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Managing and Working in Project Society
A selection of leading authorities on project organizing explore the effects, opportunities and challenges of a project society.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 07/02/2015
Book details: 290 pages.

Building a Cashless Society
This open access book tells the story of how Sweden is becoming a virtually cashless society. Its goal is to improve readers' understanding of what is driving this transition, and of the factors that are fostering and hampering it. In doing so, the book covers the role of central banks, political factors, needs for innovation, and the stakeholders involved in developing a cashless ecosystem. Adopting a historical standpoint, and drawing on a unique dataset, it presents an academic perspective on Sweden's leading role in this global trend. The global interest in the future of cash payments makes the Swedish case particularly interesting. As a country that is close to becoming a cashless economy, it offers a role model for many other countries to learn from - whether they want to stimulate or reduce the use of cash. This highly topical book will be of interest to politicians, researchers, businesses, financial service providers and payment service providers, as well as fintech start-ups, regulators and other authorities. .
Published by Springer on 01/01/2019
Book details: 96 pages.

People as Care Catalysts
The healthcare sector is undergoing strong expansion worldwide, as the focus changes from 'treating illness' to 'promoting wellness' and those able and willing to pay for their health make up for the shortcomings of national systems. How things evolve will depend on whether the national systems reinvent themselves around a new model of customer value, or fail to change and become obsolete. Global in scope and insightful in its conclusions, People as Care Catalysts sets out an agenda for how things could develop in the new 'healthcare economy'.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 06/14/2006
Book details: 244 pages.

Building Anticipation of Restructuring in Europe
This work presents a stimulating analysis of restructuring by developing a European perspective. The book provides a clear analysis of the capacity of the actors, through different models of industrial relations and corporate governance, to intervene in the process of restructuring.
Published by Peter Lang on 07/21/2019
Book details: 436 pages.

The Flexible Firm
The pace of change in the business world is becoming faster. This book provides a detailed account of the network-like organization forms that some firms are adopting to make themselves more flexible and responsive to changing technologies and customer demands. As these organizations become more pervasive, the winners will be those firms that develop the specific capabilities that are needed to thrive in a networked world. Paradoxically, such capabilities are developed not only at the firm level, but also in the relationships the firm has with its external network and in the operating units within the firm. This perspective has implications for the 'resource-based view of the firm' in the field of strategic management, suggesting that the development of capabilities is a more complex and multi-level process than was traditionally thought. This book brings together eleven chapters, each focusing on a particular aspect of capability development in the networked firm. It is based on research in five big Swedish firms (Ericsson, Volvo, Skandia, Pharmacia & Upjohn, SE Banken) as well as a number of other well-known firms such as HP and ABB. The book will be essential reading for advanced students in strategy and international business wanting to keep abreast of current thinking and company practices.
Published by OUP Oxford on 03/16/2000
Book details: 246 pages.

Enterprise Applications, Markets and Services in the Finance Industry
This book constitutes revised selected papers from the 8th International Workshop on Enterprise Applications, Markets and Services in the Finance Industry, FinanceCom 2016, held in Frankfurt, Germany, in December 2016. The 2016 workshop especially focused on “The Analytics Revolution in Finance” and brought together leading academics from a broad range of disciplines, including computer science, business studies, media technology and behavioral science, to discuss recent advances in their respective fields. The 9 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 13 submissions.
Published by Springer on 01/19/2017
Book details: 125 pages.

The Rise and Development of FinTech
This comprehensive guide serves to illuminate the rise and development of FinTech in Sweden, with the Internet as the key underlying driver. The multiple case studies examine topics such as: the adoption of online banking in Sweden; the identification and classification of different FinTech categories; process innovation developments within the traditional banking industry; and the Venture Capital (VC) landscape in Sweden, as shown through interviews with VC representatives, mainly from Sweden but also from the US and Germany, as well as offering insight into the companies that are currently operating in the FinTech arena in Sweden. The authors address questions such as: How will the regulatory landscape shape the future of FinTech companies? What are the factors that will likely drive the adoption of FinTech services in the future? What is the future role of banks in the context of FinTech and digitalization? What are the policies and government initiatives that aim to support the FinTech ecosystem in Sweden? Complex concepts and ideas are rendered in an easily digestible yet thought-provoking way. The book was initiated by the IIS (the Internet Foundation in Sweden), an independent organization promoting the positive development of the Internet in the country. It is also responsible for the Internet’s Swedish top-level domain .se, including the registration of domain names, and the administration and technical maintenance of the national domain name registry. The book illustrates how Sweden acts (or does not act) as a competitive player in the global FinTech arena, and is a vital addition to students and practitioners in the field.
Published by Routledge on 02/15/2018
Book details: 444 pages.

Internationalisation Strategies
This volume, published in association with the UK chapter of the Academy of International Business , again contains a number of contributions from leading academics. The book looks at the environmental influences on internationalisation and considers the strategic options available to firms.
Published by Springer on 04/12/1997
Book details: 252 pages.

Business Modelling in the Dynamic Digital Space
​This Springer Briefs volume guides the reader in a comprehensive form to design new digital business models. The book provides strategic roadmaps for enterprises in the digital world, and a comprehensive framework to assess new business models. It aligns both, research and a practical perspective through real case study examples. Even extreme scenarios are employed to ensure that innovative approaches are being considered adequately.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 08/14/2012
Book details: 68 pages.

Digitalizing Consumption
Contemporary consumer society is increasingly saturated by digital technology, and the devices that deliver this are increasingly transforming consumption patterns. Social media, smartphones, mobile apps and digital retailing merge with traditional consumption spheres, supported by digital devices which further encourage consumers to communicate and influence other consumers to consume. Through a wide range of empirical studies which analyse the impact of digital devices, this volume explores the digitization of consumption and shows how consumer culture and consumption practices are fundamentally intertwined and mediated by digital devices. Exploring the development of new consumer cultures, leading international scholars from sociology, marketing and ethnology examine the effects on practices of consumption and marketing, through topics including big data, digital traces, streaming services, wearables, and social media’s impact on ethical consumption. Digitalizing Consumption makes an important contribution to practice-based approaches to consumption, particularly the use of market devices in consumers’ everyday consumer life, and will be of interest to scholars of marketing, cultural studies, consumer research, organization and management.
Published by Routledge on 07/14/2017
Book details: 254 pages.
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