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Religion & The Paranormal
This BooK covers Religion & Paranormal Experiences Ghost and Spirit Contacts Death Experiences UFO’s and Where they Reside Genetic Memory What Angel Spirits Told Me Upcoming Events What I was Told About Jesus by the Angels
Published by iUniverse on 05/04/2009
Book details: 84 pages.

The Trickster and the Paranormal
Paranormal and supernatural events have been reported for millennia. They have fostered history’s most important cultural transformations (e.g., via the miracles of Moses, Jesus, Mohammed). Paranormal phenomena are frequently portrayed in the world’s greatest art and literature, as well as in popular TV shows and movies. Most adults in the U.S. believe in them. Yet they have a marginal place in modern culture. No university departments are devoted to studying psychic phenomena. In fact, a panoply of scientists now aggressively denounces them. These facts present a deeply puzzling situation. But they become coherent after pondering the trickster figure, an archaic being found worldwide in mythology and folklore. The trickster governs paradox and the irrational, but his messages are concealed. This book draws upon theories of the trickster from anthropology, folklore, sociology, semiotics, and literary criticism. It examines psychic phenomena and UFOs and explains why they are so problematical for science.
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 08/20/2001
Book details: 564 pages.

Paranormal Investigator
Paranormal Investigator: True Accounts of the Paranormal, is a non-fiction book focusing on eight well documented cases of paranormal activity as chronicled by paranormal researcher Stephen David Lancaster II. From his first childhood encounter to experiences twenty years later, Lancaster opens the folders of his files sharing some of the most productive, memorable and indisputable cases from his years of paranormal research. The haunting evidence of Poogan's Porch Restaurant, the Brentwood Wine Bistro, the Music House, Emily's House and others are included. The book also includes an in depth look into the Industrial Facility case that was featured on NBC Universal in October 2009 where they revealed Lancaster's video footage of the infamous Cowboy Ghost.
Published by Stephen David Lancaster II on 11/17/2010
Book details: 298 pages.

The Psychology of Paranormal Belief
This book, written by an internationally renowned researcher in the field, provides a thorough and systematic review of empirical investigations into the bases of belief in paranormal phenomena. Opening with a foreword by the highly respected researchers into paranormal belief Dr Caroline Watt and Professor Richard Wiseman, this book will be of particular interest to professional researchers and serious students of the subject, as well as to clinical psychologists and counsellors.
Published by Univ of Hertfordshire Press on 07/18/2019
Book details: 213 pages.

The bestselling author of Life After Life, Raymond Moody, offers a stunning, myth-busting memoir of everything he has learned in a lifetime studying “the other side” and our connection to it. The grandfather of the NDE (near death experience) movement, Raymond Moody has, in the words of Dr. Larry Dossey, author of The Power of Premonitions, “radically changed the way modern humans think about the afterlife.” Paranormal, essential reading for fans of Dannion Brinkley and Jeffrey Long, is “a thrilling and inspiring literary experience. Anyone who is not grateful for Moody’s immense contribution to human welfare ought to check his pulse.”
Published by Harper Collins on 02/07/2012
Book details: 256 pages.

Paranormal Bedfordshire
Damien O'Dell's first book about the paranormal brings together his various interests – his Bedfordshire roots, his fascination with the paranormal and his love of history. He travelled many hundreds of miles, from Odell to Arlesey, from Barton-le-Clay to Bolnhurst, and interviewed scores of witnesses in his search for the truth. His book is filled with a rich panoply of characters, both famous and infamous, from Sir Fulke de Breaute to Lord Thomason of Cardington. Well over a hundred people feature in Paranormal Bedfordshire, but the most interesting stories come from 'ordinary' people, from a variety of backgrounds. Their sincerity, often corroborated where possible by other witnesses, convinced the author that what we refer to as 'ghosts' are very real experiences. This was reinforced in the village of Wilden, when he came into spine-tingling personal contact with poltergeists. What follows has been written with professional thoroughness, it may seem incredible, even unbelievable, but it is absolutely true . . . welcome to Paranormal Bedfordshire.
Published by Amberley Publishing on 11/01/2008
Book details: 208 pages.

The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal
Stranded motorists on a lonesome road are rescued by angels. The phone rings with a call from beyond the grave. A blood-sucking predator is sighted again in the south of Texas. The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal is your gateway into the world beyond the known. Covering topics from cryptids to psychics, telekinesis to telepathy, this concise handbook will guide you through the eerie, the undeniable, and the strange world of the paranormal. Once upon a time, events like ghost sightings were commonplace. Parlors were redecorated to accommodate séance rituals, and ghost stories poured from the culture. Psychic occurrences and abilities might have been feared and disliked, but they were accepted as a normal part of life. Today, we are experiencing a resurgence of all things paranormal--in our books, our movies, on the internet, in the way we look at life. Join paranormal investigator and psychic Judith Joyce as she delves into this world with haunting detail and illuminating clarity. Joyce touches on all of the major aspects of paranormal phenomena, and more. Do you have telepathic powers? Can the Ouija board really speak from the Other Side? Use this paranormal primer to find out.
Author: Judith Joyce
Published by Weiser Books on 01/01/2011
Book details: 224 pages.

Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal
Jung's lifelong interest in the paranormal contributed significantly to the development of his influential but controversial theory of synchronicity. In this volume Roderick Main brings together a selection of Jung's writings on topics from well-known and less accessible sources to explore the close relationship between them. In a searching introduction he addresses all the main aspects of synchronicity and clarifies the confusions and difficulties commonly experienced by readers interested in achieving a real understanding of what Jung had to say. This book provides an excellent companion to Jung's Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle (Routledge) and reveals the full extent and range of Jung's researches into a range of psychic phenomena which are still not yet adequately explained.
Published by Psychology Press on 07/18/1997
Book details: 177 pages.

The Down and Dirty on Paranormal Investigators
The Down and Dirty on Paranormal Investigators is a compact reference book for those who may think they have some unexplained events happing in their home. It is a guide on choosing a paranormal team or paranormal investigator to assist you with resolving past or on-going unexplainable events. This book will empower the reader and provide a simple guide on: How to conduct your own preliminary investigation Often over-looked considerations and red flags when choosing a paranormal team A background on some of the psychosocial aspects of paranormal investigators Provide you with tools to interview paranormal teams to obtain the best fit for you This book is meant to be used frequently, underlined, dog-eared and lived in. Don't treat it gently!
Author: Lu Velazquez
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 09/01/2012
Book details: 86 pages.

Authors of the Impossible
"This is a quietly earth-shattering project that constitutes a logical next step in the development of Jeffrey Kripal's thinking over the course of his career and grows directly out of Esalen. In Kripal we have a classic Romantic thinker/writer who is formulating---in a conscious meld of the subjective and objective that is the hallmark of Romantic writing---his own distinctive and highly original Biographia Spiritualis." Victoria Nelsoh, author of the Secret Life of Puppets --
Published by University of Chicago Press on 05/30/2010
Book details: 332 pages.
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