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Modern Day Jekyll & Hyde: Books 1-3

This collection includes:-The Journals of Jacob and Hyde-Jehovah and Hades-Jehovah and Hades: Federal CaseThe novellas listed above are books 1-3 in the Modern Day Jekyll & Hyde series. Total word count for all three combined is just under 54,000 words. Jehovah and Hades follows the last two known descendants of Dr. Jekyll (from Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde) as they track down the uncontrollable monsters that originally came from Mr. Hyde. Jehovah is a computer hacker and weapons maker and Hades is an incredibly deadly assassin who is unkillable when Hyde takes over. The Journals of Jacob and Hyde follows their father as he discovers his powers.

The Journals of Jacob and Hyde

Jake was just a normal kid who enjoyed hearing his mother's bedtime stories. The stories became shockingly real when he discovered that he was a descendant of Dr. Jekyll and that he had his own Mr. Hyde living inside him. Driven by a desire to do good, he attempts to hunt down and kill the remaining Hyde monsters. Can he finish off the onslaught of Hyde monsters and keep the girl he loves safe?

Jehovah and Hades: Federal Case

The federal government asks for help from the brothers when they fail to bring in a Hyde monster after several attempts. Jehovah is too sick for field work so he remains behind to remotely provide tech support. Can Hades bring down the elusive Black Hawk on his own?

Jehovah and Hades

The brothers, Jehovah and Hades, have always been at the top of their game as a high IQ computer hacker from M.I.T. and an unkillable assassin. When they're contacted by Rick to free a people oppressed by a dictator, both jump at the chance. Once they reach the Philippines, however, they realize that their limited resources and constant attacks sent from an unknown source severely limit their abilities. To make matters worse, the mayor has his own personal army that seems to anticipate their actions. Will they be able to rely solely on their brains and brawn to get the job done?Jehovah and Hades also includes an introduction for its prequel: The Journals of Jacob and Hyde.

Write Great Code, Volume 1

Today's programmers are often narrowly trained because the industry moves too fast. That's where Write Great Code, Volume 1: Understanding the Machine comes in. This, the first of four volumes by author Randall Hyde, teaches important con

Write Great Code, Volume 1

Write Great Code, Volume 1: Understanding the Machine explains the fundamental concepts of low-level computation in a friendly, language-independent fashion. Covering topics like binary arithmetic, bit operations, I/O, memory access and more, author and professor Randall Hyde illustrates machine organization without requiring a mastery of assembly language. Readers can also expect to learn about floating-point, numeric, and character representation; constants and types; Boolean logic; CPU and instruction set architecture; and how compilers work. This is the perfect book for high-level programmers ready to move from good to great.

Write Great Code, Volume 2

It's a critical lesson that today's computer science students aren't always being taught: How to carefully choose their high-level language statements to produce efficient code. Write Great Code, Volume 2: Thinking Low-Level, Writing High-Leve

Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition

Widely respected by hackers of all kinds, The Art of Assembly Language teaches programmers how to understand assembly language and how to use it to write powerful, efficient code. Using the proven High Level Assembler (HLA) as its primary teaching tool, The Art of Assembly Language leverages your knowledge of high level programming languages to make it easier for you to quickly grasp basic assembly concepts. Among the most comprehensive references to assembly language ever published, The Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent changes to the HLA language. All code from the book is portable to the Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD operating systems.

The Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition

Assembly is a low-level programming language that's one step above a computer's native machine language. Although assembly language is commonly used for writing device drivers, emulators, and video games, many programmers find its somewhat unfrien

Write Great Code, Volume 2

Write Great Code, Volume 2 shows software engineers what too many college and university courses don't: how compilers translate high-level language statements and data structures into machine code. Armed with this knowledge, readers will be better informed about choosing the high-level structures that will help the compiler produce superior machine code.

Write Great Code, Volume 3

Learn how to write code that everybody thinks is great. This book covers topics relevant to writing great code at a personal level: craftsmanship, art, and pride in your workmanship. This third volume in the Write Great Code serie

Apocalyptic Fears IV

Hundreds of pages of apocalyptic fiction. When the world falls apart, when civilization collapses, when life as we know it ends, our greatest terrors becomes real. Perhaps it's nuclear war with its poisonous radiation, hideous plagues or chemical contamination, rogue artificial intelligences controlling killer robots, or zombies that turn our friends and neighbors into inhuman monsters. What can the common man or woman do in the face of apocalyptic fears? The Apocalyptic Fears Series gives you collections of bestselling, award-winning or just plain exciting stories by some of the best independent authors of today. Contains the following stories: Skull's Shadows a novel by David VanDyke The Fall of Man a novel by J.V. Roberts A Dark and Sure Descent a novel by Saul Tanpepper EMP Code Blue a Short Story by Steve Stroble Escape from Tamnica a novel by Laurence Moore The Journals of Jacob and Hyde a novel by Randall J. Morris Wisconsin Wendigo a novel by Chris Northern Zero Patient Trilogy a novel by Harmon Cooper
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