the manual, said: “We hope that the manual will inspire our members and other activists to try new methods, diversify their advocacy and campaigning techniques and eventually improve their advocacy. The manual is a publication which brings together knowledge and expertise from a range of activists, organisations and environments and as such is a valuable ‘codification’ of knowledge which today’s activists should find valuable. It is also an assurance that this knowledge will be passed to and built on by the next generation of activists. We sincerely hope that Make It Work will be a valuable addition to ILGA-Europe capacity development work and will contribute towards further social and legal changes across Europe.” (from ILGA-Europe's web site)
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ILSHRM Advocacy Brochure 2012
In the past several years, ILSHRM has strived to assist HR professionals to stay on top of the forever changing employment law at the state level with an annual conference. In 2011, our focus started to shift with introducing the importance of advocacy. We will continue to provide you with the latest trends and changes in employment law however, we will be focusing many of our efforts towards advocacy. As an advocate for the HR community, it is important that you keep your elected officials informed on how public policy issues can affect employees, employers, and the HR profession as a whole.
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Advocacy at Stetson Law
An overview of advocacy programs at Stetson Law, covering the pretrial/ADR, trial and appellate stages of advocacy.
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Advocacy Glossary
What is advocacy anyway? Check out this glossary full of some of the most commonly used terminology in advocacy.
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Fundraiser Companies: Fundraiser Companies Use Nonprofit Advocacy to Mobilize Constituents
Fundraiser companies have long used the power of advocacy to help advance the nonprofit causes. In the broadest sense, advocacy in the nonprofit world refers to citizens influencing public policy. Visit us at or call 623-687-3908 for more information about Fundraiser Companies.
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