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Leadership Agility
Provides practical advice and guidance to show managers and leadership development professionals how they can bring greater agility to their everyday initiatives through five levels of leadership agility development.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 07/20/2019
Book details: 322 pages.

What Doesn't Kill Us
For the past twenty years, pioneering psychologist Stephen Joseph has worked with survivors of trauma. His studies have yielded a startling discovery: that a wide range of traumatic eventsÑfrom illness, divorce, separation, assault, and bereavement to accidents, natural disasters, and terrorismÑcan act as catalysts for positive change. Boldly challenging the conventional wisdom about trauma and its aftermath, Joseph demonstrates that rather than ruining oneÕs life, a traumatic event can actually improve it. Drawing on the wisdom of ancient philosophers, the insights of evolutionary biologists, and the optimism of positive psychologists, What DoesnÕt Kill Us reveals how all of us can navigate change and adversityÑ traumatic or otherwiseÑto find new meaning, purpose, and direction in life.
Published by Basic Books on 11/01/2011
Book details: 288 pages.

Intelligent Leadership
In today’s business environment, leaders at all levels are facing enormous challenges when it comes to achieving and sustaining breakthrough operating results. Globalization, economic change, more stringent regulation, and tougher governance make realizing shareholder value increasingly difficult. Intelligent Leadership is written for leaders who want to become more effective, strategic, operationally focused, and balanced. It is for leaders who are striving to take control of their destiny and become the best they can be. In this groundbreaking book, leadership coach John Mattone—recently named to the “guru radar” by the prestigious Thinkers50—taps into his years of experience working with high-achieving professionals to give readers a roadmap for developing and mastering their executive maturity. Supplying three unique tools—the Wheel of Leadership Success, Map of Leadership Maturity, and the Leadership Enneagram—the book helps readers calibrate their abilities so they can simultaneously focus on their strengths and address their weaknesses. The goal is to improve key tactical competencies (such as critical and strategic thinking, decision-making, talent and team leadership, and communication) and integrate them with equally important inner traits like values, character, and beliefs in order to achieve their leadership potential. Featuring best practices, authoritative research, practical assessments, and enlightening examples of both good and bad leadership, this book equips readers with the knowledge, skills, and passion they need to become the leaders they were meant to be.
Author: John Mattone
Published by AMACOM on 03/20/2013
Book details: 256 pages.

Own the Room
Find your signature voice People are drawn to and influenced by leaders who communicate authentically, connect easily with people, and have immediate impact. So how do you become one of them? How can you learn to “own the room”? This book will help you develop your leadership presence. According to Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins, leadership presence is the ability to consistently and clearly articulate your value proposition while influencing and connecting with others. They offer a simple and compelling framework, as well as practical advice about how you can develop your own personal presence. No matter where you sit in an organization, you can “own the room” if you are able to do two things well: first, demonstrate your authentic value and distinction, and second, connect to others in a positive way. Leaders who are able to be authentic while connecting with and impacting others have what the authors call a “signature voice”—a means of self-expression that is uniquely and distinctly their own. Once you discover and express your own signature voice, you’ll be ready to take your leadership presence to the next level. Filled with real-life stories and examples, Own the Room demystifies the concept of presence and gives you the tools you need to identify and embrace your unique leadership voice—and have a greater impact on the world around you.
Published by Harvard Business Press on 03/26/2013
Book details: 208 pages.

First Things First Every Day
Combines time management principles with methods for overcoming bad habits in a day-by-day format
Published by Simon and Schuster on 06/03/1997
Book details: 370 pages.

Relaxing Into Your Being
Reader's ed. published: Fairfax, Calif.: Clarity Press, 1998.
Published on 07/20/2019
Book details: 205 pages.

Unlikely Teachers
You can have more power, presence, and flow in your relationships and in your life by taking a moment to engage your best self. Judy Ringer's stories about how the martial art aikido can be applied to everyday conflict are reminders that we can become more conscious about the ways in which we "invent" our lives from moment to moment. Begin today to turn your difficult moments into golden opportunities.
Author: Judy Ringer
Published by OnePoint Press on 07/20/2019
Book details: 165 pages.

Heart, Self, and Soul
Heart, Self, and Soul is the first book by a Western psychologist to explore the rich spiritual tradition of Sufism as a path for personal growth. Western psychotherapy aims largely to help us eliminate neurotic traits formed in childhood and adapt to society. In contrast, the Sufi goal is ultimately spiritual: Yes, we need to transform our negativity and be effective in the world; but beyond that, we need to reach a state of harmony with the Divine. Full of stories, poetry, meditations, journaling exercises, and colorful everyday examples, this book will open the heart, nourish the self, and quicken the soul.
Published by Quest Books on 09/01/1999
Book details: 269 pages.

Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer and Provocateur
A 1967 obituary in The Times labelled Stephen Joseph 'the most successful missionary to work in the English theatre since the second world war'. This radical man brought theatre-in-the-round to Britain, provoked Ayckbourn, Pinter and verbatim theatre creator Peter Cheeseman to write and direct, and democratised theatregoing. This monograph investigates his forgotten legacy. This monograph draws on largely unsorted archival material (including letters from Harold Pinter, J. B. Priestley, Peggy Ramsay and others), and on new interviews with figures including Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Trevor Griffiths and Sir Ben Kingsley, to demonstrate how the impact on theatre in Britain of manager, director and 'missionary' Stephen Joseph has been far greater than is currently acknowledged within traditional theatre history narratives. The text provides a detailed assessment of Joseph's work and ideas during his lifetime, and summarises his broadly-unrecognised posthumous legacy within contemporary theatre. Throughout the book Paul Elsam identifies Joseph's work and ideas, and illustrates and analyses how others have responded to them. Key incidents and events during Joseph's career are interrogated, and case studies that highlight Joseph's influence and working methods are provided.
Author: Paul Elsam
Published by A&C Black on 12/16/2013
Book details: 272 pages.

History of Delaware : 1609-1888: Local history
Published on 07/20/1888
Book details: 272 pages.
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