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Cook's Tourist's Handbook for Holland, Belgium, and the Rhine
Published on 08/21/1877
Book details: 310 pages.

The History of Tourism
This unique collection explores the origins of organized tour holidays, as pioneered by the entrepreneurial Thomas Cook. The collection is truly international, covering tours in Britain and also Switzerland, America, Japan, China, India, Ceylon, Singapore, Israel and Palestine. As well as giving an insight into the workings of this long standing, successful company, the works selected are also important pieces of travel and social history.
Author: Paul Smith
Published by Psychology Press on 08/21/1998
Book details: 544 pages.

Red Leaves
When his teenage son, Keith, is accused in the disappearance of an eight-year-old girl, Eric Moore struggles to shelter Keith from the subsequent police investigation and local suspicion while seeking legal counsel and wondering in the face of mounting evidence about his son's possible guilt. By the author of Peril. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on 08/21/2019
Book details: 289 pages.

Mastering Import & Export Management
Here is the definitive guide to supply chain management in the post-9/11 world, intensively researched and painstakingly written by one of the leading experts in the field.Before the terrorist attacks that destroyed New York's World Trade Center in 2001, managing the import/export supply chain was ""complicated, convoluted, and difficult"" enough, as Tom Cook observes. Since then, new security and compliance requirements have come into play. Some of these mandates are still evolving, and some pose special challenges for smaller exporters. To remain competitive, companies of all sizes must understand the changes, anticipate new directions, and keep the costs of compliance and security in balance. This book provides the timely and practical information necessary to meet those goals.As a supply chain professional or executive involved in global trade, you can rely on Mastering Import and Export Management to help you: * Identify the risks. Learn to use creative financing as a marketing tool... spot potential exposures in new markets... avoid the major pitfalls of international freight shipments. Gain entry into world markets.* Determine how your products and services can best compete globally... structure an effective export program... understand key distributionlogistics and foreign tax considerations.* Meet sales and service demands. Recognize the factors involved in global customer service... negotiate problems the right way... leverage the benefits of third-party logistics... apply quality control procedures... control the terms of sale.* Deal with freight and logistics issues. Reduce costs... negotiate better rates... get the best service contracts... assess the value of using consolidators.*Handle specialty issues. Learn the ins and outs of shipping equipment overseas for temporary use... ship perishable freight safely... evaluate air versus ocean shipping ... deal with strikes... observe key practices if you're in the entertainment or communications industry.* Finesse your documentation. Utilize INCO terms correctly... avoid documentation obstacles... navigate the demands of the Harmonize Tariff Schedule of the U.S. (HTSUS), Bureau of Export Administration (BXA), Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), Automated Export System (AES)... learn when and how to use the SED.* Learn about importing if you export only. Be prepared to handle returns and repairs... select the right customhouse broker... get familiar with ""drawback."" * Become finance-savvy. Identify banking and creditoptions... manage letters of credit.* Control cargo loss. Learn the science and art of properly packing for transit... minimize losses in transporting bulk liquids, pulp, and paper... understand the variables of containerization, sea, and air shipping.* Manage risk. Insure against physical, political, and credit risk... learn the liability basics... get more from your marine insurance... be aware of recently beefed-up air regulations.* Leverage technology. Automate key documentation... track and trace more accurately... know what to expect from your EDI carrier.* Understand geographic demands. Familiarize yourself with the idiosyncrasies of doing business under NAFTA and in the European Community, Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil.* Deploy global staff cost-effectively. Develop networking channels... understand the landed cost... attract quality personnel.* Obtain export assistance. Make the most of such resources as Chambers of Commerce, state governments, world trade centers, commercial banks, and others.* Gain the benefits of duty-free work areas. Explore the possibilities inherent in free trade zones (FTZs) and custom bonded warehouses.More than 200 pages of sample forms, tariff schedules, and other vital materials enhance this invaluable and authoritative volume. If you are running an import and/or export operation of any scale, you can't afford to be without it." "
Published by Amacom Books on 08/21/2019
Book details: 560 pages.

Trees & shrubs for English gardens
Published on 08/21/2019
Book details: 471 pages.

Traveller's Handbook for Norway, Sweden and Denmark
Published on 08/21/2019
Book details: 564 pages.

Cook's Excursionist and Home and Foreign Tourist Advertiser
Published on 08/21/1892
Book details: 564 pages.

Thomas Cook/Co-operative Group/ Midlands Co-operative
In this report the Competition Commission (CC) formally clears the anticipated travel business joint venture between Thomas Cook, the Co-operative Group (Co-op) and the Midlands Co-operative Society (Midlands). This confirms the provisional findings, that the acquisition will not result in a substantial lessening of competition in any markets in the UK, in particular for customers buying package holidays from high street travel agents. Therefore, customers are unlikely to suffer from significantly higher prices or reduced choice as a result of the joint venture. The joint venture would bring together two of the three largest travel agents on the UK high street. Thomas Cook currently has 780 stores, Co-op 360 and Midlands 100. Thomas Cook will continue to conduct its tour operator business separately from the joint venture.
Published by The Stationery Office on 10/18/2012
Book details: 175 pages.

Instruments of Night
Thomas Cook is one of today's most acclaimed writers of psychological thrillers, penning hypnotic tales of forbidden love and devastating secrets. Now he has written an unforgettable novel that weaves one man's tortured life with a deadly mystery that spans five decades.... Riverwood is an artists' community in the Hudson River valley, a serene place where writers can perfect their craft. But for all its beauty and isolation, it was once touched by a terrible crime--the murder of a teenage girl who lived on the estate fifty years ago. Faye Harrison's killer was never caught--and now her dying mother is desperate to learn the truth about her daughter's murder. Enter Paul Graves, a writer who draws upon the pain of his own tragic past to write haunting tales of mystery. Graves has been summoned to Riverwood for an unusual assignment: to apply the art of fiction to a crime that was real, and then write a story that will answer the questions that keep Faye's mother from a peaceful death. Just a story. It doesn't have to be true. Or does it? From the Paperback edition.
Published by Bantam on 12/30/2009
Book details: 336 pages.

Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook (1808-92), the father of tourism, is a forgotten hero of his age. When he was born, neither of the words 'tourism' or 'sightseeing' had been invented. Driven by his Baptist faith and the promotion of Temperance, Cook founded the travel industry - now one of the world's biggest sectors. One hundred and fifty years after his first overseas conducted tour, Jill Hamilton brings to life the complex man behind the famous name. There have been many accounts of the history of his firm, but this book is the first full-length biography of Cook himself. His early years in Melbourne, Derbyshire, as a gardener, carpenter and preacher, then in Leicester as a printer and travel organiser, give a vivid picture of the political influence of the Nonconformists in England in the nineteenth century. Cook did everything from starting soup kitchens to leading an innovative campaign for the repeal of the Corn Laws. During his fifty-year career in travel he drew on the same enthusiasm and originality to make holidays easier by introducing pre-paid inclusive tours, hotel coupons, traveller's cheques, the 'round the world' trip and the first travel newspaper. Few people, though, know of his determination to improve the lot of the working classes, his abhorrence of drink and his deep faith. The sex, alcohol and over-spending now associated with holidays would horrify the man whose first escorted trip in 1841 was a Temperance outing to Loughborough. He also helped set up a Baptist Chapel in Rome in the 1870s, and from 1869 onwards he brought the largest number of British people to the Holy Land since the Crusaders. At the end of his life Cook could boast that he had escorted thousands of tourists abroad without mishap, but he sadly witnessed the accidental death of his only daughter in his own home. This book gives a new perspective not only on Thomas Cook himself but on the birth of the travel industry.
Published by The History Press on 01/20/2005
Book details: 288 pages.
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