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Music as the Source of Learning
The evidence grows daily that much learning failure results from undetected early childhood hearing problems (Gordon 1977). This is because the child is deprived of the state of acute hearing sensitivity normally present at birth which makes it possible to recognize the loudness levels and duration of each individual sound. This is how a child learns the signifi cance of the slightest variations in the quality of each sound as he collects information from the environment through all his senses, and the meaning of these changes is experienced and understood. As a result of normal sensory experience and reaction with the environment the multisensory systems are used and developed. Similarly, the growth of the brain is stimulated to make possible the storage of infor mation and to produce the biochemical state necessary to transmit and relate the sensory information so collected and stored (Monckeberg and Prescott, 1975). If the loudness level of sound is reduced so too is its impact. In this form a baby's normal 'startle response' to a sound, which includes the flickering open of the eyes, is rarely experienced. This response of the eyes is a seeking out of a sound source. The visual localizing of sound sources, leading to the antiCipation of their spatial position, arises from the ability to hear the fine changes of pitch and loudness levels involved in movement.
Author: A.S. Wisbey
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 12/06/2012
Book details: 165 pages.

Beginning with the Word (Cultural Exegesis)
In this addition to the critically acclaimed Cultural Exegesis series, a nationally recognized scholar and award-winning author offers a sophisticated theological engagement with the nature of language and literature. Roger Lundin conducts a sustained theological dialogue with imaginative literature and with modern literary and cultural theory, utilizing works of poetry and fiction throughout to prompt the discussion and focus his reflections. The book is marked by a commitment to bring the history of Christian thought, modern theology in particular, into dialogue with literature and modern culture. It is theologically rigorous, widely interdisciplinary in scope, lucidly written, and ecumenical in tone and approach.
Author: Roger Lundin
Published by Baker Academic on 04/29/2014
Book details: 272 pages.

High Five!
High Five! combines the spellbinding charm of a timeless parable with cutting-edge information about why teams are important and what individuals and organizations can do to build successful ones. Through the story of Alan Foster, a workplace one-man band, High Five! identifies the four key ingredients of winning teams. Although Alan is an effective producer, he is unwilling to share the spotlight by partnering on projects and is fired because, as his boss puts it, "Alan, we need good producers who are good team players, too." It is a bitter pill for him to swallow. While mulling over his disappointment, he takes his son to his grade-five hockey practice, where it is clear that his son's team, the Riverbend Warriors, knows nothing about teamwork, either. When the team's two overworked coaches learn of Alan's plight, they persuade him to join their ranks, and he finds himself charged with teaching himself and the players the meaning of teamwork. With the help of a woman friend-a former girls' basketball coach who has "won more high school basketball championships than anyone"-Alan and the Warriors learn the magic of teamwork and that "none of us is as smart as all of us." With its simple style and easy-to-follow techniques, High Five! is a must-read for anyone seeking to learn the value and power of teamwork.
Published by Harper Collins on 12/26/2000
Book details: 224 pages.

Work Less, Live More
Ready to pursue the rest of your life? Get going with Work Less, Live More Professionally, you're experiencing the success that years of hard work brings -- but the long hours are taking their toll and you're burning out fast. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to the grind: Semi-retirement. Work fewer hours, realize your goals and dreams, spend time with your loved ones -- and do it all years, even decades, before the "normal" retirement age of 65. With Work Less, Live More and a little planning, you can do it. The book provides a rational investment system based on Nobel Prize-winning research, a safe lifelong withdrawal plan and sensible spending guidelines. More importantly, the book provides the inspiring stories and insights of many successful early semi-retirees, walking proof that meaningful work -- rather than full-time work -- is both fulfilling and rewarding. The 2nd edition focuses on every age group -- especially "late bloomers" who may feel way behind. It also includes more information on healthcare issues. If you're ready to pursue the rest of your life, turn to Work Less, Live More and get going!
Published by Nolo on 10/04/2007
Book details: 368 pages.

Fish! Tales
Fish! told the story of a fictional company which transformed itself by applying lessons learned from Seattles famous Pike Place Fish market. Now, with Fish! Tales, readers can learn how real-life businesses and individuals energized their workplaces--and their lives--by implementing the lessons from Fish! Best of all, the book stands on its own for newcomers to the Fish! philosophy. Fish! Tales focuses on diverse companies, such as a bustling Sprint regional customer service center, a quiet neuro-surgical unit at a major hospital, and a brilliant car dealership. It features dozens of short takesquick and easy ways to apply the Fish! philosophy right now. And it includes a detailed program with specific steps and action plans.
Published by Hachette Books on 06/01/2002
Book details: 176 pages.

Textbook of Hemophilia
The only up-to-date definitive reference source onhemophilia This book is an invaluable resource that provides an overview ofall aspects of the care of patients with haemophilia. Covering how to assess both bleeding children and adults,Haemophilia A and B, molecular basis of the disease, the role offactors in coagulation, epidemiology, pharmacokinetics, andtreatment of inhibitors. There will also be a section onmusculoskeletal aspects of haemophilia as well as newerdevelopments such as gene therapy and rare bleedingdisorders. Textbook of Hemophilia is ideal for: Trainees and residents in hematology Hematologists in practice Specialists working in thrombosis and hemostasis as well astransfusion medicine Why Buy This Book? The only up-to-date definitive reference source onhemophilia Essential for all those managing hemophilia patients Detailed guidance on assessment, diagnosis, management andtreatment Advice for everyday clinical questions Edited by three of the world’s leading experts onhemophilia
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 04/15/2008
Book details: 416 pages.

The Forty-seventh Infantry
Published on 07/24/2019
Book details: 183 pages.

Micromanipulation in Assisted Conception
This 2003 book is a comprehensive and highly illustrated guide to micromanipulation techniques in assisted conception in a clinical setting.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 11/06/2003
Book details: 246 pages.

The County Families of the United Kingdom Or, Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland ...
Published on 07/24/1869
Book details: 1167 pages.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office
Published on 07/24/2019
Book details: 1167 pages.
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