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The Family of Ronald W. Reagan
Ronald Wilson Reagan was born 6 Feb 1911 in Tampico, Illinois, to John Edward Reagan and Nellie Wilson. He married first Jane Wyman (nee Sarah Jane Fulks), daughter of Richard D. Fulks and Emma Reise, 24 Jan 1940 in Glendale, California. He married Nancy Davis (nee Anne Frances Robbins), daughter of Kenneth Robbins and Edith Luckett, 4 Mar 1952 in North Hollywood, California. Ancestors and relatives lived mainly in Scotland and Illinois.
Published by Genealogical Publishing Com on 07/15/2019
Book details: 282 pages.

Project Management Tools and Techniques
A combination of art and skill that results in the balancing of project objectives against restraints of time, budget, and quality, effective project management requires skill and experience as well as many tools and techniques. Project Management Tools and Techniques: A Practical Guide describes these tools and techniques and how to use them, giving students the strong foundation they need to develop the skills and experience needed for a successful career in project management. The first five sections discuss a typical project life cycle, and beginning with an introduction to project management in terms of the role it plays in the organization and how a business case drives the process. From this starting point, the various planning and control-oriented techniques described evolve this process through the life cycle from scope development to completion. The final section closes the discussion with a group of more contemporary topics labeled "advanced." These are essential tools that need to be in wide use but are still evolving in practice. Most of the chapters supply sample questions and exercises to help with a review of the material. Each of the authors has extensive real-world experience in her or his respective professional areas with a combined experience of about 100 years. They have selected topics based on their valuation of the tool and its project management value. They present the material in such a way that the concepts can be applied to any project. Once this material is mastered, students will have a good overview regarding the basic planning and control actions required by a project manager. Also, this book will make a great reference guide that can be used by project managers and team members for years to come.
Published by CRC Press on 04/19/2016
Book details: 494 pages.

Atmospheric Dynamics
Mankin Mak's textbook provides a self-contained course on atmospheric dynamics. The first half is suitable for senior undergraduates, and develops the physical, dynamical and mathematical concepts at the fundamental level. The second half of the book is aimed at more advanced students who are already familiar with the basics. The contents have been developed from many years of the author's teaching at the University of Illinois. Discussions are supplemented with schematics, weather maps and statistical plots of the atmospheric general circulation. Students often find the connection between theoretical dynamics and atmospheric observation somewhat tenuous, and this book demonstrates a strong connection between the key dynamics and real observations. This textbook is an invaluable asset for courses in atmospheric dynamics for advanced students and researchers in atmospheric science, ocean science, weather forecasting, environmental science, and applied mathematics. Some background in mathematics, physics and basic atmospheric science is assumed.
Author: Mankin Mak
Published by Cambridge University Press on 02/24/2011
Book details: 494 pages.

Directory of Geoscience Departments 2015
The Directory of Geoscience Departments 50th Edition is the most comprehensive directory and source of information about geosciences departments and researchers available. It is an invaluable resource for individuals working in the geosciences or must identify or work with specialists on the issues of Earth, Environmental, and related sciences and engineering fields. The Directory of Geoscience Departments 50th Edition provides a state/country-sorted listing of nearly 2300 geoscience departments, research departments, institutes, and their faculty and staff. Information on contact information for departments and individuals is provided, as well as details on department enrollments, faculty specialties, and the date and source of faculty and staff's highest degree. New in the 50th edition: Listing of all US and Canadian geoscience theses and dissertations accepted in 2012 that have been reported to GeoRef Information Services, as well as a listing of faculty by their research specialty.
Published by American Geosciences Inst on 02/27/2015
Book details: 535 pages.

Employment Discrimination Law: Selected Statutes and Regulations
This is a companion volume to Employment Discrimination Law: Cases and Materials, Seventh Edition, 2011
Published by LexisNexis on 07/01/2012
Book details: 306 pages.

Understanding Social Psychology Across Cultures
Understanding Social Psychology Across Cultures Second Edition starts by asking why social psychology needs a cross-cultural perspective. It then examines cultural differences and their origins, before addressing traditional social psychological themes cross-culturally, for example group processes, self and identity, intergroup relations. Themes of contemporary relevance including migration, ethnic conflict and climate change are also covered. Key features: Presentation of concepts and theories made accessible to the reader using practical examples and everyday life experiences from diverse parts of the world Biographical portraits of key researchers in the field Coverage of the appropriate methods for conducting state-of-the-art cross-cultural research This textbook is appropriate for students of social and cross-cultural psychology. It will also interest practitioners wanting to understand the impact of culture on their fields of work, such as international relations, social policy, health promotion, ethnic relations and international business.
Published by SAGE on 08/22/2013
Book details: 480 pages.

Catalog of Copyright Entries
Published on 07/15/2019
Book details: 480 pages.

History and Directory of Ionia County, Michigan
Published on 07/15/1872
Book details: 195 pages.

Atmospheric Turbulence and Mesoscale Meteorology
A summary of current research by leading workers in the field.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 10/21/2004
Book details: 280 pages.

Understanding Social Psychology Across Cultures
This long-awaited new textbook will be of enormous value to students and teachers in cross-cultural and social psychology. The key strength of Understanding Social Psychology Across Cultures: Living and Working in a Changing World is how it illustrates the ways in which culture shapes psychological process across a wide range of social contexts. It also effectively examines the strengths and limitations of the key theories, methods and instruments used in cross-cultural research.
Published by SAGE on 01/26/2006
Book details: 323 pages.
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