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Beyond Practical Dilemmas and Conceptual Reductionism:
the Emergence of an Accommodative Consciousness in the Alternative Globalization Movement This paper attempts to show the emergence of a new ideological trend within the global field of resistance against the corporate-led globalization. This ideological trend, coined here the alter-globalization trend, is ideal-typically constructed in terms of its associated mode of social thought. emergence of intellectual demands for transcending contradictions that are rooted in the post-1970s disputes between modernist and post-modernist, and materialist and post-materialist thoughts.
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Error, Crisis and Social Learning
CONTENTS 1. Error and Ecological Literacy Epistemological Error Ecological Literacy / Critical Ecological Literacy2. Communications Failures Denial as a Natural Defense Mechanism Value - Action Gap3. The Women’s Movement and Transformative Learning Transformation Learning Sterling’s ‘Learning Levels’3. Paulo Friere, Critical Pedagogy and Ecopedagogy Critical Consciousness Action and Intervention 4. Shattering Denial and Innerism Acknowledgement & Presencing Intervention & Action5. New Tactics for Radical Education Crisis as Space for Intervention
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Volume 16_Issue 5
A European Outlook on the World of Ophthalmology
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A Yogi's autobiography
Paramahansa yogananda life history
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PPCC Catalog 2010-2011
PPCC Catalog 2010-2011
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Holistic Medicine Dr. Shrininwas Kashalikar
Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar’s bestseller on holistic medicine i.e. study, practice and training; in unity and complementarity of different disciplines of healing; is a blessing to mankind; benefiting millions!
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Cultural diversity and indigenous peoples' land claims. Argumentative dynamics.
The present study is divided in two differentiable but conceptually interrelated sections. The first section focuses on the assessment of the argumentative logic behind the multiculturalist proposal for equally divided societies, among equal ethno-cultural groups. A critical review of multiculturalist discourses shows that its justification lies on the dogmatic assumption of the equal worth or dignity of cultures, which is ontologically incorrect. Instead, this study proposes a new approach focused on the equal functional value of each culture vis-à-vis the individuals. The second section focuses on the specific case of indigenous peoples from both a theoretical and jurisprudential point of view. Through the deconstruction of the notion of indigenous peoples, the author arrives at the conclusion that is the special relationship with their traditional lands the main objective characteristic that sustains their claims for cultural distinctiveness and differential legal treatment.
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Sarasvati lingua franca, mleccha
Substrate language of all Bharatiya languages. Mleccha was used by mine workers, metal workers to denote the repertoire of a smithy, mint.
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