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Terrific Transportation Inventions
Did you know that the world's first submarine traveled the Thames River in England way back in 1615? Or that early cars had three wheels instead of four? Get ready to learn the fascinating stories behind inventions you use every day. From the moto

Gathering and Transportation
Gathering and Transportation

Transportation is the act of moving goods or passengers from one place to another. Transportation of goods and persons is done by carriers, persons or companies that transport goods and persons. It is in this lucid manner that this book wil

Urban Transportation Economics
This title provides a comprehensive review of the economics of urban transportation.

Air Transportation
Now in its Seventh Edition, Air Transportation: A Management Perspective by John Wensveen is a proven textbook that offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of air transportation management. In addition to explaining the fund

TSA is responsible for securing the nation's transportation systems and uses security technologies to screen airline passengers and their luggage to prevent prohibited items from being carried on commercial aircraft. TSA has special authority for

Green Transportation Basics
Our automobile culture is devastating for the environment but private passenger vehicles are unlikely to disappear from our roads anytime soon. Greener cars and fuels will be a necessity for many years to come. Green Transportation Basics is a guide t

The global terrorist threat to surface transportation - freight and passenger rail, mass transit, highway, maritime and pipeline systems - has increased in recent years, as demonstrated by the 2017 London vehicle attacks and a 2016 thwarted attack

Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are the way forward for sustainable growth of mobility at all levels (local, regional, national, transnational). The book reviews the current status of Research & Development. It includes connected (and auto

Public Transportation
Lynne has been watching the handsome stranger on her long train rides and knows he's been looking at her, but he's never made an approach. Then one exceptionally busy day, she's knocked into his lap. They take full advantage of the moment to enjoy

Hydrogen Powered Transportation
The current status of fossil fuel and alternative energy is a hot topic of today. Many different sides have many different opinions on the transition strategy that will work best as fossil fuel reserves slowly diminish. Seeing the light at the end

A Short History of Transportation
A Short History of Transportation takes the reader on a short journey of human transportation history from walking to boats to airplanes. Millennia ago, humans learned to walk on two legs. Who knows what tomorrow holds?

From cars and trains to planes and boats, people all around the world have developed diverse means and methods of travel. In this fascinating exploration of transportation, Gail Gibbons employs her signature, colorful artwork and accessible text t

Transportation Then and Now
Presents a brief look at how transportation has changed over the years.

Tomorrow's Transportation
Throughout history, humans have been finding and developing ever-faster modes of transportation - moving from horses to the cars and high-speed jets of today. We have been very successful in our search for faster transportation, but it has come at a price. Our vehicles have all had an effect on the natural environment. The good news is there are a growing number of people devoting their lives to solving environmental issues related to transportation. The young adults of today will be the job force of tomorrow, so choosing a career that will best fit with the needs of the changing world will be important to job satisfaction and a successful life. With the vast array of career and job options, it will also be important for young adults to understand which work will be the best match for their interests, talents, goals, and personality types. Certain careers are expected to gain importance within the early decades of the twenty-first century. The opportunities for jobs related to "green" transportation are expected to increase at a faster than average rate as the world looks to repair damages already done to the environment and prevent new problems. The future of the planet is dependent on the development of cleaner and greener forms of transportation. If you choose a career in green transportation, you can help put us on the road to a better world!

Warehousing and Transportation Logistics
Warehousing and Transportation Logistics examines professional transport and warehousing logistics, and offers an overview of all logistics functions for the area of internal business logistics, so-called intra-logistics, with a particular fo

Genius Transportation Inventions
Bicycles were only invented about two hundred years ago-and the first ones didn't have tires or brakes! But bikes aren't the only way we've tried to conquer the roads, seas, and skies. You'll discover how slow the earliest steam locomotives were,

Metropolitan Transportation Planning
Planning at a metropolitan scale is important for effective management of urban growth, transportation systems, air quality, and watershed and green-spaces. It is fundamental to efforts to promote social justice and equity. Best Practices in M

Terrific Transportation Inventions
Did you know that the world's first submarine traveled the Thames River in England way back in 1615? Or that early cars had three wheels instead of four? Get ready to learn the fascinating stories behind inventions you use every day. From the motorcycle inventor who died while riding his creation to the engineers who figured out a better way to launch humans into space, you'll find out how we got the transportation inventions that get us where we're going.

Intermodal Transportation
Transportation technologies in the field of unitization of goods, which culminated in the advent of containerization, have led to the subsequent development of intermodal transport featured by the integration of the following modes of carriage of
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