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Reading Jesus
In the introduction to this remarkable book, Mary Gordon is riding in a taxi as the driver listens to a religious broadcast, and she reflects that, though a lifelong Christian, she is at odds with many others who identify themselves as Christians.

Summer Reading
Summer Reading is the story of three women whose disparate lives intersect in the Hamptons. Lissy Snyder, a beautiful and emotionally needy newlywed, is the unwilling stepmother of her husband's hostile children. Her eavesdropping housecl

Reading with Patrick
Finalist for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize "In all of the literature addressing education, race, poverty, and criminal justice, there has been nothing quite like Reading with Patrick."-The Atlantic

Smart Reading
Have you ever wondered how some people can skim through a book in minutes, pick up dozens of facts and ideas, and recall them with pinpoint accuracy, even months or years later? With Smart Reading, you won't need to wonder any more.<

Reading People
If the viral Buzzfeed-style personality quizzes are any indication, we are collectively obsessed with the idea of defining and knowing ourselves and our unique place in the world. But what we're finding is this: knowing which Harry Potter

The Reading Promise
When Alice Ozma was in 4th grade, she and her father decided to see if he could read aloud to her for 100 consecutive nights. On the hundreth night, they shared pancakes to celebrate, but it soon became evident that neither wanted to let go of the

Reading Jackie
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis never wrote a memoir, but she told her life story and revealed herself in intimate ways through the nearly 100 books she brought into print during the last two decades of her life as an editor at Viking and Doubleday. Ba

Reading Trout Water
Second edition, completely updated in full color Covers every water type-riffles, runs, pools, flats, pocket water, bank water Learn how to find trout by studying curr

Reading My Father
Alexandra Styron's parents-the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Sophie's Choice and his political activist wife, Rose-were, for half a century, leading players on the world's cultural stage. Alexandra was raised under both the halo of her father's

On Reading
We read for all sorts of reasons: pleasure, education, escapism, intellectual stimulation. The act of reading is a private, personal one that we love to share with our friends and families. Reading and books form a world rich in detail, memory and em

The Reading Circle
"This lighthearted, cozy read brought a smile to my face. Lovers of small town fiction are going to fall in love with The Reading Circle." -Marie Bostwick, author of Between Heaven and TexasWelcome to the quirk

Reading Maps
How Do You Get From One Place To The Next? Learn How To Read A Map. Social Studies Based Leveled Readers For Use In Guided Reading And Social Studies Instruction.

Speed Reading
The Definitive Guide to the Speed ReadingFor the first time, two of the very bestselling speed reading training books have been put together in one single collection. Representing a wealth of speed readin

Reading Witchcraft
In this original study of witchcraft, Gibson explores the stories told by and about witches and their 'victims' through trial records, early news books, pamphlets and fascinating personal accounts. The author discusses the issues surrounding the i

Reading with Patrick
Finalist for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize "In all of the literature addressing education, race, poverty, and criminal justice, there has been nothing quite like Reading with Patrick."-The Atlantic

Lip Reading
She Could Save Millions, or Save Herself She just needs a little longer. She's really close. Dr. Rebecca Jackson, a medical researcher, stands on the verge of a breakthrough that will transform medicine. But she soon

The Reading Party
It is the seventies and the colleges of Oxford are finally opening their doors to women. Sarah Addleshaw, young, spirited and keen to prove her worth, begins term as the first female academic at her college. She is in fact, her college's only fema

Anomalous Readings
Explore the Curious and Confounding* A gritty sci-fi / western featuring a genetically modified talking horse* A karmic sci-fi apocalypse haunted by the "ghosts" of the dead* A man who erases memo

Burn Before Reading
As never before, the American public is fascinated by how the United States government gathers intelligence. And there is no one better than Admiral Stansfield Turner, CIA Director under President Carter, to reveal the politics and personal issues

Masonic Readings and Recitations
The Merry Mason may be safely depended upon to provide a good programme, but this short volume goes a little way to add to the Merry Masons repotoire.
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