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Empath: The Science of Highly Sensitive People – Master Your Personality, Overcome Fears and Nurture Your Gift

When recognized and nurtured, your sensitivity can be a powerful gift.Do people tell you to grow a thicker skin? Have you been labeled as ‘too sensitive’, ‘A loner’, ‘Unable to fit-in’? Do big crowds and busy places make you dizzy? Do you feel exhausted after being around too many people? Do you constantly seek quiet spaces to re-energize? Do you feel joy and pain more intensely than the rest of your friends? If you answered yes, you carry the great blessing of being an Empath. And if you find it challenging to be highly-sensitive and empathic, the first thing you need to understand is that: It is O.K. to be highly sensitive, you are not weird, you are not alone. Your sensitivity is actually a powerful gift once you recognize it for what it is.This comprehensive book starts with a Self-Assessment section to help you understand your newly discovered empathic nature. Followed by some very helpful discussions of how empathy actually affects your daily live. Finally, you’ll find some powerful techniques for protecting yourself against the overwhelming energies. All this by setting healthy boundaries and controlling your environment in a better way.There are many people out there who are highly sensitive, and the world hits them hard. The purpose of this book is to bring understanding, compassion and empathy to a world that so desperately needs it. After reading ‘Empath: The Science of Highly Sensitive People’, you’ll understand that most of the difficulties you’ve been struggling with can be attributed to your empathic nature. This book will be an ‘eye-opener’ for you.Go grab your copy now.* SPECIAL FREE BONUS INSIDE
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 12/13/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 84 pages

Anger Management: How to Control Anger, Develop Self-Control and Ultimately Master Your Emotions (Self-Help, Anger Management, Stress, Emotions, Anxiety)

‘Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.’ – Thomas S. MonsonAre you constantly feeling frustrated or irate about things that you shouldn’t? Are you always having ‘a bad day’? Are others uneasy around you? Has anger taken his toll on your relationships, on your job, on your life? You may already know that anger is the one hurting your life, but how do you fix it? Untreated Anger can take you to dangerous places; boundaries are crossed, relationships damaged, and enormous stress wreak havoc within your life. And the first thing you need to recognize is that anger is a part of life and ignoring it is not the solution. You can’t just ignore something for the rest of your life. You have to recognize it, deal with it, and put yourself in a position where it no longer controls you or your situation. And this is where this powerful manual comes handy. If you keep doing the same thing, or taking the same approaches, you will get the same results.The first section of this practical read is meant to help you get to the roots of your anger. Because understanding the WHY is always the first step. Once you recognize it, you can better deal with the WHAT to do about it. Next, this manual provides you with a set of practical tools for navigating through those inescapable emotions. And in the end, it all comes down to you. You, having the courage to step up within yourself and having the strength to walk away from anger. Not ignoring it, dealing with it. Whether you have a lot of issues with anger or just feel grumpy at times, this book will help you. Because this is not a book about anger, it’s about setting yourself free to enjoy the rest of your life.Go grab your copy now and start making some positive changes in your life!* SPECIAL FREE BONUS INSIDE
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 09/08/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 52 pages

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY: Regaining Control over Anxiety and Depression

‘If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place’ – Lao TzuAre you struggling with anxiety and depression? Do you feel therapy is not enough? Do you need some help to stay on track after therapy? Are you struggling with negative emotions, negative thinking or worry? Do you know you need some changes in your life, but don’t know where to start?Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has proven to be one of the most effective forms of therapy and it’s been highly recommended for managing depression, anxiety, worry and other common issues. If you are already using CBT, or if you’re new to it and need a fine introduction to its great benefits and life-changing strategies, this book is for you. This comprehensive read delivers a simplified approach to learning the most essential parts of CBT, replacing the long technical language with quick and highly accessible strategies that can be used as you need them. All laid out in a simple straightforward manner.Therapy alone will not be the primary agent of change.You need to apply the right CBT skills and strategies outside your therapy to bring true change into your life. And this is the most comprehensive manual available for using CBT to combat the negative, aggressive, and overwhelming thoughts and emotions that come with Anxiety and Depression. The purpose of this book is simple:Make you familiar with the basics of CBT and understand how it works. Provide you with the fundamental CBT skills to tackle your own life’s challenges. And make the task of handling one’s problematic feelings and behaviors feel less daunting and more manageable.So, if you’re looking for the right tools to handle life’s ups and downs…Go grab your copy now.* SPECIAL FREE BONUS INSIDE
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 05/06/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 126 pages

How to Analyze People: The Ultimate Guide to Human Psychology, Body Language, Personality Types and Ultimately Reading People

People will make their mind about you in a matter of seconds.Did you know your Body Language can influence what your boss, family, friends and strangers think of you? Do you sometimes feel socially awkward around new people because you can’t really tell what their gestures are saying? What your own gestures are saying? Body Language reveals people’s true intentions. Yet, most of us don’t know how to identify or read these subtle gestures. Most don’t understand that the body does emit signals that speak way louder than words. After reading ‘How to Analyze People’ you’ll be able to: Make a killing first impression, connect better with people, communicate more effectively and decode what others are truly thinking or feeling; based on their posture, position and gestures.If you struggled with understanding people in the past, this book will be an ‘eye-opener’ for you. It will be like learning a new language. You’ll understand and look at people in a different way. The practical ideas within this guide will not only help you read other people, but more importantly, will make you more aware of what kind of body language you are displaying yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much information you are giving away. 2ND EDITION – REVISED AND EXPANDEDGrab a copy now and put yourself in a position of control!* SPECIAL FREE BONUS INSIDE
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 09/08/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 123 pages

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: Develop an Unbeatable Mind

Mental Toughness is the ability to stay in Control under any situation.Do you find yourself making bad decisions in life? Are these decisions draining all your energy down? Are emotions and negative thoughts always getting in the way? Do you wish you could face tough situations with more ease, skill and control?  Early in life, we learned how to walk or tie our shoes with a strong commitment. Setbacks and failures were never a problem. As we grew older, we let our thoughts and emotions get in the way. And self-doubt started consuming us. The purpose of this book is to help you develop a Strong, Focused, Unbeatable Mind that allow you to gain that confidence back. And raise triumphant in all situations life throws your way.In Today’s fast-paced and challenging world, you need the right tools that can help you manage, overcome and adapt to the many harsh situations in life. This powerful guide will empower you to be less stressed, and more in control of your own thoughts and feelings. Being mentally tough is a state of mind that can give you the strength to achieve, to overcome, to decide, to adapt, to focus, to control and to be strong when others are not.Go grab your copy now and Start Building an Unbeatable Mind!* SPECIAL FREE BONUS INSIDE
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 12/13/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 98 pages

Minimalist Budget: The Simple Approach to Saving and Spending

Are you living paycheck to paycheck – with no savings to the side?How often do you get a headache thinking about money – and can’t set even the simplest of budgets?Do you often feel like money is controlling you – instead of the other way around?In theory, budgeting is a simple task:You don’t spend more than what you earn – especially not on things you don’t really need. But in practice…… things have a tendency to work a bit differently.Chances are, you end up mindlessly buying stuff – even though you know you’ll feel guilty afterward. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone – millions of adults struggle – and fail! – to tame their spending habits.Money is a tool you should use to improve your life – not make it worse. And that is where you may benefit from getting yourself a copy of                     Minimalist Budget: The Simple Approach to Saving and Spending! Here’s what you will learn from this book:- Why having and sticking to a budget matters – learn how to create a sustainable budget for yourself & track every single dollar you spend!- The difference between fixed & flexible expenses – you get to determine what’s the best way for you to save money on!- How to tell whether you really need or really want something – say goodbye to impulse spending & the instant gratification factor that puts you into debt! - Simple & effective ways to manage your budget – pick the one that suits you the best without feeling stressed out!- The rules & misconceptions of minimalism – or better yet, how to make minimalism work for you, not the other way around!- How to budget and spend like a true minimalist – and no, you won’t have to give up on your most valuable possessions!  - Become more responsible for the way you spend your money – you might not even be aware you have some bad spending habits!  Here’s a catch not many understand:Living on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t get to spend on anything.Living on a budget means you get to be smart about the way you spend your hard-earned money – so you add some real value to the things you own. Never again blow through your paycheck without even being aware of the money you’ve spent. Download Minimalist Budget: The Simple Approach to Saving and Spending today and get back in control over your finances!  BONUS: Get Complete Concentration – The Guide to Staying Focused and Fulfilling Your Dreams completely free.
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 03/02/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 100 pages

Routine Makeover: How to Boost Your Focus, Energy Levels and Productivity - Get More Done on a Single Day

Productivity Series Book #3Do you wish you actually had an amazing social life with all that work?Do you find yourself always struggling with too much work and too little time?Are you sick of procrastinating and wishing you could focus more?DON’T WORRY, here is the ultimate solution to all your problems:All you need is a ROUTINE MAKEOVER.Life can be super tough without an effective routine to make the most out of your day. We are all burdened with so many tasks, it’s easy to get stuck in the never-ending struggle of trying to balance work and social life!Procrastination, a disorganized routine and a lack of focus can lead to an unhappy and unproductive life, which will always leave you running out of time.But don’t worry, all you need is a change of routine to help youGET MORE WORK DONE IN A DAY.This life-changing book will tell you some transforming secrets to help you get your life back on track, boost your productivity, INSTANTLY increase your focus, get all your work done AND have an awesome social life too while you’re at it! Sounds unbelievable? TRY IT YOURSELF! HERE are some amazing tactics you will learn in this book:- The Best Morning Routines- How to Increase Focus Instantly- Tips on How to MAXIMIZE Your Productivity- How to Boost Energy Levels through Sleep, Diet AND Exercise- How to Get More Done in a Single Day- …and so much more!What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing book today, and learn how to boost your productivity and get all your work done in a single day! DOWNLOAD ROUTINE MAKEOVER:HOW TO BOOST YOUR FOCUS, ENERGY LEVELS AND PRODUCTIVITYand GET MORE DONE ON A SINGLE DAY. BONUS: Get Complete Concentration – The Guide to Staying Focused and Fulfilling Your Dreams completely free.
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 12/13/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 120 pages

HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE on Sight: The Ultimate Guide on Speed Reading People

How to Analyze People Series Book #2Are you tired of not being able to read between the lines?Do you struggle knowingwhat to make of a situation – just because you find people hard to really understand?How many times have you witnessed your personal & professional relationships fail because you’ve surrounded yourself with the wrong people? You’ve probably realized by now that people sometimes don’t mean what they say – nor say what they really mean.That’s because communication happens in many ways – with actual words being only one small fragment of it! Forget all about the words-into-actions deal – if you want to be successful, you need to learn how to observe & analyze people effectively.And that is exactly where How to Analyze People on Sight: The Ultimate Guide to Speed ReadingPeople might come to help! With this book, we try to teach you several things: - Why and how analyzing people can transform your life – become a better spouse, employee, friend!   - How to analyze people by the words they use – learn to detect even the smallest word cues and use them to your advantage!- The major connection between the speed of speech & different character types – so you can stay away from people who bring you down!- The importance of body language – and whether arms crossed on the chest is reallyalways a negative sign as you thought it is!   - Facial expressions that matter the most – tell for yourself whether someone’s telling the truth or not!- How to tell the way people feel by looking at their hands – become a friendlier, more empathetic you by learning how to observe a few simple hand movements!- How to analyze the people you’ve just met– assess acquaintances quicker and stop wasting precious time on people who don’t deserve it! Remember:Most people will tell you everything you need to know about themselves –you just need to be observant enough to notice & understand what they’re saying.Stand out from the crowd and let others see you as a trustworthy individual– while you see them for who they really are! Download How to Analyze People on Sight: The Ultimate Guide to Speed ReadingPeople today and let your people skills take you to the top!  SPECIAL BONUS INSIDE 
Publication date: 03/02/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 100 pages

Stoicism: The Art of Living

Do you spend your days lost in a turmoil of emotions?Are your mental strength and self-confidence failing you in the most crucial moments?Do you often feel like life is passing by without you truly living it?Lost in the so-called pursuit of happiness, you’re chasing the wrong things – and spend most of your life in a state of constant anxiety and despair.  Are you tired of the industry trying to sell you ways on how to be happier…… without any apparent results?If so, now might be the right time to ask yourself:Do you control your emotions – or do they control you?This is where Stoicism: The Art of Living comes to help – shaping your life to fit your exact needs by embracing the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks. Here’s how the book will introduce change in your life:- Teach you – and wipe away any prejudice! – about the fundamentals of the Stoic philosophy- Introduce you to the Top Three Stoic philosophers of all times and offer you some practical life lessons from each of them- Tell you more about The Four Virtues of every true Stoic- Methods to move your focus from the material to the self – your true strength lies within you!- The Eight Stoic Principles to help you align more with nature and live and enjoy life as it should be- How to maximize your potential and open up to new opportunities- Ways to practically apply the Stoic philosophy to several aspects of life But the most important thing is this:You’ll learn that being a Stoic doesn’t mean going through life with no emotions – it means giving your own thoughts and emotions – but external factors as well! – zero chance of ruining your day.And no, there’s no need to die trying to win the rat race in vain – actually, you’ll realize happiness may as well be right around the corner. Get back control over your life today – downloadStoicism: The Art of Living and welcome change! BONUS: Get Complete Concentration – The Guide to Staying Focused and Fulfilling Your Dreams completely free.
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 12/14/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 118 pages

Self Discipline: How to Achieve Mental Toughness, Motivate Yourself and Develop Self Discipline for Life (Productivity Book 2)

Productivity Series Book #2Do you dream of making it big...but can’t find the time or energy to do something about it?Don’t you wish you were more organized instead of being all over the place?Are you struggling to find the motivation to achieve your goals?Stop right there. What you need is a healthy dose of SELF-DISCIPLINE and MENTAL TOUGHNESS.And THIS ULTIMATE GUIDE is here to help you develop all those qualities!You might think that successful people are simply ‘lucky’ or backed by a rich family, but that’s certainly not the case most of the time. Success comes to those who are disciplined and mentally tough; people who can withstand any challenge that comes their way.Learning self-discipline is NECESSARY to effectively organize your time and energy, and to use it wisely to motivate yourself and successfully achieve all your goals and dreams.Similarly, you also need to become MENTALLY TOUGH if you want to be successful. Being mentally tough doesn’t just mean learning to control physical needs like hunger and pain. Mentally tough people can also overcome negative thoughts, fear, and other emotional factors that get in the way of their productivity and path to success.In this book, you will learn:
  • What is Self-Discipline and Why is it Important?
  • The Importance of Eating Right
  • How to Redefine Negative Thoughts
  • Establishing a Regular Routine
  • How to Set Meaningful Goals
  • Committing to Self-Improvement
  • How to Use Self-Discipline to Improve Your Work and Relationships
  • …and a lot more!
This masterpiece will also teach you how to embrace your difficulties and understand yourself, so you can better organize yourself mentally and physically, and get ready to achieve all that you want out of life.Learning self-discipline and developing a tough mindset is crucial for improving your life and motivating you to overcome any obstacles that come in the way of you and your dreams.It’s time to stop sitting idle and wasting your time. Get your act together, and grab this ultimate guide to Self-Discipline to help you fulfil all your goals!DOWNLOAD SELF-DISCIPLINE: HOW TO ACHIEVE MENTAL TOUGHNESS, MOTIVATE YOURSELF AND DEVELOP SELF DISCIPLINE FOR LIFE! BONUS: Get Complete Concentration – The Guide to Staying Focused and Fulfilling Your Dreams completely free.
Author: A.C. Drexel
Publication date: 09/08/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 50 pages
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