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From bestselling authors Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Jacquelyn Frank, and G.A. Aiken comes an anthology of four all-new novellas set in the alluring worlds that each has created. "Vampire Fight Club" by Larissa Ione When a wave of viol

Less than fifty thousand years ago mankind had no art, no religion, no sophisticated symbolism, no innovative thinking. Then, in a dramatic and electrifying change, described by scientists as "the greatest riddle in human history," all t

Supernatural Psychology
Following the adventures of two brothers who investigate deeply strange and paranormal mysteries in their never-ending road trip, the TV show Supernatural has many fans eager to better understand the psychology behind the series' themes and charac

The author immerses into the realm of Supernatural. He questions, what it is, where it is, and its powers and demystification. He leans toward the general view that every human is endowed with it at differing degrees of good and evil. He considers

Prof Sam Baidoo is the founder and general overseer of Continental Family churches-a prophetic-oriented mission for the nations. He travels around the globe imparting the supernatural in a unique prophetic exposition of the Holy Bible, unction for

A Supernatural War
It was a commonly expressed view during the First World War that the conflict had seen a major revival of 'superstitious' beliefs and practices. Churches expressed concerns about the wearing of talismans and amulets, the international press paid c

Supernatural Entertainments
In Supernatural Entertainments, Simone Natale vividly depicts spiritualism's rise as a religious and cultural phenomenon and explores its strong connection to the growth of the media entertainment industry in the nineteenth century. He fr

Supernatural Provision
Speaking from experience with overcoming financial hardships, healing expert and Christian author Joan Hunter helps you to multiply your finances and receive God's unlimited resources.

Hardcore Supernatural Erotica
Ever wondered it would be like to be taken hard, savagely, without mercy, by a ghost? To be used by demons, spirits, other-worldly beings pulling deep, intense, wickedly arousing sensations from your body? To have multiple sex partners, all invisi

Supernatural Legends
After the unexplained deaths of his family, Samuel Colt receives a letter from his brother introducing him to the life of a supernatural hunter. On his way to avenge his brother's death he stops in a small Connecticut town. Armed with his own hand

The Supernaturals
The New York Times bestselling author of The Event Group series launches a new series of paranormal thrillers just in time for Halloween. Built at the turn of the twentieth century by one of the richest and most powerful men in the world tucked aw

Supernatural Access
Sharpen your spiritual senses. God may be speaking in ways you don't expect. This book is a manifesto for supernatural living, God encounters, and radical prophetic leading. You are standing at the doorway into great

Surprisingly Supernatural
Surprisingly Supernatural: A Practical Guide to Releasing the Gifts of the Spirit teaches believers to receive the gifts of the Spirit, and then how to release the spiritual gifts of prophecy, healings and miracles, discernment, and bindi

His Supernatural Queen
Mallory set out to find out a truth that became insignificant once she met Karsten. Their meeting set off a chain of events that lands her into the arms of Karsten's evil brother. Can Karsten save her and make her his?

Supernatural Sherlita
Sherlita is a poor Philippine girl with unusual powers she has used getting the necessities of life. Her life is turned upside down when a ruthless agent from the United States CIA tries to recruit her. She refuses to be an assassin for the corrup

Supernatural Encounter
A supernatural encounter with the Lord, and a rare guided tour of Heaven.

SUPERNATURAL COMPANION book is written from a heart that is in love with God and His words in the bible. It is intended to present the Person of the Holy Spirit the third Person of the God Head to persons who may want to know Him in a personal way. I hope that this book would suffice to answer most of the questions or clear up any misunderstanding of His Person in the minds of all who may read this book. However there is much more about The Holy Spirit that can only be experienced consistently as you the believer opens up your heart and willingness to allow Him to lead, guide and teach you as you walk with Him daily. When you met the Holy Spirit he will show you how to say good bye to loneliness, depression, fear and all types of negative thinking and sadness. Since He is an Eternal Personal Being it is necessary therefore that we allow Him (The Holy Spirit) to teach us according to 1John 2:27. God bless you richly in all aspects of your life in Jesus Name I pray. Amen (So be it)

Supernatural Synopsis
Set in 3025, after nuclear wars broke out on Earth, the world was remapped and a new system of government was put into place, known as the Next World Government. It was a new era for humankind in the New World. Funding came pouring into the Next W

Supernatural Power
The lame walked. The blind could see. Lepers were healed. These are some of the miracles attributed to the intercession of Father Patrick Power. In November 1929, a million people flocked to his grave in Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden, Massachusetts, to seek one thing, a miracle. Despite the fact that Power had been dead for nearly six decades, many insisted that they had been miraculously cured by him. This is the story of the mysterious life, and afterlife, of this enigmatic, Irish-born, Boston priest who never made it a day past the age of 25. Using previously unpublished interviews, and archival documents, Supernatural Power examines the historical record surrounding all of the known miracles attributed to Father Power, during his life, and after his death. Supernatural Power also objectively examines the complex even

Experiencing the Supernatural
God is not bound by the laws of the natural world. He is, by definition, supernatural, and He created us in His image. We are supernatural beings. So why do we confine our understanding of Him-and our relationship to Him-within our own physical,
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