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Adaptive learning environments and e-Learning standards
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Online adaptive learning system for reconfigurable machine tool
Online adaptive learning system for reconfigurable machine tool
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A Primer on Organizational Learning
Organizational learning is the ability of an organization to gain insight and understanding from experience through experimentation, observation, analysis, and a willingness to examine successes and failures. There are two key notions: organizations learn through individuals who act as agents for them; at the same time, individual learning in organizations is facilitated or constrained by its learning system.
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MATHEMA: A Learner-controlled Adaptive Educational Hypermedia System This paper describes the innovative, adaptive and intelligent techniques, supported by the Web-based adaptive educational hypermedia system called MATHEMA. The supported techniques by the AEHS MATHEMA are the following: curriculum sequencing, adaptive presentation, adaptive and meta-adaptive navigation support, interactive problem solving support, and adaptive group formation.
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Adaptive Curriculum 21st Century and STEM Learning at Kihei Charter School - Kihei Charter School in Hawaii brought in CCS Presentation Systems partner Adaptive Curriculum into their unique innovative 21st century STEM school where the kids learn in class 4 days a week and virtual assignments from home on Fridays. The teachers select a few Adaptive Curriculum Activity Objects to support the standard they are teaching that week and assign them to the students to be completed at home by the end of the week. Adaptive Curriculum helps the students learn independent problem solving & about taking on responsibility as well as working remotely.
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Use of Adaptive Study Material in Education in E-learning Environment
Abstract: Personalised education is a topical matter today and the impact of ICT on education has been covered extensively. The adaptation of education to various types of student is an issue of a vast number of papers presented at diverse conferences. Th e topic incorporates the fields of information technologies and eLearning, but in no small part also the field of pedagogy. By interconnecting eLearning with the requirement for personalized education, we obtain a new term automatic adaptive learning. W e asked ourselves a question if the process of automatic adaptive learning (i.e. going through the electronic study course which suits student s preferences and learning style) can be modeled. The optimal adaptive process will respect students differen ces based on determined learning styles and with regard to their knowledge and skills as changed during the course. On the basis of identification of their personal characteristics and qualities, students will be presented...
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Dimensions of the Learning Organization
Organizational learning is still seeking a theory and there can be no (and perhaps cannot be) agreement on the dimensions of the learning organization. However, useful models associated with learning and change can be leveraged individually or in association to reflect on the overall system of an organization.
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Design Framework for an Adaptive MOOC Enhanced by Blended Learning: Supplementary Training and...
Abstract: The research project has developed a design framework for an adaptive MOOC that complements the MOOC format with blended learning. The design framework consists of a design model and a series of learning design principles which can be used to d esign in-service courses for teacher professional development. The framework has been evaluated by alpha-testing and beta-testing, and the relationship between design principles and the intended, the implemented and the attained designs has been analyzed. The project is methodologically inspired by Design Based Research.
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Implementing Adaptive Clinical Trials
Presentation of the webinar on adaptive clinical trials conducted on November 16th 2011, by Clinovo.
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Development of Robust Adaptive Inversemodels using Bacterial Foraging Optimization
Adaptive inverse models find applications in communication and magnetic channel equalization, recovery of digital data and adaptive linearization of sensor characteristics. In presence of outliers in the training signal, the model accuracy is severely reduced. In this paper three robust inverse models are developed by recursively minimizing robust norms using BFO based learning rule. The performance of these models is assesses through simulation study and is compared with those obtained by standard squared norm based models. It is in general, observed that the Wilcoxon norm based model provides best performance. Moreover the squared error based model is observed to perform the worst.
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