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Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law
Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law is the first textbook for students and practitioners in this area, and includes more than 300 exercises and learning activities. It covers a wide range of legal cases and principles in areas such as sports violence and criminality, manslaughter, negligence, sports discipinaries and doping.

Nutritional Concerns in Recreation, Exercise, and Sport
Athletes, coaches, and recreationalists are continually seeking ways to maximize their competitive efforts in both exercise and sport, and from 5km runners to Olympians, most athletes recognize that good nutrition is as crucial to success as ongoing practice and regular exercise. Written and edited by top-notch nutrition and exercise authorities, Nutritional Concerns in Recreation, Exercise, and Sport comprehensively covers the major nutritional concerns related to physical activity and the serious recreationalist and athlete, focusing on core questions in the growing field of sports nutrition. This valuable resource discusses the central roles macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and water) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) play in healthy nutrition. It includes practical considerations related to hydration, body weight, and the use of nutritional supplements as ergogenic aids. It also discusses the various athletic concerns athletes will likely face during different life stages, such as the young athlete, the pregnant athlete, and the aging athlete. Concise and extensively referenced, Nutritional Concerns in Recreation, Exercise, and Sport provides the knowledge base athletes need to make well-informed dietary decisions, optimize overall health, and achieve personal performance success.

Water-Based Tourism, Sport, Leisure, and Recreation Experiences
Written by a team of international contributors, from Australia, Europe and the USA, the text uses international case studies and examples to illustrate and highlight discussion. Contributors include: Paul Beedie, De Montfort University, UK

You Bet Your Life: A Playful Look at the Sports and Recreation of the Corporate American Life
"Fascinating" "Highly Engaging" "Intriguing"Mr. Blue, Jr. did not know how to begin to fill his father's shoes as the CEO of the American Collectibles Exchange (ACE). However, the throne was thrust upon him following his father's untimely

Handbook of Leisure, Physical Activity, Sports, Recreation and Quality of Life
This handbook provides an overview and synthesis of relevant literature related to leisure and recreation, and physical activity and its relationship to quality of life. Divided into two parts, the text presents the analysis of leisure and recreat

Leisure and Recreation Management
Leisure and Recreation Management

Theorizing Outdoor Recreation and Ecology
Deciding what user impacts are natural or unnatural has inspired much debate. Biophysically, moose cause similar kinds of soil and vegetation impacts as hikers. Yet moose are the sign of nature while hikers are the sign of damage. The field of out

Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, 3E
Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, Third Edition, presents perspectives from 52 leading experts from around the world. It delves into foundational concepts, delivery systems, and programming services; offers an array of ancillaries; and helps

Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, 2E
Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, Second Edition, is a textbook designed for an initial undergraduate course in a recreation and leisure program. With its 21st-century views of recreation and leisure services, it incorporates indicators for fut

Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Services
Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Services offers fresh insights on leadership and leadership theory by top professionals in the field. The authors explore classical leadership as well as innovative and modern leadership theory and best practices,

Work, Recreation, and Culture
The essays in this volume focus on the role of women in the work force. They explore how organized sports, social associations of all kinds and the educational system faced by the children of worker were profoundly linked to work place and communi

Ideologies and Forms of Leisure and Recreation in Victorian Manchester
This book analyses certain ideologies which governed the middle class' hegemonic approach to leisure in Victorian Manchester. The study presents different forms of leisure, recreation and entertainment in the city. The author also examines the reasons for the support and financial involvement of Manchester bourgeoisie and its municipal authorities in their development. The analysis covers a wide range of cultural practices and activities, such as institutions and activities promoting intellectual and moral development, family recreation and entertainment, as well as activities and facilities improving health, physical and moral condition of the Mancunians, and sport.

The Kids' Guide to Sports Design and Engineering
Years ago your favorite sport probably looked very different than it does today. Over time advancements in design and engineering have enhanced the game for both athletes and fans. From impressive stadiums to state of the art uniforms and equipment,

Hit and Run Book Three in the Eric Lewis Sports Series
The heartbreak of the state final loss in basketball would linger far too long, but the life lessons learned in sport would far outweigh the heartbreak. At least that's what my parents kept telling me. But for once I'd like to be on the othe

Olympic Sports - When and How? : History of Olympic Sports Then, Now And Beyond
This book is perfect for the young and aspiring Olympians. It provides a glimpse into the world of the greatest athletes, and your child can decide to either follow their footsteps or not. The nice thin about this books is that the information is pre

The Field Book: Sports and Pastimes of the United Kingdom Compiled from the Best Authorities Ancient and Modern
An enthusiastic admirer of rural sports from boyhood, the Compiler sought with avidity after any book connected with his favourite recreations, from which either amusement or information might be obtained. The older authors, with the exception of a f

Recreation for the Disabled Child
This valuable book deals with the recreation activities for the disabled, including skiing, horseback riding, running, camping, water sports, and team sports. Experts examine competitive spirit, training, and the psychological benefits of recreati

Sports Nutrition: Fats and Proteins
It is well known that fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are all energy-yielding nutrients that influence health and physical performance. Yet many recreational, collegiate, and professional athletes still consume more fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol than is recommended, as well as inappropriate amounts of proteins. What is needed is a nuts and bolts reference to guide athletes, coaches, and trainers to make educated choices when designing a diet to yield optimal performance. Sports Nutrition: Fats and Proteins is an up-to-date compilation of critical reviews on the influence of dietary and supplemental fats and proteins on physical performance. Each chapter is written by a recognized scientist with notable expertise in the area of fat or protein as it relates to exercise and sports. It provides a detailed introduction to sports nutrition with an emphasis on the influence of fats and proteins. Covering the quantity and types of fats that effect performance and health, the book includes a general chapter on total fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol, as well as chapters on specific supplements including omegas-3 and -6, medium-chain triglycerides, conjugated linoleic acid, wheat germ oil, and octacosonol. The book also focuses on proteins and the amounts, types, and combinations of selected supplements and their role in performance. Well-researched articles analyze whey, soy, and casein proteins; select amino acids such as creatine, glutamine, and branched-chain; and other beneficial supplements. The book concludes with a discussion of recommended intakes of the energy-yielding nutrients and, more importantly, recommended proportions of carbohydrates to fats to proteins. Armed with the valuable information found in Sports Nutrition: Fats and Proteins, sports nutritionists, fitness professionals, researchers, and the well-informed layman can create and tailor the appropriate diet to help them and others maximize performance and reach their highest potential.

The Economics of Sport and Recreation
This new edition includes an overview of the history of the development of sports markets and the role of economics in the analysis of these markets. It has been thoroughly updated to take account of new developments.

The Economics of Sport and Recreation
The Economics of Sport and Recreation provides a much needed and up-to-date analysis of sport's contribution to the global economy. This new edition covers all aspects of the economics of sport and recreation but gives prominence to the s
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