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War service of the American Library Association / by Theodore Wesley Koch.
Published on 09/30/2014
Document details: 50 pages. 101 downloads.

Books in camp, trench and hospital by Theodore Wesley Koch ... With a prefatory note by J.Y.W. Macalister ... and a postscript by C.T. Hagberg Wright
Published on 09/30/2014
Document details: 58 pages. 101 downloads.

The edge of danger : true stories of adventure
Danger by Roy Chapman Andrews -- Episode of the bushmaster by Raymond L. Ditmars-- Snakes and elephants by Edison Marshall -- Boma by Theodore J. Waldeck -- The chowgarh tigress by Jim Corbett -- Leopards by Carl Akeley and Mary L. Jobe Akeley -- The four killers by Clyde Beatty -- The conquest of Ushba by R.L.G. Irving -- Mountain rescue by S. Hall Young -- Flying the lid of Hades by Bernard R. Hubbard -- Alone across the top of the world by David Irwin as told to Jack O'Brien -- Men overboard in the Antarctic by Alan J. Villiers -- The battle on the breakwater by John J. Floherty -- Ellsberg to the rescue by Edward Ellsberg-- Precious air by Frank Meier -- Tangled lines by Eddie Bushnell as told to M. O'Moran
Published on 11/05/2010
Document details: 328 pages. 47 downloads.

The mammoth book of endurance & adventure
Published on 11/04/2010
Document details: 504 pages. 110 downloads.
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