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People, Places and Events
Martin Green is a retiree/free-lance writer living in Roseville, California. In 1991, the year after he retired, he started writing articles for a weekly alternative newspaper in Sacramento, Suttertown News. In the same year, he

People, places & things
This collection of 123 brief poems about actual people, places, and things is remarkable for its diversity ans craftsmanship. Allen's epigrams cover everything from Batman and bank machines to famous people and family memories. Although rooted in

Wild Adventures in Time and Place
This is a varied collection of short stories. They describe unusual life experiences of people that are interrelated to animals, the natural environment, and nature in its broadest sense, as well as to other people.

People of The Plains and Prairies
Explores The Traditions And Culture Of The Native People Of The Plains And Prairie.

Power, People, and Change
Georgia: Power, People, and Change explores state studies in this appropriately leveled informational text that promotes social studies content literacy. This high-interest reader comes with full-color illustrations and dynamic primary source documen

Wild Adventures in Time and Place
This is a varied collection of short stories. They describe unusual life experiences of people that are interrelated to animals, the natural environment, and nature in its broadest sense, as well as to other people.

This Strange and Familiar Place
This thrilling sequel to So Close to You explores how far we'll go to save the people we love-and what happens after you change the future. These are the things of which Lydia is now certain: The Montauk Project has been exp

Pretty Faces and Peculiar Places
Piper can hear things other people can't. Like the strange buzzing noise that precedes the arrival of certain dark and terrible things. And dark and terrible things are coming…Persephone can see things other people can't. Like the f

The People and Culture of the Shawnee
The Shawnee have lived for many centuries in North America. Their nomadic lifestyles brought them from the East Coast to the Midwest, and eventually to the South. Over time, their way of life changed. Today, the Shawnee continue their traditions and customs. This book explores the history of the Shawnee people and discusses what the various tribes of the Shawnee are like today.

The People and Culture of the Menominee
Native Americans were the first people to call North America home. Each nation, or tribe, has its own history, full of tales of triumph and hardship. The Menominee Nation settled in the upper Midwest. Throughout their existence, they have faced many obstacles and fought for many causes. This is the story of how they became a culture and where they are today.

The People and Culture of the Apache
For thousands of years, Native American tribes have roamed the North American landscape. Some followed the routes of their prey; others chose to settle in areas with plenty of food already at hand. One of the nomadic tribes was the Apache, a tribe still existing today. Their earliest ancestors came to settle in the southwestern United States thousands of years ago. Despite hardships, today they remain a tribe connected to the land and committed to keeping it safe. This is the story of the Apache, from the deepest past to the present day.

The People and Culture of the Shoshone
The Shoshone have a long and varied history. Their members were among the first bands of Native Americans to welcome the Lewis and Clark expedition in the early 1800s. One of the most famous Native American women, a Shoshone named Sacagawea, became instrumental and invaluable to this particular expedition. Over the centuries that followed, the Shoshone endured many hardships. However, they have persevered and continue to have a presence today. This is the story of the Shoshone, from their beginnings to the modern day.

The People and Culture of Latin America
Latin America's population is estimated to be well over half a billion people-almost one-tenth of the world's population-living in thirty-three different countries and territories. This engrossing title explores the people of South America, Central A

Dictionary of Real People and Places in Fiction
Fascinating and comprehensive in scope, the Dictionary of Real People and Places in Fiction is a valuable source for both students and teachers of literature, and for those interested in locating the facts behind the fiction they read. In

Manners and Monuments of Prehistoric Peoples
The Stone Age: its Duration and its Place in Time. The nineteenth century, now nearing its close, has made an indelible impression upon the history of the world, and never were greater things accomplished with more marvellous rapidity. Every branch o

Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People
This is a collection of 14 "surprises." But Mo, the land where these stories all take place, is like Oz in many ways. It is a land of enchantment where marvelous tings hapen, where people do not die, and where animals can talk. The landsca

The Saga of the People of Laxardal and Bolli Bollason's Tale
The action of the saga takes place at the end of the tenth century, at about the time Scandinavia was converting from worship of Norse gods to Christianity. A masterpiece of medieval literature, the story focuses on two families - that of Hoskuld,

The People and Culture of the Crow
The history of Native Americans in North America stretches millennia. One Native group that evolved from one of the first tribes is the Crow. This group traveled the migration routes of the buffalo in the Plains. They made peace with some tribes and war with others. The men and women of the Crow Nation today celebrate their heritage and history.

The People and Culture of the Inuit
North America has been shaped by many people, most importantly the Native Americans who were the first humans to call the continent home. Over thousands of years, numerous groups of Native Americans have settled throughout North America. Today, one of the most well-known and recognizable tribes is the Inuit. They have called the northern recesses of Canada home for many hundreds of years. Their culture, communities, and language have been well preserved and continue to fascinate people around the world. Despite their continued presence, they have endured difficulties and hardships. This is the story of the Inuit, how they became a nation, their influence on the world, and how they have evolved into the Inuit communities today.

The Fact or Fiction Behind Urban Myths
There are urban myths about all kinds of different things, but how many of these myths are actually true? This book takes a look at many different myths, exploring their origins and assigning a "fact" or "phony" label to each after careful evaluation. Fun fact boxes and amusing cartoons and illustrations help explore common beliefs-can people get sucked out of an airplane bathroom's toilet? Do human fingernails keep growing after a person dies? The only way to find the truth is to keep turning the page!
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