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Digital Activism Decoded (Official)
Citizens around the world are using digital technologies to push for social and political change. Yet, while stories have been published, discussed, extolled, and derided, the underlying mechanics of digital activism are little understood. This new field, its dynamics, practices, misconceptions, and possible futures are presented together for the first time in Digital Activism Decoded.
Uploaded by holographicsociety on 07/05/2010
Digital publication details: 240 pages.

Internet invites international activism
Here is an article published in a spring 2009 edition of the Agnes Scott College newspaper, The Profile, on the subject of internet activism. Yay!
Uploaded by gidahammami on 05/02/2009
Digital publication details: 1 pages.

A is for Action: A glossary for art and activism
An A-Z of arts activism produced as part of Interference, a weeklong series of collaborative workshops, actions and events exploring art and activism at Artsadmin.
Uploaded by artsadmin on 08/10/2010
Digital publication details: 44 pages.

Islamic Activism
Islamic Activism
Uploaded by cpsglobal on 01/21/2013
Digital publication details: 31 pages.
Tags: activism · islamic

Peace Dialogue's Annual Review 2011-2012 (in Armenian)
Uploaded by peacedialogue on 03/17/2013
Digital publication details: 38 pages.

Women Transforming Peace Activism in the Fierce New World South and Southeast Asia
In 2009, DAWN began a process of exploring women’s activism and agency in times of conflict and transition through a series of self-reflective case studies written by feminists in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. The project was conceptualized initially within DAWN under its Political Restructuring and Social Transformation (PRST) Research Program and further developed with the generous support of several women collaborators of our network from the South and Southeast Asian regions.
Uploaded by dawn2012 on 03/28/2012
Digital publication details: 189 pages.

Workbook for Activism
For this workbook, we chose to focus on the failures of moving from activism to action, seeking to understand procedural breakdown and its causes.
Uploaded by mengyaozhao on 05/23/2012
Digital publication details: 61 pages.

IGLYO on... Global Activism - May 2009
This issue presents a selection of articles from all over the world. All these articlesshave been written by young activists, contributing their thoughts on how LGBTQ activism works in their region.
Uploaded by iglyo on 09/15/2009
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

Riga's (also Latvian) spatial planning and community activism
Seminar about Riga's (also Latvian) spatial planning and community activism. Presentation on 1st of December 2010 in Linnalabor. Made by Margarita from University of Latvia, student of spatial development planning.
Uploaded by linnalabor on 12/20/2010
Digital publication details: 31 pages.

Social Media Activism
Any thing which contributes to a social cause using social media sites is called social media activism.
Uploaded by amitsaxena2 on 10/15/2011
Digital publication details: 2 pages.
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