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Learning for Change in ADB
The rapidly changing–and, at times, excessively complex–nature of development work demands diverse competences from aid agencies such as ADB. The learning challenges these present require the ability to work more reflectively in a turbulent practice environment. This publication broadly defines a learning organization as a collective undertaking, rooted in action, that builds and improves its own practice by consciously and continually devising and developing the means to draw learning from its own (and others') experience. It identifies the 10 challenges that ADB must overcome to develop as a learning organization and specifies practicable next steps to conquer each. It can help deliver the increased development effectiveness that Strategy 2020, ADB's long-term strategic framework for 2008–2020, seeks.
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ADB Sustainable Development Timeline
Sustainable development, as defined by the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987, is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The pursuit of sustainable development is a balancing act: it requires the implementation of policies, strategies, programs, and projects that treat environment and development as a single issue; it also demands changes in the mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors of stakeholders. ADB promotes sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. Many milestones have marked the journey. This evolving timeline catalogs major sector and thematic landmarks in ADB’s operations since 1966.
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Bringing Water to the Poor: Selected ADB Case Studies
Bringing Water to the Poor - Selected ADB Case Studies presents 12 cases that give an overview of the types of poverty reduction projects the Asian Development Bank is either currently engaged in or has recently undertaken in the water sector in its Developing Member Countries, from water supply and sanitation to irrigation and drought relief. They help demonstrate ADB's commitment to help further global efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals for water and sanitation. This publication is no. 8 in the Water for All publication series.
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ADB: Reflections and Beyond
In 2009, ADB interviewed senior and younger personnel, both past and present, on their struggles and triumphs in ADB, working for the development of Asia and the Pacific region, and ADB's evolution as an institution. ADB: Reflections and Beyond captures their memories and experiences and provides a very personal and human perspective on dealing with the challenges of the development world. Interspersed with the critical elements of ADB work—from project formulation to making tricky judgment calls—are also the interviewees' recollections of past and present colleagues, first days at ADB, friendships forged, and more.
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Learning Lessons in ADB
This publication sets the stage for regular annual knowledge audits for systematic identification and analysis of knowledge needs, products and services, gaps, flows, uses, and users from the perspective of learning lessons. In the Operations Evaluation Department of ADB, it also permits formulation of annual business plans to deliver outputs steadily against each interface.
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ADB | #006 | Aspects
ADB | # 006 brings together eight articles in three languages around the topic "aspects of art production outside museum spaces". The texts all treat the subject in very different ways. ADB | #006 vereint acht Textbeiträge zum Thema "Aspekte der Kunstproduktion ausserhalb musealer Räume". Sie nähern sich auf sehr unterschiedliche Weise der Thematik an und schaffen ein breites Spektrum an anregenden Gedanken.
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ADB Airfield Solutions Business Brochure - Africa Outlook Issue 2
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ADB meet 2013 logo
guidelines for ADB meet 2013
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ADB Resources for Communities of Practice: Creating Value through Knowledge Networks
This tool kit makes available to communities of practice, both ADB-hosted and external to it, a select set of resources in the areas of strategy development, management techniques, collaboration mechanisms, knowledge sharing and learning, and knowledge capture and storage.
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ADB Knowledge Solutions: Conducting Peer Assistance
ADB Knowledge Solution document
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