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A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences

If you are in charge of the user experience, development, or strategy for a web site, A Web for Everyone will help you make your site accessible without sacrificing design or innovation. Rooted in universal design principles, this book provides solutions: practical advice and examples of how to create sites that everyone can use.
Published by: Rosenfeld Media | Publication date: 01/15/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 288 pages

Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement (Voices That Matter)

Building an elegant, functional website requires more than just knowing how to code. In Adaptive Web Design, Second Edition, you’ll learn how to use progressive enhancement to build websites that work anywhere, won’t break, are accessible by anyone—on any device—and are designed to work well into the future. This new edition of Adaptive Web Design frames even more of the web design process in the lens of progressive enhancement. You will learn how content strategy, UX, HTML, CSS, responsive web design, JavaScript, server-side programming, and performance optimization all come together in the service of users on whatever device they happen to use to access the web. Understanding progressive enhancement will make you a better web professional, whether you’re a content strategist, information architect, UX designer, visual designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, or project manager. It will enable you to visualize experience as a continuum and craft interfaces that are capable of reaching more users while simultaneously costing less money to develop. When you’ve mastered the tenets and concepts of this book, you will see the web in a whole new way and gain web design superpowers that will make you invaluable to your employer, clients, and the web as a whole. Visit http://adaptivewebdesign.info to learn more.
Published by: New Riders | Publication date: 11/21/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 266 pages

Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web (Voices That Matter)

New devices and platforms emerge daily. Browsers iterate at a remarkable pace. Faced with this volatile landscape we can either struggle for control or we can embrace the inherent flexibility of the web.   Responsive design is not just another technique–it is the beginning of the maturation of a medium and a fundamental shift in the way we think about the web.   Implementing Responsive Design is a practical examination of how this fundamental shift affects the way we design and build our sites. Readers will learn how to:
  • Build responsive sites using a combination of fluid layouts, media queries, and fluid media
  • Adopt a responsive workflow from the very start of a project
  • Enhance content for different devices
  • Use feature-detection and server-side enhancement to provide a richer experience
Author: Tim Kadlec
Published by: New Riders | Publication date: 07/30/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 283 pages

Horror Society Stories Volume 1

"Come into our society. We promise, you won't want to leave.Every town across the globe has a horrific tale, whether it is current news or folklore passed down generation to generation. These stories shock and dismay the residents of these communities, leaving them afraid to turn off the lights and go to sleep. The average person tries their best to forget about the darkest evil that lurks outside, in the abandoned building down the street, and in the depths of their own imagination.We, on the other hand, invite the darkness. For this is our community, our Horror Society, where your neighbor has more than secrets buried in the back yard. Where blood curdling screams replace friendly banter. Where the terror that awaits you is far worse than you originally thought. And you will never know which breath will be your last."Horror Society Stories Volume 1 is an anthology book of short stories, hand picked by Michael DeFellipo after a world wide call for entries. Ten terrifying tales pieced together to make one Hell of a crazy, blood splattering read!Barbie Wilde, author of The Venus Complex calls it, "A tasty cocktail of horror that will keep you glued to the page."Horror Society Stories Volume 1 was published by Shillow Productions in association with Horror Society and CreateSpace. HorrorSociety.com is an award winning, world recognized website specializing in independent horror culture. The site is ran by Mitchell D. Wells, with Michael DeFellipo and other contributors.