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Pierre Ouvrard
"A book for bibliophiles, collectors, and anyone who appreciates fine art, Pierre Ouvrard showcases the work of a Canadian master."--BOOK JACKET.
Published by University of Alberta on 07/17/2019
Book details: 98 pages.

Peel's Bibliography of the Canadian Prairies to 1953
The Prairie Provinces cover Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Published by University of Toronto Press on 07/17/2019
Book details: 899 pages.

Varieties of English in Writing
This volume is concerned with assessing fictional and non-fictional written texts as linguistic evidence for earlier forms of varieties of English. These range from Scotland to New Zealand, from Canada to South Africa, covering all the major forms of the English language around the world. Central to the volume is the question of how genuine written representations are. Here the emphasis is on the techniques and methodology which can be employed when analysing documents. The vernacular styles found in written documents and the use of these as a window on earlier spoken modes of different varieties represent a focal concern of the book. Studies of language in literature, which were offered in the past, have been revisited and their findings reassessed in the light of recent advances in variationist linguistics.
Published by John Benjamins Publishing on 10/28/2010
Book details: 378 pages.

Blood and Religion
Love places these matters in context against the broader background of endemic civil war, contemporary religious culture, and the many responsibilities imposed upon Henri by his royal rank and political role. Blood and Religion concludes with a close analysis of Henri's conversion to Catholicism in July 1593, including the king's crisis of conscience as he struggled to secure his crown and preserve his soul. Love's fresh interpretations of the influence of religion on Henri IV's political and military choices challenge much of modern scholarship on this important French monarch and cast new light on the motivations and worldview of sixteenth-century sovereigns in an age when religion and politics were inseparable.
Author: Ronald Love
Published by McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP on 03/14/2001
Book details: 457 pages.

Sam Steele
A GLOBE AND MAIL BESTSELLER Had there been no Sam Steele, it has been observed, Hollywood would have had to invent him. Born into the comparative stability of the Victorian era's Pax Britannica, Steele lived to witness the postwar turmoil of the Lost Generation. From humble beginnings in what is now Bracebridge, Ontario, to his knighthood in England two years before his death in 1919, Steele's life epitomized the themes of personal adventure, service to crown and country, and the zeal for modernization and social order that characterized nineteenth-century Canada within the British Empire. Steele's long and storied career threaded through many pivotal moments in Canada’s settlement and development history: the Fenian raids, the expansion of law and order (on horseback and sporting red serge) across the North-West Territories, the exile of Sitting Bull into Canada, the construction of the national railway that welded together the nation, Riel's Rebellion, the Klondike Gold Rush and opening of the North, the Boer War, and the Canada's coming of age during the First World War.
Published by Dundurn on 04/04/2015
Book details: 152 pages.

The Lady Named Thunder
Dr. Margaret Phillips was a pioneering missionary who served in China at a time when women were usually dutiful wives, and certainly not unmarried "suffragist" medical doctors. Educated at Manchester University, she spent 43 years in China with a special mission to improve the health and circumstances of women, fight tuberculosis, and heal sick children. Overlapping the era in which the Imperial system collapsed, China was invaded and occupied by Japan, and the Communist revolution began, the life story of Margaret Phillips reflects the great events that transformed China in the first half of the 20th century.
Published by University of Alberta on 07/17/2019
Book details: 409 pages.

Observations on the Present State of the Highlands of Scotland
Published on 07/17/2019
Book details: 223 pages.

One Writer's Beginnings
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author sketches her early life and discusses growing up in the South.
Author: Eudora Welty
Published by Harvard University Press on 07/17/1995
Book details: 104 pages.

An Illustrated History of Nobles County, Minnesota
Published on 07/17/2019
Book details: 637 pages.

Arthropod Collection and Identification
Arthropods are the most numerous and diverse group of animals and studying them requires the use of specialized equipment and specific procedures. This text describes effective methods and equipment for collecting, identifying, rearing, examining, and preserving insects and mites, and explains how to store and care for specimens in collections. It also provides instructions for the construction of many kinds of collecting equipment, traps, rearing cages, and storage units, as well as updated and illustrated keys for identification of the classes of arthropods and the orders of insects. Such information not only aids hobbyists and professionals in preparing insect collections, but it has become essential in documenting and standardizing collections of entomological evidence in forensic as well as pest management sciences. * Over 400 professionally drawn illustrations * Identification keys to find arthropod orders * Comprehensive reading list * Detailed glossary of terms
Published by Academic Press on 07/26/2010
Book details: 336 pages.
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