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Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are complex and distinctive organizational entities. The literature of strategic management poses some interesting challenges and is only partially developed to inform decision making for nonprofit managers. Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organizations uses a strategic management framework to consider key decisions that nonprofit managers and volunteer leaders confront as they plan and work to position their organizations for optimal success. Key Features - Fills a gap in the current literature by providing a thorough examination of management and planning issues experienced by nonprofit managers, including challenges such as muted markets and specific performance expectations. - Blends together theoretical, empirical, and normative literature with descriptive stories of managing in the sector. - Suggests some optimal practices for managers who want to strengthen their organizations. - Perfect for graduate students in nonprofit management programs. - Supported by a complete package of instructor ancillary materials including an Instructor's Manual, PowerPoints, and Test Bank Contents: Chapter 1 Nature of Nonprofit Organizations Chapter 2 Framing Strategic Choices Chapter 3 External Environment Chapter 4 Internal Capabilities Chapter 5 Public Benefit Strategies Chapter 6 Analysis of the Task Environment Chapter 7 Corporate Strategy, Structures, and Planning Chapter 8 Service Strategies Chapter 9 Social and Political Strategies Chapter 10 Financial Resource Strategies Chapter 11 Inter-Organizational Relationships Chapter 12 Strategic Leadership

Do it Anyway: Courage, Power, & Resilience

Excuses are what stand between success and failure. Hence, itÕs important that you identify the characteristics needed to move past lifeÕs hurdles. In this book, you will discover the courage, power, and resilience necessary to push you forward. After taking the journey with iconic women in the Bible, you are sure to remove all barriers that attempt to block you from accomplishing your dreams. Challenges will become opportunities, difficult test will become testimonies, and your setbacks will become platforms for a comeback. The reader is left with no other option but to relinquish all excuses and adopt the mottoÉ ÒDo it Anyway!Ó
Published by Lulu.com on 01/06/2019
Book details: 154 pages.

The why and how of Missions in the Sunday-school

Published on 08/20/2019
Book details: 127 pages.

Early Ohio Settlers

This work presents, in an easy-to-use tabular format, a complete list of the 25,000 persons who bought land in southwestern Ohio and eastern Indiana through the Cincinnati Land Office between the years 1800 and 1840. Data furnished with each entry includes the name of the purchaser, date of purchase, place of residence at the time of purchase, and the range, township, and section of the purchased land, thus enabling the researcher to ascertain the exact location of an ancestor's land. Previously, in locating a settler in southwestern Ohio, the researcher was obliged to spend hours if not days searching through numerous volumes of unindexed land records, but with this volume the task is reduced to seconds.
Published by Genealogical Publishing Com on 08/20/1986
Book details: 372 pages.

Southern Loyalists in the Civil War

The Southern Claims Commission was the agency established to process more than 20,000 claims by pro-Union Southerners for reimbursement of their losses during the Civil War. The present work is a "master index" to the case files of the Commission. The index gives, in tabular form, the name of the claimant, his county and state, the Commission number, office number and report number, and the year and the status of the claim.
Published by Genealogical Publishing Com on 08/20/1994
Book details: 666 pages.

Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series

Includes Part 1, Number 1 & 2: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - December)
Published by Copyright Office, Library of Congress on 08/20/2019
Book details: 1684 pages.

SOA Governance

Address the #1 Success Factor in SOA Implementations: Effective, Business-Driven Governance Inadequate governance might be the most widespread root cause of SOA failure. In SOA Governance, a team of IBM’s leading SOA governance experts share hard-won best practices for governing IT in any service-oriented environment. The authors begin by introducing a comprehensive SOA governance model that has worked in the field. They define what must be governed, identify key stakeholders, and review the relationship of SOA governance to existing governance bodies as well as governance frameworks like COBIT. Next, they walk you through SOA governance assessment and planning, identifying and fixing gaps, setting goals and objectives, and establishing workable roadmaps and governance deliverables. Finally, the authors detail the build-out of the SOA governance model with a case study. The authors illuminate the unique issues associated with applying IT governance to a services model, including the challenges of compliance auditing when service behavior is inherently unpredictable. They also show why services governance requires a more organizational, business-centric focus than “conventional” IT governance. Coverage includes Understanding the problems SOA governance needs to solve Establishing and governing service production lines that automate SOA development activities Identifying reusable elements of your existing IT governance model and prioritizing improvements Establishing SOA authority chains, roles, responsibilities, policies, standards, mechanisms, procedures, and metrics Implementing service versioning and granularity Refining SOA governance frameworks to maintain their vitality as business and IT strategies change
Published by Pearson Education on 12/19/2008
Book details: 416 pages.

Black and Brown

Here, author William A. Sampson examines the role of the family in the school preparation process among poor Blacks and Latinos. It is based upon the data collected during intense long-term observations of 21 disadvantaged minority students and families in their homes within the same community. The data suggests that the differences in performances are to a large degree a function of differences in the specific ways in which their parents (most often the mother) prepares them for the educational experience. When discipline, responsibility, delayed gratification, internal control, the value of education, and high self-esteem are emphasized consistently in the home, students tend to achieve. When the home environment is quiet, structured, and orderly, the students do well in school. Most importantly, when parents help their children with homework, the students excel. This book: Frames the issues of the educational improvement, Lays out the methodology, Presents the data arranged by the academic performance of the students, Presents a detailed analysis of the data and their impact upon both the debate over educational improvement and the theoretical issue of the link between race/ethnicity, social class, and education, Offers comparisons between poor Black families and poor Latino families. Will be of interest to scholars in educational improvement, public school teachers, administrators, policy makers, and those concerned with social class and its ramifications.
Published by R&L Education on 08/20/2019
Book details: 181 pages.

William the Hedgehog Boy

When William, a lonely, young schoolboy with a quick temper, comes across a group of boys hurling sticks at a defenceless hedgehog, he bravely chases them off and takes the injured animal to the vets. After nursing the hedgehog, who he names Lucky, back to health, William is heartbroken when the vet explains that he must release her back into the wild. As Lucky journeys back to her den, she encounters a hideous monster with sharp, jagged teeth. Eventually, battered and bruised, Lucky finds a new den in a large pile of firewood, perfect for hibernation. Meanwhile, William finds himself in trouble, almost being killed by a speeding car, knocking cans of paint over his stepdad’s precious car and waking his parents in the dead of night in his efforts to find Lucky. School isn’t any better, as the school bully is making William’s life miserable. Then a surprise phone call changes everything for William, and in a thrilling climax, he is called into heroic action. Will it be enough to save a young boy and his best friend? Told from the viewpoint of a young boy and a rescued hedgehog, William the Hedgehog Boycontains a useful section with information about how to protect hedgehogs. Through the story, Robert hopes to inform young readers about the dangers faced by hedgehogs, especially on Bonfire Night when they like to make their dens in bonfires in readiness for hibernation. Inspired by the work of Michael Morpurgo and Dick King Smith, William the Hedgehog Boy will be enjoyed by readers aged 9-11 with an interest in wildlife. It will also appeal to organisations that promote hedgehog welfare.
Published by Troubador Publishing Ltd on 05/23/2017
Book details: 160 pages.

The Legacy of the Purple Heart

Published by Turner Publishing Company on 08/20/2019
Book details: 183 pages.
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