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Pet Care Givers and Families
Full of concrete, detailed examples of what pet owners can do to improve and empower their relationships with their pets, this book draws on the author’s experiences working as a pet care professional to provide advice about various services owners can access including dog playgroups, dog walkers, cat visitors, and pet sitters.
Published by Rowman & Littlefield on 09/03/2015
Book details: 252 pages.

Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations
Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 198. Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations brings together a collection of studies on the history of complex interrelationships between humans and their environment by integrating Earth science with archeology and anthropology. At a time when climate change, overpopulation, and scarcity of resources are increasingly affecting our ways of life, the lessons of the past provide multiple reference frames that are valuable for informing our future decisions and action plans. Volume highlights include discussions of multiple connotations of the Anthropocene, landscapes as a link between climate and humans, synoptic approaches to explore large-scale cultural patterns, regional studies for contextualizing cultural complexity, and environmental determinism and social theory. Straddling the fields of Earth sciences, anthropology, and archaeology and presenting research from across several continents, Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations will appeal to a wide readership among scientists, scholars, and the public at large.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 05/09/2013
Book details: 226 pages.

The Jews of Rhode Island
Rhode Island as we know it began in 1636 when Roger Williams, an independent-minded "godly minister" banished from Massachusetts for promulgating new and dangerous opinions, founded a new colony, Providence, at the head of Narragansett Bay. Although none of Williams's followers were Jews, some of his libertarian ideals would profoundly influence the future Jewish population. Around 1677 a group of Sephardim (Jews of Iberian descent) from Barbados arrived in Newport. Despite legal protection, this tiny Jewish community on Aquidneck Island did not last. Newport's Jewish community revived in the mid-eighteenth century, when trade with the West Indies brought new wealth to this British outpost. Touro synagogue, only the second built in North America, has endured as a masterpiece of colonial architecture. President George Washington's letter to the "Hebrew Congregation in Newport," written in 1790, also became a pillar of American religious liberty. For economic reasons, however, Newport's Jewish community once again dispersed. Rhode Island Jewry began to reestablish itself toward the end of the nineteenth century, when immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe settled mainly in Providence. By 1924, the state's Jewish population reached 25,000. Many Jews worked in the state's booming textile and jewelry industries, and others as peddlers and tailors. While some Jews would prosper as merchants and manufacturers, others, particularly women and children, were relegated to menial tasks. There were also Jewish farmers. Following World War II, Jews were elected to numerous statewide offices and gained prominence in an array of professional, cultural, and philanthropic organizations. Jewish students and professors thrived at many of the state's colleges and universities. In 1970, recognizing the need to work together, communal leaders established the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island. Today about 18,000 Jews live throughout the Ocean State. In many respects, however, the Jewish community retains the character of a traditional small town. Many Jews have attended the same schools, married hometown sweethearts, and have remained loyal to neighborhood synagogues and charities. A day at the beach endures as an idyllic summer vacation. This anthology celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Rhode Island Jewish Historical Notes, the journal that has presented and preserved much of Rhode Island's Jewish past. The volume presents seventeen previously published articles or excerpts, two new essays, a timeline, and an extensive bibliography. There are nearly one hundred photographs, most published for the first time. Through the lens of The Notes, The Jews of Rhode Island provides a panoramic view of a famous yet little-known Jewish community.
Published by UPNE on 08/18/2019
Book details: 268 pages.

Robert Burns Woodward
Robert Burns Woodward was the star of 20th-century organic chemistry. An MIT graduate by age 19, Woodward's ingenious notions about organic synthesis and his artful methodology were astounding. He is most famed for his synthesis of vitamin B12, which he undertook with Albert Eschenmoser, and for the orbital symmetry rules he developed with Roald Hoffmann. This volume presents Woodward's most celebrated papers and lectures--including the famous Cope lecture. Insightful commentaries and rarely seen photographs are also included.
Published by Chemical Heritage Foundation on 08/18/2019
Book details: 470 pages.

Designer of Reality Guidebook
This is a guide to having more fun and getting more of the things you want out of life. We guarantee you that you will be glad you found this Guidebook. As you become a Master of the skills involved, you will be able to have what many might consider a truly magical existence. There will be challenges along the path but you will learn how to be totally happy in the process. With a few realizations and a bit of practice you can excel as a Designer of Reality, making the world a better place every day. Just get the book and get started now. It's not hard, you can do it BUT you do need a few insights and practice to get it right. When you begin to realize who you really are you will see how important this is. YOU are far more important to the future of the planet than you probably ever imagined.
Author: John Brodie
Published by Lulu Press, Inc on 10/18/2015
Book details: 470 pages.

Fighting Cancer
Introduces the Gorter model; discusses strategies for strengthening immunity, reducing stress, and minimizing toxic exposure; and provides questions to ask after diagnosis and advice for evaluating options, getting information, and seeking second opinions.
Published by North Atlantic Books on 08/18/2019
Book details: 368 pages.

Directory of Geoscience Departments 2015
The Directory of Geoscience Departments 50th Edition is the most comprehensive directory and source of information about geosciences departments and researchers available. It is an invaluable resource for individuals working in the geosciences or must identify or work with specialists on the issues of Earth, Environmental, and related sciences and engineering fields. The Directory of Geoscience Departments 50th Edition provides a state/country-sorted listing of nearly 2300 geoscience departments, research departments, institutes, and their faculty and staff. Information on contact information for departments and individuals is provided, as well as details on department enrollments, faculty specialties, and the date and source of faculty and staff's highest degree. New in the 50th edition: Listing of all US and Canadian geoscience theses and dissertations accepted in 2012 that have been reported to GeoRef Information Services, as well as a listing of faculty by their research specialty.
Published by American Geosciences Inst on 02/27/2015
Book details: 535 pages.

Party Confidential
A guide to modern party etiquette for hosts and guests offers coverage of topics that are not typically covered in traditional guides, from managing unexpected guests and accommodating dietary requests to leaving a party early and appropriately responding to an RSVP. 50,000 first printing.
Published by Macmillan on 07/08/2008
Book details: 258 pages.

General Register
Announcements for the following year included in some vols.
Published on 08/18/1968
Book details: 258 pages.

David Stark
"This volume explores twenty-five of Stark's elaborate-yet-economical events--and a majority of private celebrations--with over 200 color photographs and lively, witty short texts that outline how or where he found the inspiration for each event's theme"--
Author: David Stark
Published on 08/18/2019
Book details: 239 pages.
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