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Towards a Functional Competition Policy for India
This Study Tracks The Evolution Of Competition Policy And Law In India; Discusses The Interface Of Competition Policy With Government Policies (At The Federal As Well As State Level), And Consumer Welfare; And Identifies Competition And Economic Regulation Issues In Agriculture, Manufacturing, And Services. A Useful Study For Those Interested In Economic Policies, In General, And Competition Policy In Particular.
Published by Academic Foundation on 01/01/2005
Book details: 248 pages.

Evolution of Competition Laws and Their Enforcement
"This edited volume identifies the various country specific factors that warrant changes in the design and implementation of competition laws. The book covers case studies of nine countries of differing sizes and at varying stages of economic development, that have at one stage or another repealed extant competition laws for new ones, and seeks to examine the motivations and contexts under which this was done. The countries examined include the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Ireland, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania and the UK. Tracing the evolution of competition regimes in the countries covered, the book provides lessons for countries still in the process of forming their competition regimes. The contributions show that the road to strong competition regimes is seldom smooth, and that social, economic and political factors in the country hugely impact on the pace and effectiveness of competition reforms. The volume also addresses the issue of when the development of competition policies and laws can be seen to be in conflict with national development strategies. This book will be extremely useful for academics and students in the fields of global competition, law and economics, and development economics, as well as for policymakers. Pradeep S. Mehta is the founder Secretary General of Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS), a leading economic policy research, advocacy and networking organisation, and serves on several policy-making bodies of the Government of India, related to trade, investment, competition, environment and consumer affairs"--
Published by Routledge on 07/15/2019
Book details: 221 pages.

A Functional Competition Policy for India
Contributed articles emerging out of various seminar platforms on Indian government policies on competition and laws regarding it.
Published by Academic Foundation on 01/01/2006
Book details: 294 pages.

Managing Quality in the Apparel Industry
This Easy-To-Follow Reference Book Explores All Aspects Of Quality For The Clothing And Apparel Industry - Detailing The Fundamental Principles As Well As The Latest Topics In The Quality Profession.This Book Is Further Refinement Of The Work Published Entitled An Introduction To Quality Control For The Apparel Industry By The American Society For Quality In September 1992.Presenting Quality As An Overall Business Strategy And Management Function, Managing Quality In The Apparel Industry Explains What Is Quality, Why Quality Is Important, And Describes How To Build Quality Into Products, Shows How To Evaluate Quality Of All The Components That Go Into Making Garments, Explains How To Measure The Cost Of Quality Or Rather Poor Quality, And Shows How To Begin To Manage Quality.Providing Hundreds Of Excerpts, Managing Quality In The Apparel Industry Is A Practical Source For Quality Control Managers, Supervisors, Inspectors, Technicians, And Executives; And Upper-Level Undergraduates And Graduate Students In These Disciplines.
Published by New Age International on 07/15/1998
Book details: 327 pages.

Reforming Rules and Regulations
Experts examine how regulatory and institutional environments affect the functioning of markets and propose reforms. In recent years governments have paid increasing attention to weighing the socioeconomic benefits of regulations against their costs. Rules and regulations governing economic activity are typically formulated with a view to their benefits. Their effects on the costs and inefficiencies, in particular the possible chilling effects on competition and innovation, have received limited attention. In this collection, experts from Europe, the United States, and Asia examine a range of issues related to the effect of rules and regulations on competition, and explore the role of key institutions that affect market outcomes. Their contributions argue for using quantitative methods to guide policy and reform rules and regulation, and many of the essays offer methodologies for assessment and recommendations for policy alternatives.Topics covered include the effectiveness of R&D tax incentives in OECD countries; the adverse effect of EU climate policy on competitiveness; telecommunication regulation in the developing countries of India, China, and Sri Lanka; the role of banks in fostering small and medium enterprises in Argentina and Chile; the evolution of the U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) System; and developing quantitative screening tools to assess which sectors in the economy might benefit most from regulatory reforms. Contributors Victoria Alexeeva-Talebi, Niels Anger, Dallas Burtraw, Martin Cave, Matthew Corkery, Adriaan Dierx, Sean Ennis, W. Scott Frame, Vivek Ghosal, Ivan Hascic, Ivan Hascic, Fabienne Ilzkovitz, Nick Johnstone, Boris Lokshin, Andreas Löschel, María Soledad Martínez Pería, Pradeep S. Mehta, Udai S. Mehta, Malwina Mejer, Siddhartha Mitra, Pierre Mohnen, Karen Palmer, Anthony Paul, Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Sergio L. Schmukler, Augusto de la Torre, Lawrence J. White
Author: Vivek Ghosal
Published by MIT Press on 07/15/2019
Book details: 316 pages.

Middle Powers in World Trade Diplomacy
Examining how leading developing countries are increasingly shaping international economic negotiations, this book uses the case studies of India and South Africa to demonstrate the ability of states to exert diplomatic influence through different bargaining strategies and represent the interests of the developing world in global governance.
Published by Springer on 03/01/2015
Book details: 219 pages.

Essays on the International Trading System
Published by Cameron May on 01/01/2004
Book details: 384 pages.

South Asia 2060
“South Asia 2060” is a dialogue among 47 experts from a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds, ranging from policymakers to academia to civil society activists and visionaries, on the likely longer-range trajectories of South Asia’s future. The collection explores current regional trends, possible future trajectories, and the key factors that will determine whether these trajectories are positive or negative for the region, as a region. Departing from a purely security-based analysis, the volume considers factors such as development and human well-being to reveal not what will happen but what could happen, as well as the impact present conditions could have on the rest of the world.
Published by Anthem Press on 12/15/2013
Book details: 338 pages.

Mergers and Acquisitions
This book provides a holistic account of developments and patterns of mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in the Indian corporate sector, especially in the post-liberalisation era. It combines astute analyses with up-to-date data to present an all-inclusive picture of globalisation and its impact on business in contemporary India. This will serve as an important resource to researchers, scholars and students of economics, management, business administration, business studies, commerce and corporate law, as well as policy-makers, legal practitioners, industrial houses, and industrial bodies.
Author: P. L. Beena
Published by Routledge on 10/10/2014
Book details: 292 pages.

Hanging by a Thread
Contributed articles.
Published by Consumer Unity & Trust Society on 12/31/1969
Book details: 205 pages.
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