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Lila's New Pet
Lila wants a new pet. She goes with her dad to a pet shop to look for a new pet. She is so excited she can't stop thinking about all the animals she will see at the pet shop. Which animal does Lila decide to bring home?

Pet Health Insurance 101
Recent revelations in scientific research have provided pet owners with the means to now save their beloved family pets from injuries and diseases that would have caused the pet to be euthanized in the not so distant past. The sad news is t

Pet Health Care Insurance
All The Right Ingredients You Need For The Best AKC Pet Health Insurance, Ferret Coverage, Rabbit Coverage, Canada's Pet Health Concerns and Using Multiple Pets to Find Pet Health Insurance for a Low Cost.

Hands-On Healing For Pets
This phenomenal book by Margrit Coates, the world's leading animal healer, will teach you how to make a real difference to your pet's happiness and well-being through hands-on energy healing. Energy healing is a non-invasive, complementary - yet ve

Glucosamine For Dogs And Other Pets
Glucosamine For Dogs And Other Pets" was written by a dog lover for other dog lovers who have concerns their pet's health. My own Lab was having joint problems and I had heard about glucosamine. Before going to the Vet I decided to educate my

Pet Bride & Groom Costumes
Crochet these whimsical projects for your "best friend"! These adorable bride and groom designs for dogs are made using worsted-weight yarn. The bride outfit includes pearls, satin ribbon, and tulle, while the groom sports a tuxedo and a cute top hat. Small size is 12" girth, medium is 18" girth, large is 24"girth, and extra large is 30" girth.

101 Facts about Pets: Kittens
101 Facts about Pets: Kittens

Feeding a Raw Meat Diet to Your Pets
With the advent of commercial dog foods in the market, many pet owners started feeding these foods to their pets. However, recently there has been an argument which says that commercial foods are not good for the health of cats and dogs, rather t

Coconut Oil and My Dog: Natural Pet Health For My Canine Friend
Control doggie odor and fleas, plus heal hot spots, all with one thing?How does that work? And what does it cost?Did you know that long term use of chemical laden flea collars can cause seizures? A scary thought I know. But there is an alternative to this problem and many others. What if there were a way to help your dog with many of the painful everyday issues that come up and do it without the nasty side effects of toxic chemicals? A way to see your dog happy and healthy that was easily affordable and helped to improve the quality of their life. So many of the products out there today can have debilitating side effects like rashes, chemical burns and seizures, to name just a few. And studies show, the more chemicals our pets are exposed to, the higher the incidence of disease and cancer, just like humans. Without knowing it, you may be adding to the very situations you're trying to avoid. But, there is something that you can do to help your dog without unknowingly putting them through all that. Research has shown, the proper use of coconut oil can help our pets as much as it helps us. In this book, you're going to learn: What is in coconut oil that is so effective in helping your dog overcome chronic conditions. How to safely relieve your dog from fleas, ticks, rashes, and obesity, to name just a few. The right kind of coconut oil to buy for your dog's health and why. Using the wrong kind will harm, not help. How much coconut oil is safe for your dog to take and how to begin adding it to their diet.I know how hard it can be to find reliable information. It's especially important when we're dealing with our canine friends. I've spent hours searching the Internet to find solid information for my own pets, and now I want to share that with you. The last thing you want to do is let your dog become one of the many victims of today's chemical-ridden society. Now, you have the power to help them avoid that. This book is for you if you want to do all you can for your dog an

Dog Facts, The Series #3: The Pet Parent's A-to-Z Home Care Encyclopedia
CHAPTER "C" from DOG FACTS! Your Quick Tips SourceMore than 78 million pet dogs today are kept in fifty-four million U.S. households. Now, from one of the most trusted dog care authors of the last twenty-five yea

Essential Oils For Your Pet: 47 Safe, Natural And Easy Home Remedies For Fido (Aromatherapy for Dogs)
Learn How To Use Essential Oils To Treat Common Ailments For Your Beloved DogIf you have been searching for effective natural pet care and home remedies for dogs, this book is for you. It is a down-to-earth, concise, and p

Pets Only
Have you ever been to an establishment that requires you to be accompanied by a pet to gain entry? Let Shadow lead you through Pets Only, where our motto is "No Pet, No Service."

Pet Grooming For Beginners
This book covers several topics including: Chapter 1: Why Is Pet Grooming Important Chapter 2: Cat Grooming Chapter 3: Grooming Your Kitty Chapter 4: Flea Baths-an Important Part Of Your Cat's Grooming Regime Chapter 5: F

Your Child's Pet Friend
Your child's pet can turn out to be a lifelong friend for him and the entire family. That's why it's important to get him a pet that is compatible with him and can grow up together with him. Finding the right pet may not be easy to come

Pet Grooming: The Ultimate Guide
So Fido is getting a little scruffy. Pet grooming professionals are very expensive and sometimes you will not get the desired results that you wish and first place. Home pet grooming has become a fad in the last 10 years. The question asked most b

Essential Oils for Pets
Care for your pet the all-natural wayDo you want the very best for your pet? Do you worry about the high cost of veterinarian bills, and if you would be able to afford them if your pet were to come down w

Pet Odor Removal Solutions
Pets are wonderful to have in the home… but pet odors are not so great! No matter how much you love your pet, living with pet odors is not acceptable. The smell of their urine or poop can linger on your clothing, linens, carpet, furnishings

Digital pet
A digital pet (also known as a virtual pet, artificial pet,[1] or pet-raising simulation) is a type of artificial human companion. They are usually kept for companionship or enjoyment. People may keep a digital pet in lieu of a real pet.

The Owner's Manual to Owning a Pet Bull Terrier
The Manual to Owning a Pet Bull Terrier. Covering topics such as Origin, Confirmation, Purchasing, Personality, Management of Bull Terrier, Grooming, Feeding, Health, Potty Training, Preparing your home, Socializing, Basic Training, Children and O

How to Eliminate Pet Odors in Your Home
This e book explores the different ideas of how to remove odors from your home. It delves into the various cleaning supplies that are available in the marketplace as well as giving you ideas of how to make your own homemade cleaning agents to rid
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