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Percy Bysshe Shelley
Professor Hamilton's study offers a new interpretation of Shelley's major writings in relation to key aesthetic, philosophical and political themes of his day.
Published by Writers and Their Work (Paperb on 07/19/2019
Book details: 99 pages.

Shadow King
A Fae crime lord is hell-bent on expanding his power and influence, but everything changes when he shares a shot of whiskey with an enigmatic fortune teller. Confronted by betrayal and revenge, they are forced to make a decision that will change the world they live in forever.
Published by Inkshares on 10/02/2018
Book details: 366 pages.

Frances Power Cobbe and Victorian Feminism
This new book asks a key question- what did it mean to have a Victorian feminist write for an established newspaper or periodical? Using the example of Frances Power Cobbe, it focuses on Victorian feminism and its political workings, and urges us to reconsider what feminism looked like in the nineteenth-century.
Published by Springer on 04/04/2006
Book details: 203 pages.

I, Eliza Hamilton
In this beautifully written novel of historical fiction, bestselling author Susan Holloway Scott tells the story of Alexander Hamilton’s wife, Eliza—a fascinating, strong-willed heroine in her own right and a key figure in one of the most gripping periods in American history. “Love is not easy with a man chosen by Fate for greatness . . .” As the daughter of a respected general, Elizabeth Schuyler is accustomed to socializing with dignitaries and soldiers. But no visitor to her parents’ home has affected her so strongly as Alexander Hamilton, a charismatic, ambitious aide to George Washington. They marry quickly, and despite the tumult of the American Revolution, Eliza is confident in her brilliant husband and in her role as his helpmate. But it is in the aftermath of war, as Hamilton becomes one of the country’s most important figures, that she truly comes into her own. In the new capital, Eliza becomes an adored member of society, respected for her fierce devotion to Hamilton as well as her grace. Behind closed doors, she astutely manages their expanding household, and assists her husband with his political writings. Yet some challenges are impossible to prepare for. Through public scandal, betrayal, personal heartbreak, and tragedy, she is tested again and again. In the end, it will be Eliza’s indomitable strength that makes her not only Hamilton’s most crucial ally in life, but also his most loyal advocate after his death, determined to preserve his legacy while pursuing her own extraordinary path through the nation they helped shape together.
Published by Kensington Books on 10/01/2017
Book details: 400 pages.

Pennsylvania Superior Court Reports
Containing cases decided by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.
Book details: 400 pages.

Animal Welfare & Anti-vivisection 1870-1910: Frances Power Cobbe
This set brings together a range of documents that will allow researchers to explore the nineteenth- century vivisection controversy, its relation to the prominent animal welfare movement and the specific role of women within the movement.
Published by Taylor & Francis on 07/19/2019
Book details: 456 pages.

Pennsylvania Superior Court reports
Published on 07/19/2019
Book details: 456 pages.

Criminals, Idiots, Women, & Minors - Second Edition
“Pardon me; I must seem to you so stupid! Why is the property of the woman who commits Murder, and the property of the woman who commits Matrimony, dealt with alike by your law?” So ends the “little allegory” in conversational form with which Frances Power Cobbe opens the 1868 essay that gives this collection its title. Cobbe was a widely read essayist of remarkable lucidity and power; her pieces display incisive wit and remarkable focus as she returns repeatedly to “the woman question,” but it was typical of the time that when Cobbe died she was described in the Wellesley Index to Victorian periodicals as a “miscellaneous writer.” Cobbe was not alone; as much as 15 per cent of the essays in Victorian periodicals were written by women, yet even the best of these pieces were allowed by the male-dominated world of scholarship to disappear from print. This anthology makes available again some of the best Victorian writing by women. The second edition has been revised and updated; additions include a chronology and an essay by Frances Power Cobbe on the education of women.
Published by Broadview Press on 07/26/2004
Book details: 272 pages.

Reports of Cases Heard and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of New York
Published on 07/19/1895
Book details: 272 pages.

The Wave
Traces the recent discovery of physics-defying ocean waves at heights previously thought impossible, describing the efforts of the scientific community to understand the phenomenon, the pursuits of extreme surfers to ride these waves, and the destructivecapabilities of tsunamis.
Author: Susan Casey
Published by Anchor on 05/01/2011
Book details: 408 pages.
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