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Actuarial science
In life, we can not predict anything and we are not even aware what will happen in the next second. It is same with all the business organizations and market trends. No one can predict the future risks and prevent it. When the recessions hit the business industry, many organizations lost their economic balance. However, there is an industry that focuses more on the future risks and uncertainties, Insurance companies. If you are interested to work in business sector and especially in insurance industry, then here is a right career option – Actuarial science. It is a field of study that applies the mathematical statistical procedures and financial theory concepts to compute the risks.
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Science Projects and Fun Experiments in Science
Science Fair projects are a breeze with this new online educational resource for parents, teachers and students. Now in one place you will find every science project kit or book on science experiments, in the internet's largest repository of science project materials and resources.
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Science comics as tools for science education and communication: a brief, exploratory study
A paper about science comics published in Journal of Science Communication.
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The Science Guide 2012
The Science Guide 2012 aims to raise awareness of science and technology opportunities in Australia; the huge 32 page guide combines information on key developments in science and technology and a showcase of the exciting careers available in the science community.
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Communication of science and the representation of science and scientists in science comics
My MSc thesis about science comic books.
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How to Attain an Exercise Science Online Degree
When you want to obtain the Exercise Science Online Degree, you have to prepare some requirements such as reach the submission criteria, choose the accredited school, pay the charge and finish the coursework. An Exercise Science Online Degree is available inside the several universities. This degree is somewhat theory-based, concentrating on the relationship between the activity with health. The research thorough the field of learning, the Exercise Science Online Degree is the combination of the physiology as well as sports medicine.
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Science of Getting Rich - Thoughts Bending Secrets Exposed
Although The Science of Getting Rich was launched over a century ago, there are tons of concepts inside it for those who’re trying to create a remarkably better way of life for you, your family and perhaps even for those you need to bless.
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Perfect Science /perfect water/perfect waters
Research TLC Skin Care For the Millum The Perfect Water ONc. Delware ( 1996 -1997 ) Doctor Stone
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I, Science - Issue 24 (Outreach 2013)
A special edition for UK Science Week 2013 and distributed to Imperial's Outreach schools. Find us on the web at Twitter: @i_science_mag Facebook:
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2013 Innovating Science Catalog
2013 Innovating Science Teacher's Resource Manual. Featuring educational kits for AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Forensics, Chemistry Demos, Green Chemistry, Consumer Chemistry and Life Science
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