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Space Mice
Space mice journey to mars is about three young mice that travel into space and explore Mars. But they encounter monsters aliens and even a mouse from the past. The aliens are trying to hypnotize everybody on earth to be their slaves. The three mices quest is to infiltrate the alien base and put a stop to the aliens evil plans! Along the way they find some interesting new friends that help them get to the aliens base and save the world. They have to make it through the devouring monsters cave and surpass spike canyon and all its horrors. But time is running out! Will they make it in time?
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 01/16/2014
Book details: 34 pages.

Project Management
First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Published by Routledge on 02/17/2010
Book details: 300 pages.

Whose Black Politics?
The past decade has witnessed the emergence of a new vanguard in African American political leaders. They came of age after Jim Crow segregation and the Civil Rights Movement, they were raised in integrated neighborhoods and educated in majority white institutions, and they are more likely to embrace deracialized campaign and governance strategies. Members of this new cohort, such as Cory Booker, Artur Davis, and Barack Obama, have often publicly clashed with their elders, either in campaigns or over points of policy. And because this generation did not experience codified racism, critics question whether these leaders will even serve the interests of African Americans once in office. With these pressing concerns in mind, this volume uses multiple case studies to probe the implications of the emergence of these new leaders for the future of African American politics. Editor Andra Gillespie establishes a new theoretical framework based on the interaction of three factors: black leaders’ crossover appeal, their political ambition, and connections to the black establishment. She sheds new light on the changing dynamics not only of Black politics but of the current American political scene.
Published by Routledge on 01/29/2010
Book details: 352 pages.

Bus Transportation
Published on 07/22/2019
Book details: 352 pages.

City Documents
Published on 07/22/1870
Book details: 352 pages.

Supreme Court, General Term
Published on 07/22/1891
Book details: 352 pages.

Italian Literature Before 1900 in English Translation
"Italian Literature before 1900 in English Translation provides the most complete record possible of texts from the early periods that have been translated into English, and published between 1929 and 2008. It lists works from all genres and subjects, and includes translations wherever they have appeared across the globe. In this annotated bibliography, Robin Healey covers over 5,200 distinct editions of pre-1900 Italian writings. Most entries are accompanied by useful notes providing information on authors, works, translators, and how the translations were received. Among the works by over 1,500 authors represented in this volume are hundreds of editions by Italy's most translated authors - Dante Alighieri, [Niccoláo] Machiavelli, and [Giovanni] Boccaccio - and other hundreds which represent the author's only English translation. A significant number of entries describe works originally published in Latin. Together with Healey's Twentieth-Century Italian Literature in English Translation, this volume makes comprehensive information on translations accessible for schools, libraries, and those interested in comparative literature."--Pub. desc.
Author: Robin Healey
Published by University of Toronto Press on 07/22/2019
Book details: 1150 pages.

State of White Supremacy
The deeply entrenched patterns of racial inequality in the United States simply do not square with the liberal notion of a nation-state of equal citizens. Uncovering the false promise of liberalism, State of White Supremacy reveals race to be a fundamental, if flexible, ruling logic that perpetually generates and legitimates racial hierarchy and privilege. Racial domination and violence in the United States are indelibly marked by its origin and ongoing development as an empire-state. The widespread misrecognition of the United States as a liberal nation-state hinges on the twin conditions of its approximation for the white majority and its impossibility for their racial others. The essays in this book incisively probe and critique the U.S. racial state through a broad range of topics, including citizenship, education, empire, gender, genocide, geography, incarceration, Islamophobia, migration and border enforcement, violence, and welfare.
Published by Stanford University Press on 03/07/2011
Book details: 352 pages.

Contested Election Case of William Connell Vs. George Howell, from the Tenth Congressional District of the State of Pennsylvania
Published on 07/22/2019
Book details: 352 pages.

List of Persons, Copartnerships, and Corporations, Assessed in the City Tax
Published on 07/22/1866
Book details: 352 pages.
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