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AA Route Planner - The only real Strategy to Get Around

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AA Book: Projects Review 2011

Projects Review offers an overview of the AA’s 2010/11 academic year. Accompanying the school’s end-of-year show, the book features hundreds of drawings, models, installations, photographs and other materials documenting the world’s most international and experimental school of architecture. The work of the AA’s 600+ full-time students ranges from small-scale studies and drawings to large 1:1 working prototypes, interactive media and built installations, including the annual AA summer pavilion in Bedford Square.
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Aa Zara- Murder 2

Aa Zara- Murder 2 guitar chords
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AA Agendas 10: London +10

London +10 focuses on London over the last 20 years, interpreting it as a 'live city' and speculating on the relationship between the live realm of the city and its urban fabric. In parallel to this central topic, the book includes a number of speculative projects carried out by the AA's Diploma Unit 10 that have attempted to integrate this realm into the design of alternative urban strategies. The book addresses London by means of themes such as politics, control, crime, sex, integration, events, time, infrastructure, architecture, regeneration and terrorism. These form part of the everyday experience of London and inform the concept of Direct Urbanism. In addition, a series of essays by contributors including the writer Will Self and the journalist Rowan Moore provides an overview of London, questioning and celebrating the city and generating possible scenarios for its future.
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Suplex catalogue deel 1

Suplex catalogue deel 1
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AA Book: Projects Review 2010

The AA Book: Projects Review 2010 documents the 2009/10 academic year in approximately 330 pages of full-colour. It includes commissioned texts, photo-journalism, reviews, graphics, photographs and, above all else, projects selected from all design units of the Architectural Association School of Architecture.
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AA Agendas 9: Making Pavilions

Over the past six years the students of the Architectural Association's Intermediate Unit 2 have designed and built a series of experimental pavilions. Structured to follow a year in the life of the unit, this book presents the processes of the pavilions' design and production, from concept ideas to workshop fabrication. Essays by the unit's tutors, Charles Walker and Martin Self, explain the ambitions and pedagogic basis of the programme, rooted in the idea of experiential learning. Through the voices of students, tutors and anonymous critics, both the educational validity of this innovative design-build programme and its architectural output is explored.
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EcoBlock Detroit

Elimination of dependence on natural gas for heating and cooling in economic times when pricing for natural gas continues to increase can be a substantial contribution towards neighborhood stabilization and community building. Where and what would an EcoBlock in Detroit mean for ordinary citizens?
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Suplex catalogue deel 2

Suplex catalogue deel 2
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AA Muscat Visiting School

The AA Muscat visiting school tasks included selecting a natural pattern, analyzing it and creating controlled variations of it.
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