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Damon Runyon Theatre
For gamblers, burlesque queens, murderers and innocents, comedy and tragedy were found in equal measure on the streets of Damon Runyon's Manhattan. Runyon, one of the most popular and widely-read figures of the Golden Age of the American Short Sto

Damon Runyon Theatre
From the pen of legendary raconteur Damon Runyon comes tales of a New York that Never Was But Might Have Been - a world of smooth-talking card sharks, smiling crap-shooters, cheerful con men and charming rogues. Featuring radio favorite John Brown

Molle Mystery Theatre
Molle Mystery Theatre, the program that brings you "the best in mystery and detective fiction" is presented here in eight digitally restored and remastered episodes, including rare recordings. The brilliant Bernard Lenrow plays the role of your ho

Mutual Radio Theatre
"Five nights of exceptional entertainment every week!" Produced and directed by Elliott Lewis and Fletcher Markle, The Mutual Radio Theater was a bold experiment in reviving the art of radio drama. Big name hosts - including Lorne Greene

Damon Runyon Theatre
It's a city of a million stories, and Broadway knows them all! High rollers and low lifes, classy dames and shady dealers are in it for the laughs (and the payoff) in this collection of sixteen tales from the pen of Damon Runyon. John Brown stars a

Damon Runyon Theatre
Sharp-suited sharpies, slick-talking slicksters, high-rolling gamblers, and habitu├ęs of the racetrack - they're all here, and it's all in fun! Straight from the imagination of the legendary Broadway raconteur Damon Runyon, here is another rollick

Theatre Histories: An Introduction
Theatre Histories: An Introduction

Staging Shakespearean Theatre
From auditions and rehearsals to publicity, this guide leads even inexperienced directors, producers, choreographers and actors through the complicated and sometimes fearsome task of staking Shakespeare. Comprehensive information is presented in a

In Theatre, W. Somerset Maugham-the author of the classic novels Of Human Bondage and Up at the Villa-introduces us to Julia Lambert, a woman of breathtaking poise and talent whose looks have stoo

The Lux Radio Theatre, Vol. 2
The Lux Radio Theatre was one of the longest running-and most extravagant-shows from radio's golden age. The show featured the greatest stars in Hollywood appearing in hour-long radio adaptations of their biggest motion pictures. Cecil B. DeMille

Theatre and Festivals
This succinct and engaging text rethinks the common wisdom that festivals, sites of collective celebration and play, provide a temporary reprieve from the grind of everyday, 'real' life. Keren Zaiontz explores the ways in which cultural performanc

Theatre and Time
This fascinating account of the relationship between theatre and time explores how different concepts of time - including linear clock time, the cyclical time of the planets and seasons, the rhythms of the body and individual memories - have impac

The Lux Radio Theatre, Vol. 1
Hosted by Cecil B. DeMille and starring numerous icons of the screen, this collection of old-time radio classics includes six episodes of The Lux Radio Theatre-one of the longest running, most extravagant shows from radio's golden age. The show fe

British Asian Theatre
This highly accessible and original introduction to British-Asian theatre explores the creativity, innovation and diversity of major British-Asian theatre companies. Including coverage of Tara Arts, Tamasha and Kali theatre companies, as well as i

Cyborg Theatre
This book articulates the first theoretical context for a 'cyborg theatre', metaphorically integrating on-stage bodies with the technologized, digitized, or mediatized, to re-imagine subjectivity for a post-human age. It covers a variety of exampl

Community Theatre
Community theatre is an important device for communities to collectively share stories, to participate in political dialogue, and to break down the increasing exclusion of marginalised groups of citizens. It is practised all over the world by grow

Theatre and Laughter
This stimulating introduction to laughter in theatre and performance examines laughter among actors, among audience, and the interaction between the two. Exploring the many uses and effects of laughter in theatre, Eric Weitz considers laughter as

Little Theatres
Erin Moure is one of the most consistently innovative, radically imaginative poets at work in Canada. With each book, Moure seeks to re-create writing from the ground up. Little Theatres appears at a pressing historical crossroads, when we most need

Theatre and Disability
This succinct and engaging text examines the complex relationship between theatre and disability, bringing together a wide variety of performance examples in order to explore theatrical disability through the conceptual frameworks of disability as

Children's Imagination Theatre
This e-book is a collection of short stories written for reading pleasure, meant to be entertaining to all ages.
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